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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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PostSubject: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 11:04 pm


Alternative Name:



Arrancar Class:

Age at Death

Current Age:

Physical Age:





Hollow Hole:

Mask Fragment:

Location of Number: (If you are not an espada do not include this)





Reiatsu Color:

Unreleased Zanpakuto:

Special Abilities:  


Released Form:

Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto and Character Theme:

Sealed State:

Release Command:


Release Abilities:

Release Techniques:


[b]Alternative Name:[/b]



[b]Arrancar Class:[/b]

[b]Age at Death[/b]

[b]Current Age:[/b]

[b]Physical Age:[/b]





[b]Hollow Hole:[/b]

[b]Mask Fragment:[/b]

[b]Location of Number:[/b] (If you are not an espada do not include this)





[b]Reiatsu Color:[/b]

[b]Unreleased Zanpakuto:[/b]

[b]Special Abilities:[/b]  


[b]Released Form[/b]

[b]Zanpakuto Name:[/b]

[b]Zanpakuto and Character Theme:[/b]

[b]Sealed State[/b]:

[b]Release Command:[/b]


[b]Release Abilities:[/b]

[b]Release Techniques:[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2013 2:32 am

Name:Abelinda (Beautiful Serpent)

Alternative Name: Levi

Title: Primera


Arrancar Class:Vasto Lorde

Age at Death 19

Current Age: ??? (Has existed since the first generation of man)

Physical Age: 24

Height: 6'1 (13' when fully extended)

Weight:185lbs without tail weight.
Appearance: Levi is a tall Amazonian like naga. She has long free flowing blue hair that falls down to her back. Her skin is a milky caramel color that seems free from imperfections. She sports light purple eyes that constantly seem to be on the verge of shutting. Levi also has shark like teeth with her fangs constantly jutting out out from her soft lips. Levi upper half is well toned with visible abs showcasing her physical prowess that she once relied on her younger days. Another clue about her battle filled past is when Levi manages to become enraged, her scars suddenly appear along entirety of her body ranging from simple tiny cuts and nicks to a large slash that extends from the corner of her forehead and down through her right eye and down to her shoulder. Despite being very trim she still sports a rather decent size pair of breasts that is held by a small white tube top the only true clothing Levi wears regularly. Her Lower body is snakelike with dark blue scales.
This except replace fishy parts with snakey parts <___<

Hollow Hole: In the middle of Levi's throat but is concealed usually by a large metal collar.

Mask Fragment: Her mask fragments appear as two draconic horns that curve back

Location of Number: On the back of her neck (Once again hidden by her collar)

Personality: Despite the fearsome visage that Levi has she is rather docile in her current state. She is incredibly friendly and laidback and seems to harbor zero grudges to shinigamis. She spends all of her free time drinking and eating to the point that some call her an abyss. She does have a fearsome temper that is marked by her glowing scars. When enraged Levi has a tendency to refer to her original name of Abelinda as Levi is a name she only recently has begun using for herself. Abelinda is the name she was called by when she was a rampaging hollow. Abelinda herself is serious and very much unsocial. She prefers to be alone and has a strong hatred of those weaker than her.

Likes: Food, Booze, water

Dislikes: Being Hungry, Being thirsty, cold days

Human life: Working on it

Early Life: Abelinda harbored a lot of negative of emotions when she died in early times and shinigamis weren't so prevalent at this point of time so she spent a lot of time brewing into a powerful hollow. Being one of the first handful of Hollows allowed her to survive and grow much like a shark and eventually after a 100 or so years she reached her most powerful point, A towering monster akin to the fabled Leviathan of biblical times. Abelinda has been around so long that she has no recollection of her rampaging days and can't prove or disprove her connection to the monster.

Downfall: Being such a massive force does bring a lot of attention to oneself and this would have it's impact on Abelinda. No one could stop her til She came across a powerful shinigami. The two clashed for years, many cities were ruined in their wake as the two battled savagely partly for sport and partly for survival. It's said that The two grew fond of each other violent battles over time and it's said that the two were always smiling as they slashed and tore at each other for days at a time. Eventually this heroic shinigami would be felled in battle, the story that was told from shinigami to shinigami was the great Abelinda was so depressed over her conquest that she grew tired of the Human world and took herself to Las Noches.

Gradual regression: During her time in the deserts she devour anything she came across and at first this had zero effects on the hollow. But she eventually encountered a strange creature, her first arrancar. A bubbly purple hair girl that put up zero fights when Abelinda descended upon her. The issue arose when not soon after devouring the arrancar Abelinda felt herself losing control while her power seemed to disappear rapidly. Over the course of a couple hundred of years she shrunk down to her current form and power level with a personality much like the girl she once ate. Eventually her mask came apart turning her into an arrancar known as Levi.

WHAT IS LEVI: The arrancar that Abelinda devour was actually infested with a parasitic hollow that takes over and morph it's host to suit it's need. The Parasite in question is a very friendly girl that just wants to live a fun life with lots of friends and preys on powerful foes to ensure it's long life. The parasite generally allows it host to take over in serious situations but the parasite can be forced to relinquish it's control if the host reaches a certain emotional threshold like intense anger. Abelinda is well aware of the parasite and has chosen to not remove the parasite. The two have a friendly relationship and Abelinda allows Levi to remain in control 90% of the time due to her age and pessimistic attitude to living for such a long period of time.

Reiatsu Color: Purple

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A Large guan dao with the the design of a snake wrapping itself from the blade all the way to the bottom of the pole

Special Abilities: Bottomless Stomach: Once being a large towering hollow Levi still has the same blackhole-eque stomach which allows her to store an almost infinite amount of resources. She generally stores water in her body.

