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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Divine Right

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PostSubject: Divine Right   Divine Right I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 27, 2014 11:01 pm

Upon entering his office, the princess's entourage had already gathered. They were an odd sort, relatively speaking. The ambassadors were normal enough but their guardsmen wore armor that looked like they had just been to a Greco-Roman cosplay convention. It looked incredibly uncomfortable unless you were planning on fighting a war and judging by the state if affairs, war probably wasn't too far off.

With a deep sigh Adam began. "Abigail is dead... slain"

The soldiers had been trained to remain calm under every circumstance but even this news obviously shook them. Adam gave them the box with her head in it and they investigated it. Anger flashed across their face. The next step would be difficult and could determine the fate of all the tribes.

"These are Quincy work but the signature is distorted. The work of the Familien or perhaps..." The ambassador left the sentence hanging and stared at Adam darkly implying that he might have had something to do with it.

"I can assure you, I had nothing to do with it." Or everything to do with it, Adam thought.

"We must inform our King at once... And you must join us." Adam was afraid he'd say that but he knew that there was no escaping this fate at this point. Everything that happened in his realm was his fault so he must answer for these crimes one way or another.

"I know..." Adam trailed off, looking forlorn he stood and grabbed a bottle of his finest liquor and poured himself a shot. He wondered how long it would be until this drink would pass over his lips again. He was about to give up the reins of his kingdom. He knew to leave could mean death but with the his condition-- he could not stay.

"I need to prepare some things." Adam said simply and the others nodded.

"You have six hours. These legionnaire will stay as your protection" That is what the ambassador said but what he meant was, "Be quick and don't try to run or hide because we are having you watched."

Adam meditated for a time and pulled his power, his authority into a small gem like state. It was the Divine Right. The power by which allows a Quincy to rule and delve into the inner soul of others and pull forth their Schift. He wrote a letter.
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Posts : 503
Join date : 2013-08-28
Age : 29
Location : Thanksgiving Island

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PostSubject: Re: Divine Right   Divine Right I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 28, 2014 5:55 am

To My Regent,

Sealed within is the Divine Right. The guiding power that has been passed down from King to King in days long past. It will help awaken great strength within and allow you to pull others inner powers out as well. It is the mark of the King and with it comes the authority and responsibility of leading the Wandenreich, may it serve you well in times of trouble.

Where I go from here no one can follow, I have become married to another and the condition of which is to serve as their leader in order to bring about the full reunification of the Quincy tribes. I trade my Kingship for the hope and dream that we may see our people reunited under one banner. I will be seeing you.

He sealed it within an ornate box, of which only his regent may open. Then he wrote a letter to Selena.

Dear Selena

Things do not always turn out the way we wish them to. I wish I could stay but truth be told I have become a liability to my own kingdom. I do not wish to make this public but do to an attack on my person, my body has started to decay. In the east lies another kingdom with an ailing Monarch whose daughter I promised to marry and protect. I failed in both of these tasks and must now answer for these offenses.

If I should live through these experiences I will return and I expect you to have diner with me (just diner , nothing more). There will, no doubt, be many tales to tell. As always I will remain your friend.

Love, Adam

P.S I have no intention of dying, this is not a goodbye. This is a See You Later.

When he had finished he walked out the door, locked it and with keys to his office in hand and placed them on his assistant's desk. The legionnaires looked at him sternly.

"We must make hurry. There is a lot of ground to cover." The ambassador said.

Adam took one last long look at his building, the center of his Kingdom. Sad and happy memories danced in his head. He turned the page and a new chapter in his life began
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Divine Right
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