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 List of Inventions

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PostSubject: List of Inventions   List of Inventions I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 12:03 pm

As the title says, this topic houses the list of Inventions made by Squad 12 just either for reference (like if something is used in battle by myself or a future squad member as I am all alone) or plain curiosity. Some are available to the public, and will be listed as such.

Disclaimer: Everything here may or may not double as a remote explosive, but I'd never do that to you.

Available to Public: These inventions are available to any Shinigami within the Thirteen Squads. All that needs to be filled out is a simple request form. Limit 1 invention per person at a time, and in the case of the Grenades, limit of 2, unless you have special permission.


Flashbang Grenade - Does what it says. A handheld grenade that causes a blinding light upon impact of a hard surface, along with a deafening blast. Intended to momentarily knock out an opponent's vital senses.

Caltrop Grenade - Handheld grenade that explodes into hundreds of sharp caltrops which will blanket the immediate area. Useful for forcing a change of ground or stopping runners or what have you.

Seki Seki Rope - Pretty straightforward. Is a binding interwoven with pieces of Seki Seki mineral, essentially nullifying the spiritual capabilities of whoever it is currently holding. Very useful for capture or imprisonment. Length is about 30 feet, but can be modified by request of a higher up.

Reiryoku Scanner - A small scanner mechanism easily snapped onto one's temple, this device will allow the user to gauge a being's energy levels more accurately, rather than just "feeling" them out. Can also tell if a user has a bankai in a shinigami's case, but this setting has to be enabled first by one of the high ranked members of the Squad. Is a bit flimsy, so don't try to block punches with your face like Rocky Balboa.

Camera Bug - Quite literally a small mechanical locomotive device shaped like a harmless bug. Has a top of the line miniature video camera instead, and is also capable of recording audio at the same time. Great for espionage, although these won't be handed out like candy, as invading people's privacy is a no-no.

Special Requests: These inventions are only available upon special request, either by official demand of the HC or by informal means (*cough cough favors cough*). If a Vice Captain, you must have the permission of your Captain to obtain the item.

As Spider-man poignantly says, everybody gets one. That means if you mess it up you ain't gettin' another unless the issue is supremely important (or *cough* you want to do more favors *cough*). This is to prevent abuse of the items due to their increase power or nature of the requests themselves.


Reiatsu Cloak - Another straightforward item. Worn like a normal cloak, this piece of clothing will drastically reduce the level of spiritual energy given off by it's bearer by about 3/4th's. Very useful for tricking an opponent into thinking you are weaker than you really are, or for sneaking around, what have you. Comes with a hood for complete concealment and obviously is tailored for size.

Regenerative Serum - Insert copy pasta from Bleach Wiki here. Basically, same shit Mayuri uses. Regenerates any wound up to dismemberment, after that well you're kinda dead, aren't you? Only good for one shot however, and it is somewhat painful upon use.

Reiatsu Conversion Suit- A thin transparent veil that covers the wearer from head to toe. Only one veil can be worn, and only one mode of the machine can be activated at one time as well. The user of the veil itself must be on record with Squad 12's DNA list. Without DNA recognition of the user, the invention is almost impossible to use, making it difficult to be abused by intruders or such. The veil itself has two modes:

--- First mode - The veil changes the feel of your personal reiatsu to that of another race. The effectiveness and accuracy of this change is dependent on the wearer's knowledge of biology and so forth of the certain race they wish to mimic. For a person that knows nothing about any race, it would still work, but you'd be easily picked out by anyone with a decent sensing ability.

--- Second mode - The veil will mimic another's reiatsu feel to replace your own, although the mimicry isn't 100% accurate, meaning you won't be able to mimic their reiatsu levels exactly. Best used for hiding or sneaking missions.

Specimen Locator - A small band that snaps to your wrist. When booted up, a small holo screen will pop up above it like it's fucking magic, but in reality its the power of science. This device detects the reaitsu of other beings in your surrounding area more accurately than the scouter, and then displays them on the screen according to their distance. It becomes less accurate the farther away and the weaker the spiritual pressure is. This device also displays each race under different colors, and you can separate out the ones you wish to ignore. You can also have it search for beings over or under a certain power level.

The biggest advantage of this invention is that it can locate a spiritual being regardless if they are suppressing their energy, but it cannot gauge power levels on the fly, as it has to be set.

Adaptive Multi-tool - A alloy material recently developed by Alexander himself. Housed inside a fancy high tech "handle", at first glance the item looks like nothing special. With a press of the right button though, the liquid-like metal will shoot out of the handle and form into an object of the user's desire. The object can extend up to three feet, but the width is limited up to the size of the handle, which is about as wide as your average sword handle. What is special about the invention is that the material itself will adapt to resist the force of the object striking it, or the object it is striking, meaning it can never actually break from pure physical trauma. Great as a multi-purpose tool, or a secondary weapon, or uh...other "things" if you're depraved.

Portable Database - A small device, around the size of a compass, covered with different buttons and switches. When activated, a small light beams upwards and it displays a small hologram projected image of what is requested from the R&D Information database. Useful if on a mission or against known enemies. Searches can be activated by voice or manually entered.

Power Grips - Thin and sleek looking finger-less gloves. Wait, that's it? Just a fashionable pair of gloves? WRONG BITCH! These gloves allow the user to channel and focus their spiritual energy through them and release the energy through pure physical means, enhancing melee ability by a notable amount. Great for heavy lifting or punching people. Alexander usually wears a pair when he is prepared for a possible fight.

More to be added to both sections when I (or a future squaddie) feel like it
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List of Inventions
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