Released Form Abelinda when released takes the form of a humanoid esque reptilian woman with scaly legs and hands. Takes this form essentially
Zanpakuto Name: Nehebkau

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Dragon/Water pokemon <_<

Sealed State: Large Guan Dao that is usually stored within Levi

Release Command: Ravish the Land, Nehebkau

Transformation: Upon releasing Levi is swallowed by a ball of water that is slowly absorbed revealing Levi in her beatiful released form

Release Abilities: Demon of the tide: In this form Levi is able to create and manipulate all water allowing her to create monstrous entities. This is her main form of combat as Levi prefers to stay out of direct combat.

Dragon's Rage: If pushed to a serious level, Levi will relenquish control to Abelinda the original host of the body and will allow her to rampage with her fearsome strength.
Release Techniques: Low Tide: Levi creates a small flood of water that is only a couple of inches high but allows her to gain a strong grasp on a battle.
Leviathan wrath: Levi summons a large water serpent that is commanded by the espada. The beast is able to fire large quality of water from it's mouth like a fire house.
Sink into the Abyss: Levi control of water is so precise that she can lure her opponents into falling dangerous whirlpools by suddenly causing the low level of water to become a violent vortex.

Dragon's Rage Mode
Abelinda is a much more upfront fighter and reflects this by becoming covered in tough scales and spikes.

Dragon's breath: The Dragon lets out a huge roar as she fire outs a blast of high powered water that is heated up to boiling temperatures

The Wrath of Dragons: Abelinda's ultimate move is to build up energy for 2 post before releasing it back out in a medium size explosion that can easily wipe out lower level opponents and seriously damage equal level opponents

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 6:22 am

Name: Steinn Geirson

Alternative Name: Hey, You; That Drunk Guy

Title: Ex-espada

Residence: Gigantesca

Arrancar Class: Vasto Lorde

Age at Death: 26

Current Age: 720

Physical Age: 34

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 345 lbs

Appearance: Steinn is very large, and Very Norse. Broad and tall, he is a very imposing man. He has long blonde hair and green eyes, his hair usually tied into a ponytail for ease. He's kind of built like a gorilla, long arms, long torso, comparatively short legs. He has scars all over his body, how many were there before his death he can't say. His normal outfit is the normal arrancar white pants, ripped off to be shorts, and a loose fitting white jacket, no shirt.


Hollow Hole: Large on his stomach

Mask Fragment: Ring of mask fragment around his head (like a circlet) with two moderate sized horns sticking out of the side, going straight up.

Location of Number: ON HIS DI- Right Bicep

Personality: Somewhat Quiet usually, he's grown accustomed to being alone in the desert of Las Noches. He is extremely loyal, but the person has to earn it, via challenging and defeating him, or through their own actions. When he drinks on the other hand, he is quite different. Loud, rowdy, jolly, and affectionate, He is quite the fun guy.

Likes: Boats, the Sea, Boooze, Birds, Fights

Dislikes: The Heat, Planes, Cars

Biography: The last thing Steinn actually remembers about his life, was dying at sea, the rest is subject to unreliable drinking stories. You forget alot of things in almost a millenia. He does remember, until around 300 years ago, wandering around aimlessly, searching for the ocean. He eventually found the sea, and gained clarity. He realized he was dead, and he was a new being. He felt a calling to this place called Hueco Mundo, and returned.

Reiatsu Color: This Right here.

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A Short Wide Cleaver

Special Abilities: Looks good in Suede, Regen

Zanpakuto Name: Fuerza Imparable (Unstoppable Force)

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Focusing the Storm

Sealed State: A Rather Large Cleaver, kind of short, but very wide.

Release Command: My Rage has gained Clarity, Fuerza Imparable

Transformation: Wind begins to pick up and fog blows in, the fog gets thicker and thicker until Steinn can no longer be seen, as it dissipates you see the glowing of eyes through the slit of a helmet. The man's mask is now in full form, a helmet that covers his entire head coming 3-4 inches past his chin. The horns are a good foot and a half tall. His arms are now covered with spiky armor as are his legs. His chest is now covered in a very thick bone-like plate, the whole set up leaving him fully encased. Each of the spikes has small holes in it that constantly release small amounts of the fog.

Release Abilities: In his release, he gains immense physical strength and endurance, and the use of two large axes made of Reiatsu. He becomes immune to pain, but this is a blessing and a curse, for he could keep fighting and bleed out with out realizing it, IF NOT FOR SUPER REGEN.

Release Techniques:

Cero Axes: He can generally use his Reiatsu axes to fire ceros, as well as further enhance them with ceros to bolster their destructive power.

"Returning" Axes: If he throws, drops, or generally loses his axes, he can just reform them.

Fog Screen: The fog he releases is completely made of his own Reiatsu, so when someone is in the fog, they can't use their sensing to find him. General sight range is 5-10 feet out in the fog. Steinn can also "Feel" things in the fog, so he can let the power guide him, even if he can't see or hear.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 7:55 pm

Name: Sofia

Alternative Name:

Title: Fraccion

Residence: With the Corona

Arrancar Class:

Age at Death 75

Current Age: 975

Physical Age: 75

Height: 5'1

Weight: 98lbs


Hollow Hole: In the center of her chest

Mask Fragment: A series of petals running from her right temple down her right arm.

Cero Color: A deep evergreen color

Personality: Sofia is a very kinda and soft spoken woman. For a hollow she's considered timid. She avoids fights at all costs, and will only defend herself if she is attacked first.

Likes: Sofia enjoys to garden, even though it's hard to grow things in Las Noches.

Dislikes: Mean spirited people, and loud music.


Reiatsu Color: Green

Unreleased Zanpakuto: Is a kodachi with a pink hilt. The guard is shaped like a flower. From this end of it hands a green and gold tassel.

Special Abilities:  Sofia has the ability to make plants grow if she chooses, just by touching something.

Released Form

Zanpakuto Name: Reina de la vendimia(Queen of the harvest)

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Gardener, Life giver, Earth Mother

Sealed State: A kodachi

Release Command: insuflar nueva vida(breathe new life)

Transformation: Sofie's body glows green, and her skin begins to turn a greenish brown, and her body begins to morph. Sofie's body changes, and she looks like a giant flower. Her arms are venous flytrap like leaves, and her feet are large roots that are buried in the ground.

Release Abilities:
1. Sofie's roots spread out in a large network. If she someone is moving towards her her roots will send her a message alerting her to the approaching danger.

2. Around Sofie's body there are little fruits that grow. If someone picks and eats one of them it will heal minor injuries.

Release Techniques:
1. If someone is injured, Sofie can use her flytrap leaves to consume them, bringing them into her body. While inside of her, her body heals them, and then pushes them through her roots where they sprout at the surface, healed. Depending on how badly they are injured, determines on how long they stay inside of her.

2. Sofie can disappear into the soil at will and come up somewhere else, via her roots.

3. Sofie can use her flytrap hand/leaves to crush and harm someone. If she attacks you, and your skin gets broken by the teeth on them, then a toxin will fill your body and will eventually cause you to become immobile.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 21, 2013 12:02 am

Saraiyu, NPC profile:

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 4:10 am

Name: Elaine 'Elly' Watson

Alternative Name:

Title: The Novena Espada

Residence: Los Noches

Arrancar Class: Abnormal

Age at Death 19

Current Age: 25

Physical Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155

Appearance: Elly is a girl of average enough height.  She has curves, although she prefers to downplay them, avoiding things that accentuate her chest or hips, although she does this more out of self consciousness, although she would never admit that.  Her shoulders are relatively broad for a girl, something she feels awkward about, but helps greatly with her swordplay.  Since joining the Espada, she has become leaner and gained more muscle then she had in life, although her physique never passes the stage of 'toned'.  Her brown hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail of varying ornateness, to complement her violet eyes.  

Elly's uniform is a mostly concealing number.  The key feature of it is her pullover robe, made of a white soft material, it conceals most of her body down to her thighs.  Nicely embroidered, with the hood down, it looks vaguely remniscent of something you would see in a fantasy story.  With the hood down, one cannot help but notice that the hood features a pair of adorable kitty ears.

Her pants are fairly tight fitting, made for a balance of durability and freedom of movement more then style, and under the robe, she standard is wearing a backless black and white sports top that conceals her chest well, but little else, since the only time it would normally be seen is when Elly needs to move too quickly for her cumbersome robe.


Hollow Hole: Where her belly button should be

Mask Fragment: A flowery pattern around her neck and lower jawline

Location of Number: Her rarely seen 9 tattoo is located on her left breast, just barely viewable in swimwear and some tops.

Personality: Elly is an oddity among the Espada.  Whereas many of her fellow Arrancar have long forgotten their human lives, hers remains fresh in her mind.  Always a kind person, she seeks to make others around her happy, with an exuberance that can be infectious at times.  This isn't to say she can't perform her duties admirably.  Quite the contrary, she considers her position as an Espada a huge responsibility to her fellow Arrancar, always seeking to improve their lives and make them happy.  Despite her drive to be a responsible, good example to those around her, she is still a 19 year old in mind and heart, and it shows when she lets herself relax.

Likes: Helping, her friends, sleep, dancing, drinking

Dislikes: waffles, black coffee, quincies

Biography: Elaine lived a mostly normal life until her death.  She wasn't the most outgoing girl, the shyness of teenage years hiding her genuinely kind disposition.  She was starting to come out of her shell more when she met her fate.  However, oddly enough, she did not spend long as a hollow before her memories began to return to her.  Soon she joined with the Espada and the rest is history.

Reiatsu Color: blue

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A thin, ornate black wand.  A fourth of the way from the bottom, it splits into a number of bands that twirl around a shimmering crystal before reforming and thinning to a rounded tip

Special Abilities: Elly can form a crystal like substance that she can shape and mold as she sees fit, crafting it into ornate forms.  The crystal is reinforced with her reiatsu and can be molded into defensive shields.  It can also be formed from her Zanpakuto, shaping into a thin blade.  She also can store reiatsu, memories, messages, and other odds and ends in them for use of others.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 2:37 pm

Name: Unknown

Alt. Name: Dagon Hydra, The King In Yellow, The Old One, The Key and The Gate

Title: Segunda

Residence: Las Noches

Hollow Class: Vastro Lorde

Age at Death: Irrelevant

Current Age: Unknown

Physical Age: Unknown

Height: 5’11

: Unknown

Appearance: Very few people know what Dagon really looks like. Most people who do have the pleasure of the Segunda’s company only ever see the massive yellow cloak that hides his form. The truth is Dagon is a true monster. He has no hair or even really eyes to speak of. His face is locked into an expressionless mask with only the eye parts uncovered, which only reveal white. His body is covered with faces all moving constantly and many of them screaming noiselessly, with looks of anguish. He is as pale white as can be imagined. To get a better impression he looks like this but every inch is covered with a face and where his face aught to be is the expressionless mask, no hat and typical Espada white pants

Arrancar Profiles Nocturne-IsamuMagatsuchi_zps761ccf2d

Hollow hole: At the base of the neck

Mask Fragment: The entire mask is locked permanently in place except where the eyes are which look as if they were cut out with expert precision.

Location of Number
: Due to the amount of constant movement the number rarely stays in the same place but nonetheless it is located at the base of his foot and is usually not seen.

Personality: Dagon possess very little in terms of human emotions, sure he has them and he feels them but seems to lack a certain understanding of them that makes him separate from the others. He can mimic just about any emotion to a T but this is mostly a ploy to get what he desires instead of actually feeling what is being shown. As a result Dagon tends to be very direct unless he is seeking out something from others. It is uncommon that he speaks directly with anyone. His voice echoes with the sound of the immeasurable souls that make him up and often changes and tends to speak a language that seems unique to himself.

Biography: It is unknown how old Dagon truly is and only a select few know of his true name. When he finally became a Menos he dug far underground and used his tentacle appendages to branch out. He kept growing and growing and growing even though he had become a vastro lorde, his vast size would trick anyone.

A small cult of hollows started to worship Dagon that eventually grew into a small city right over where he had dug in. They marked themselves with a symbol and called themselves The Esoteric Order and gave themselves utterly to Dagon’s will. Utilizing these cultists, Dagon’s reach branched out further and learned of the world around him. During this time he never stopped feasting. His cultists would bring him new hollows or sacrifice themselves to him. As a result of this worship a queer bond formed between them and Dagon.

In time Dagon awoke from his entombment and walked among his people. His form seemed to frighten many people so he wore a yellow cloak to hide himself and his people had begun to call him The King In Yellow and some time after that he joined the Espada and begun integration with his people into the Las Noches populace.

Reiatsu Color: Yellow

Unreleased Zanpakuto: An ornate key wrapped that dangles from a silver chain on his neck

Special Abilities

Avatar: Similar to the Corona’s Siren Call, Avatar allows Dagon to enforce his will on those who have been marked by his sign. Although he does less of enslaving of their mind and more of a kind of melds with it making the line between self and other indistinguishable for as long as Avatar is active. Avatar though can only be used on one person at a time and as a side effect, it tends to warp the body slowly with prolonged use. This is his preferred method of communication.

Non-Euclidean Anatomy: Dagon lacks vitals. A shot to the head or the heart will have no more of an aversive effect then losing his arm. Meaning it still sucks very bad and something to avoid due to the amount of damage but it isn't a one hit ko  

Dragon Ascending: Dagon can release a part of his zanpakto in order to move freely between areas while keeping a "relatively" lower profile (also just flat out saves time)

Zanpakuto Name: Yog-Sothoth
Release Phrase: Achtsewe. Yog-Sothoth

Appearance: Dagon’s release transforms himself into a semi-coherent mass of liquid, gas and solid material that is in an ever state of flux. It can change it's size and shape at will allowing for massive limbs the size of skyscrapers although most of the time it is smaller and humanoid shape. It appears like a swirling vortex and in the center a set of eyes. Usually Dagon takes on a more humanoid form with long powerful limbs with a set of red eyes and no mouth.

Description: Dagon’s most consistent form destroys his protective hierro but grants him a fairly powerful regeneration as his primary form of defense. He can also latch on to another person, if they choose and grant them power and regeneration


2 as 1 – An improvement on the ability Avatar, this allows Dagon to merge with another individual granting them additional power, regeneration and access to each other's memories. It grants them a tier boost in power and a powerful regeneration. The down side is that Dagon cannot act while fused so the extra potential fighter is temporarily lost. The other limiting factor is that Dagon must be invited into the other person for the merger to take place. He cannot trick his way into it. This also can be used as a way for Dagon to heal himself within the confines of another individual and heal another individual as well creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Servitor of the Outer Gods – An Improvement on Strange Anatomy. Due to Dagon’s strange physiology it grants him regeneration at the cost of his hierro. It works as any high speed regeneration works with one caveat; it ignores typical regeneration rules, ie: if an attack would normally halt regeneration, it wouldn't affect Dagon. It makes fighting him more a battle of attrition. It does not mean he is invincible although it makes him extremely hard to kill. He'll lose energy the more he has to regenerate and the more of his base body is blown away just like any other person and someone of equal strength could still fight him on even grounds, it's just a different quality of fighting then just "exploit weakness, win match"

Immortality: By combining his last 2 talents, Dagon leaves behind a residual power within the host of his last mergers. If Dagon's main body were to ever be destroyed, he may regenerate from within a previous host. Doing so though requires a great deal of strength from them and would render them incapable of fighting or doing much of anything for a time (essentially removing 2 fighters from the equation). The healing can be faciliated a bit but it would still need to be in a non-combative circumstances. Once again, this is with permission from the person and can't be tricked into.

New Ability:

The Gate and The Key – Dagon has the ability to control the barrier between worlds as long as he is in that world. When he chooses to do so, he can lockout about a city's worth of territory from being entered or left (once again, provided he is in it). He can also create portals to different parts of that world in order to transport others. This allows him to extend parts of his body into other places and act as receptors to gain information and create an avenue for massive troop transportation.

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 7:11 pm

Name: Anna King

Alternative Name: Princess Fluffy-Butt

Title: Quinto

Residence: Las Noches

Arrancar Class: Vasto Lorde

Age at Death: 19

Current Age: 135 (dominant soul is only about 33)

Physical Age: 19

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 145 lbs.


Anna is a young English looking woman with long, ass length white hair, adorned with fox-like ears. She's slender, albeit with large hips and an ample bust. Her skin is milky white with no sign of scarring. No tattoos or piercings blemish her porcelain frame. She has a soft, kind face, with deep blue eyes, and a non prominent set of cheek bones. Looking her down her back lowers into a bushel of very animated tails, nine of them to be exact, all sharing her hair color.

Her normal attire is white and blue kimono, covered by the espada coat. She doesn't tend to wear shoes because she likes the feeling of the ground. Beating around she wears short shorts and a tank top, despite it looking very odd on her.

Hollow Hole: Stomach

Mask Fragment: Forms up around the back of her ears.

Location of Number: Right above her tails

Personality: Anna is a very kind, sagacious like person, especially for her relative young age. She enjoys studying mystical theory in quiet places, and she meditates regularly (mostly to keep her urges in check). She believes in the best in people and will try to give anyone another chance to prove them-self. Even though she is smart and calm, she does like to do goobery things. She likes to play pranks on people, and likes to generally play. She tries to reign in those needs, along with some less savory ones. She can generally hide the emotion in her face when proper, but its much harder to hide the emotion in her tails.

Likes: Reading, Anime, Meditating, People, boning, MEDITATING, playing pranks

Dislikes: Carelessness, Jerks, Lack of Restraint

Biography: Later, I promise.

Reiatsu Color: Whitish Blue

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A Longsword

Special Abilities: She has most of the Abilities one would could think of that a kitsune would. She can control fire to an Extent, can make Illusions, some minor shape shifting, energy draining, etc. In her few years at this level of power though, she has warped some of her innate abilities into other "spells".


Released Form: Her released form isn't very different looking. She gains a full body suit of thick Hierro, and her sword grows to a bastard sword.

Zanpakuto Name: Brujo

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: later

Sealed State: A Normal Longsword

Release Command: Mistificar, Brujo!

Transformation: Anna becomes covered in a bluish flame which dissipates leaving her clad in her armor-like herro and her longer sword, etched in runes.

Release Abilities:
Illusions: Anna can make perfect Illusions, both sight and sound, although they aren't tangible so using them on a perceptive enemy in an inopportune locale such as the desert might be difficult.

Pyromancy: When released, she can create and control fire. This being one of her more powerful and trained abilities has made her all but fire proof against anyone not significantly stronger than her.

Enhancement: Anna can inscribe magical runes on things at the cost of energy to enchance their abilities.

Energy Drain: Via physical contact, Anna can drain the life energy of a being. The amount drained is a sliding scale according to how much stronger or weaker she is than the opponent.

Release Techniques: Seeing as how these would be using her abilities in signature ways, I'm gonna be lazy for now.

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Name: Esmerelda Romassa

Alternative Name: The Black Waltz

Title: Quatra Espada

Residence: Castle Tenebrous

Arrancar Class:

Age at Death 17

Current Age: 1127

Physical Age: 25

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 114

Hollow Hole: her stomach, just below her chest.

Mask Fragment: A small, but noticeable pair of protrustions over her canines, resembling fangs.

Location of Number: A 2 on her right inner thigh.

Personality: Esmer is a free spirit.  Free to roam the earth, free to love, to find delight in life.... Unfortunately, the delight she finds in life is hardly benign.  Esmerelda is a hedonist, pure and simple.  Though she is sharp as a tack, she is dangerously irresponsible, often pursuing whatever new notion catches her fancy.  Today, she will decide to become a race car driver and she will accomplish this by sundown.  At sundown, she decides on a whim to go see a movie.  It's a love story.  She seeks company for the night.  When she's finished with him, she realizes he ripped her dress.  She burns the building to the ground.  And finally, she relives her storied race car career escaping the police in a stolen vehicle before retiring to her bed.  Another day complete in her perfect life.

Likes: Honestly, a lot of things.  She's a very positive person.  Her favorites would probably be sex, blood, and horror movies, although she never seems to understand that the teenagers being slaughtered are the movie's protagonists.



Reiatsu Color: Violet

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A relatively straight Sabre, sharpened to a fine edge down its length and a compact hilt, designed for a small, but forceful hand.

Special Abilities: Esmerelda can manifest her shadow.  Twist it, control it, shape it to her will.  At a command, it can raise from the ground, twisting to strike at her opponent.  The shadow her blade can zip along the ground, zagging to launch from the ground under her foe for a surprise attack.  She can raise her shadow from the ground as a defensive shield, or an unseen weapon.  She can also form several constructs from her shadow.  These constructs, when physically damaged enough, return to her own shadow.  If destroyed with energy, her reiatsu must recover to regain that piece of shadow.

Bats: Although they flutter like bats, these constructs are actually made of tiny bladed structures, ready to slice and dice anything they collide with.  They can also whisper things, serving as apt messengers for things she can't be bothered telling people in person.

The Snake: Her shadow can also form a snake, slithering off on its own to aid her in combat.  While the shadow can only form one snake, leaving itself enough size to act in a limited capacity at its normal abilities, the snake itself has a very special ability.  On the one hand, in a pinch it can fire a cero from its mouth.  Much more importantly, if it strikes a foe, it does not inject poison, but her shadow itself into their veins.  Any part of a person infected with the shadow becomes useless or, if she has enough of an advantage over them, under her control.  The shadow spreads at a slow but steady rate.  If it somehow reaches their heart, Esmerelda could kill them or, if they were strong enough, render them unconscious.  It takes roughly ten minutes for the poison to reach the heart from the upper extremities, closer to half an hour for the lower ones.  Destroying the snake or forcing Esmerelda to dispel it immediately ends the effect.

The Cloak: Esmerelda is able to wrap her shadow around herself, as well.  This construct takes the form of a black bodysuit, wrapping her figure and temporarily absorbing any external clothing underneath.  Despite her usual mode of dress, this bodysuit has a turtleneck and covers every last inch of her from there down.  Possessing the qualities of a light armor, there is no doubt this cloak is designed with no mind for flair or seduction, as Esmerelda has no intentions of being seen with it.  It has only three special properties.  The first is that it can store some small degree of physical objects (missives, drives, pictures, that sort of thing.  Small objects no bigger then a book) , maintaining her form as sleek as possible (in addition to storing her Zanpakuto itself).  It also has the ability to blend almost perfectly into shadows when Esmerelda stands still.  While this is an optical illusion, it is an obscuring effect and does not render her invisible, nor is it effective outside of the shadows.  In fact, in the light it would only draw further attention to her.  Lastly, the same obscuring effect can be applied to her face, making it appear as a blur if she so chooses.

It looks basically like this, minus certain fluffy elements:

The Wolf: The last and strongest of Esmerelda's Constructs, it requires the majority of her shadow be intact to form, and uses the whole of it when she does.  What is formed is a massive wolf, large enough for her to comfortably ride upon and certainly large enough to form a threat to her enemies, albeit at the cost of removing all of her shadow tricks.  Combat wise, it essentially is trading one extremely powerful opponent with a myriad of tricks up her sleeve, for two powerful opponents that fight more directly, albeit in tandem.  The wolf is also extremely quick on its feet as well as agile, able to easily climb vertical walls, while its "fur" shifts to accomodate the sitting Esmerelda, making it the optimal choice of mounts for travelling in luxury over longer distances.

Released Form:

Zanpakuto Name: Umbra

Zanpakuto and Character Theme:

Sealed State: In it's sealed form, Umbra takes the form of Esmeralda's personal blade.

Release Command: Extinguish, Umbra!

Transformation: Esmeralda's features become murky, her body seeming to almost melt before it collapses into a black puddle of shadow.  The surrounding area grows dark as a large figure raises in the darkness.  As it recedes, her release form can be clearly seen.

Release Abilities: Esmerelda can still form constructs, with her available shadow vastly expanded, she can make double however many she could before, or any combination thereof.  She also gains one new construct.

Golem - The greatest construct available to Esmeralda in any of her forms, the Golem is some forty feet tall and takes all of her shadow.  She also must reside inside of the Golem, using her on reiatsu to power it.  The golem is practically (not literally) indestructible, possessing Esmeralda's hierro as well as being more durable then her release form.  It can also fire Gran Rey Ceros, using her power.  However, it is slow and cumbersome, useful more for destruction then actual combat.

She also gains the following abilities.

Take Heart -  Esmerelda in this form can steal someone's very shadow, as long as they are no longer able to actively fight her.  Ripping their shadow from them, she keeps it in the form of a chain of black beads around her neck.  In her sealed state, they appear instead as a bracelet with small paper doll shapes that are instead made of an onyx like material.  By touching any possessed shadow she has, she may spy on the person, or speak into their mind.  Consequently, she can infiltrate and influence their dreams.  While the effects of losing one's shadow are incidental at most on  officers, it's not unheard of for those lower then lt. Level to fall into a coma.  Detection of the malady can be hard to treat, as everyone who sees the afflicted perceives their shadow as still being perfectly normal.  Destruction of the charm returns one's shadow to them and ends the effect.

Shadow step - Esmerelda, in her release form, can travel to any shadow large enough for her to stand in, as long as she is touching a likewise shadow.  The range on this is her line of site, regardless of distance within sane limits (she could technically see a shadow on the moon but obviously that's just silly).

Shade Eater -  Esmerelda's body, being practically made of living shadow in this form, can be healed by using her acting shadow reserves to patch up her own body.  While she can heal herself like this, it has the same effect as destroying those  bits of shadow, which can on only be recovered with time and rest.  While she can heal wounds obtained in her sealed state, she must be able to release to heal anything.  The ability is also activated, not passive.  

(I think that's all.  Might have forgotten something small)

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Name:  Allira

Alternative Name: Allie

Title: Fraccion

Residence: Wherever Esmerelda lives

Arrancar Class:

Age at Death 16

Current Age: 211

Physical Age: 19

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 110 lbs

Appearance: Allira bears the appearance of a girl stuck somewhere between being a teenager and an adult. The shape and size of her breasts and butt suggest maturity, but her face has soft features and she often wears an expression of innocence. Her arms and legs are marked with various tattoos, tastefully done with images of dragons, fire, and any other symbols that either she or Esmerelda deem appropriate. Her hair is long and brown, and her bangs come over her forehead unevenly. She often wears hair ornaments such as flowers, combs, barrettes, or hats. Just below the right side of her mouth she bears a beauty mark.


Hollow Hole: Left thigh

Mask Fragment: A half-circle around her head that wraps above and under her ears. Typically hidden under her hair.

Location of Number:

Personality: Allira has two distinct ‘modes’ which determine her personality. Around 99.9% of the population, she is friendly, but assertive. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, though she’ll do so in a respectful manner. She will defend her friends and master whether in a verbal confrontation or with her fists if she feels it is necessary. However, her personality shifts when she’s around her lady, Esmerelda. When the Quatra is around, Allira becomes submissive and shy. She wants to please her and will do anything she asks, regardless of the consequences of the order. Allira would kill herself if Esmerelda were to order it, but she hopes such an order never comes, because then Allira would never be able to serve her mistress again.

Likes: Esmerelda, art (especially body art), upbeat and exciting music, anything that makes her heart race whether it’s a tense moment in a book /movie, or the thrill of hunting or riding a fast vehicle, or just wondering what Esmerelda has in store for her next.

Dislikes: Quietness, calmness, slow or depressing music, being charged with big responsibilities.

Biography: Allira had always been insecure and frightful as a child. She’d had an abusive, alcoholic father and a doormat mother who let it all happen without blinking an eye. She had made friends who she thought she could trust, but when they betrayed her, she was overwhelmed by shame and grief and committed suicide.

Upon entering Hueco Mundo, she became vengeful and powerful, killing weaker Hollows and generally knowing little about the world she inhabited. She met Esmerelda once and was unfortunate enough to think Esmerelda was yet another weak Hollow. Allira attacker her, only to be swiftly subdued and toyed with. Luckily, Esmerelda saw the latent power inside Allira and decided to show her mercy. Allira realized that she had to suck up to this more powerful creature if she were to stay alive. Though she dreaded it at first, thinking it would be a repeat of her human life, she grew to love Esmerelda in ways she couldn’t explain. She sensed a form of love from this mysterious, powerful woman. A love she’d never felt before from anyone else. Allira was made into Esmerelda’s fraccion where she has remained a faithful subordinate.

Reiatsu Color: Pink

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A sheath for a katana with colorful lacquered dragons, fire, and swirling clouds

Special Abilities: Allira can make chains appear from her fingertips which can reach a maximum of 50 feet. She can use them as whips or rope or a grappling hook. She can also make fire burn along them if she feels fire would help her situation. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have great control over them. Once they’ve been released, she can only bring them back by making a certain complex hand motion so if her hands were to be preoccupied or someone tied her up with her own chains, she’d be helpless.
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 07, 2013 8:07 pm

Name: Shinya

Alternative Name: The Terror of Death

Title: Primera

Residence: Los Noches

Arrancar Class: Vasto Lorde

Age at Death 16

Current Age: 2231

Physical Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Weight: Unknown

Appearance: With short, Silver hair and pale, white skin, Shinya is an odd looking arrancar. But then again, considering the company he keeps, maybe he's normal. Shinya doesn't look all that different from a normal human aside from his skin, hair and eyes.. ok so he is different, so shoot me! His eyes are crimson and he has two red tattoos trailing down his cheeks underneath each eye. Often he can be seen wearing a white, loose fitting shirt with equally loose fitting pants with black boots. (See released form for what his facial features look like)

Hollow Hole: In the middle of his chest.

Mask Fragment: What looks like an eye in the center of his forehead is really his mask fragment. Its an oval shaped protrusion that actually does house a third eye from back in his hollow days.

Location of Number: On palm of right hand.

Personality: Shinya would like you to think that he's surly, moody and likes to be left alone, but that isn't further from the truth. It's just that Shinya's face is constantly stuck in a frown so most people think he's upset over something. Then you factor in that he speaks rather rudely to people and voila! Instant setup to think he's angry at you. Now sometimes he prefers it this way, but not often.

If anything, Shinya has a hard time reaching out to people due to him not being very trusting of others; this is in most part a reminder of his time as a hollow. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, those were the rules he lived by for so long that it's hard to change. While he does enjoy having people that he can talk to that he doesn't have to kill, its still quite hard for him to just let them into his life.

Likes: Talking (even though he's bad at it), taking long baths, fruit, Video games

Dislikes: Killing needlessly, carrots (They are truly the devil by his words), misunderstandings

Biography: Shinya doesn't remember much from his past, or so he says anyhow. What is known is from his idle writings in a book he keeps.

Death and rebirth: Shinya remembers being terrified of dying for some reason. It was as if he were counting off the days until he died and once he finally did die, it was a violent death. His hatred for his killers was so strong he lingered long after death. Nothing could sooth his raging soul except for the thirst for revenge. It didn't take long for him to Hollowfy at that point and the first thing he did was seek out those that killed him.. only to find that they had already died. This didn't stop him from devouring their souls however. But his hunger only grew and he found himself lashing out against innocents much like those murderers did. He hated himself for what he was doing, but he couldn't stop either.

Soon enough, he attracted the attention of the shinigami and found himself fighting against them. Some of them he devoured, others he narrowly escaped with his life. This too went for the quincies and other empowered humans, much to his annoyance. But after a period of time had passed, he felt a calling to go to a new place, namely Hueco Mundo.

Transformation: Shinya recalled that after he returned to hueco mundo, he lost his self into the mass that was a gillian, but eventually recovered his sense of self and transformed into an adjudchas hollow. From that point on it was nonstop battle; be it with Shinigami or hollow, he constantly was fighting and growing ever stronger. Soon enough, enemies began calling him the Terror of Death due to how furiously he fought and how often he left little to no survivors. This went on for hundreds of years until he finally evolved into a vasto lorde.

The present: Walking the wastelands of Hueco Mundo, fighting and devouring as he pleased, Shinya happened upon a peculiar looking hollow that looked almost human completely! Deciding not to attack this one, he asked it how it got that way and after being told, he decided to try it out on one of his prey first, then on himself. Such an amazing change took place that he had to try it out on himself! After his transformation into an arrancar, he took the chance to seek out others like himself and ended up in his present company.

Reiatsu Color: Red

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A curved falchion with a three pointed star as the guard.

Special Abilities:  

That which cannot be cut, will be: Shinya's primary ability is the ability to cut things. Big deal, you say. Anybody can cut things, you say. Well that's where you're wrong. There's cutting things and then there's Shinya. Shinya can slice through things that even have no substance like concepts or the very air around him. This makes him quite dangerous as most barriers have no way of keeping him out for very long and in an extended fight, you're more liable to lose limbs than he is. It should be noted that Shinya's cutting ability isn't absolute. He has to be able to see or at least recognize what he's trying to cut or destroy so a creative foe can find ways around his ability. By this I mean that he needs to be able to understand how the attack is affecting him or whomever he's trying to cut. So he needs to understand how the attack affects him, what's it doing to him and what he needs to cut in order to make it stop. This ranges from very easy to impossible to do. On beings stronger than he is, this ability only hurts them or their barriers instead of outright cutting through it.

Released Form

Zanpakuto Name: Pena de Muerte

Zanpakuto and Character Theme:

Sealed State: A large, curved falchion with a three pointed star as the guard.

Release Command: Time to kill, Pena de Muerte!

Transformation: Shinya's body begins to glow with runic markings, then slash marks fill the air around him until he's no longer visible, followed by the air around him shattering and revealing his released form. His weapon also turns into a scythe.

Release Abilities:

That which cannot be killed, will die: This power affects mostly inanimate objects, but its power is absolute. By stabbing the object and/or concept with his sword, the object 'dies' and falls apart into nothingness. While this power can affect living things, it had to be pretty weak or weakened greatly for it to work.

Release Techniques:

Even wounds can die: A rather strange use for his power, but one of his abilities none the less is the ability to kill a wound. By stabbing the wound with his blade, he effectively kills it and forces it to heal shut. This is quite painful, might I add as its essentially being stabbed twice in the same spot. This makes the sword absorb the wound for use in a later technique. When the sword absorbs wounds this way, it slowly turns the blade black, with depending on how fatal the wound is determining how quickly the black covers the blade. Once the blade is completely black, it can no longer heal wounds this way until purged. Note that this ability cannot restore destroyed limbs or organs as that would instantly overload the blade without even partially restoring the wound. So only stab or slash wounds can really be restored reliably.

Meioh Zangetsu: The technique used to purge the blade of its healed wounds. By utilizing this technique, a black crescent moon like mark is slashed through the air at the enemy. If they're hit by it, all the wounds that the sword healed will be transferred to them. It can only be used once per person hit, then it has to absorb more wounds to be used again.

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Name: Xavos Sterngott

Alternative Name: The Killing Edge

Title: Sexta

Residence: Las Noches

Arrancar Class: Adjuchas

Age at Death 20

Current Age: 1,714

Physical Age: 29

Height: 6'2

Weight: 175

Appearance: Xavos is a relatively average male in terms of build. He has a warrior's body, with well defined muscles that showcase a love for battle. While not overly scarred, his form clearly shows a history of combat, with various sorts of scars adorning his torso amongst other parts of his body. He has silver-white ear length hair, which he usually wears spiked backwards. His eyes are an unmistakable icy blue, but otherwise his face is normal in appearance. His outfit as an Espada is different from the usual Arrancar attire. He wears a stylized overcoat, white in color with black embroidery. Underneath it, he wears a sleeveless black vest with a small scarf around his neck. Pants are black, and his boots are a dark brown. Also wears a pair of black finger-less gloves. (Tl;dr He looks like this, with the colors swapped)

Hollow Hole: Middle abdomen

Mask Fragment: Small circular fragment around his edge of right eye

Location of Number: Right pectoral

Personality: To nobody's surprise, Xavos is a no nonsense type of individual. He is dedicated to his role as an Espada and his occupation. Always does his best to display himself in a strong manner, but in rarer moments, he drops his guard and his demeanor is more calm and subdued. Keeps most of the other Arrancar at arm's length, unless he knows he can trust them. Is secretly an avid reader, but he would never let anybody know it.

When he is fighting an enemy of equal or greater power, he becomes somewhat consumed by his thirst for battle. He will often act without regard to personal injury, so long as he inflicts the same amount of pain on his enemy. Not quite berserk, but halfway there.

Likes: Fighting (duh), books, a strong drink

Dislikes: Failure, whining, oranges

Biography: He was a Hollow, he became an Arrancar, became an Espada, and kills things now. (Don't you just love my biographies)

Reiatsu Color: Royal blue

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A relatively normal looking katana. Has a circular guard which is gold in color. Has a small blue sash wrapped around the top of the scabbard.

Special Abilities: Can infuse cero energy into his blade for added cutting power.

Released Form:

Zanpakuto Name: Geist

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: A Phantasmic Warrior

Sealed State: See zanpakuto description

Release Command: "Make them kneel"

Transformation: Upon the release, an explosion of reiryoku occur underneath wherever the Espada is standing, creating a large cloud of smoke and dust. When the particles dissipate, the Sexta Espada is revealed in his released form. Xavos grows about half a foot in height and gains about 40 pounds as his muscles expand, making him look fairly bulky as his physical strength increases. His eyes begin to glow blood red and his skin turns a pale blue. He becomes adorned in a demonic set of black armor, complete with a flowing purple cape of similar design. The most noticeable thing however is his sword has transformed into a large two-handed blade, easily as tall as a person. The weapon constantly surges and glows with Xavos's royal blue energy, although with a dark purple swirl intermittently surging through the weapon as well.

Release Abilities:

- Phantom Knight: In his released form, Xavos' movements are accompanied with a ghost-like image of himself and allow him to act twice with each action, the action of the phantom image following about a second afterward. For example, if he swings his blade at a target, the phantom will strike with the same strength and power right afterwards. This benefits his preferred style of melee combat, as the Espada detests having to resort to anything else.

- Phantom Blade: Xavos' sword in his released form is a mighty weapon. Aside from the massive physical force behind its swings, the weapon's cutting power is increased substantially, allowing him to cleave through defenses easily. The blade can also fire out a large wave of energy with a swing of the weapon, although it has to be imbued with it first. If disarmed, the Espada can re-summon the weapon to his hands almost instantaneously.

- Phantom Touch: In this form, Xavos' spiritual energy becomes corruptive in a sense, leaving a crippling burning sensation behind after each energy attack. The effect amplifies with each injury inflicted, although stronger spiritual beings can resist some of the effects.

Release Techniques:

- Terra Breaker: Xavos slams his massive weapon down into the ground and imbues it with his energy. A second later, the ground will more or less explode as it splits in half and breaks apart in a violent manner. TERRA BREAKER BITCH!

(Zanny subject to edit, wanted to get the rough idea down)

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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2014 5:40 pm

Name: Deux

Alternative Name:

Title: The Nothingness

Residence: ???

Arrancar Class:???

Age at Death: ???

Current Age: ???

Physical Age: 17-100

Height: 5'4

Weight: 0

Appearance: Deux is an odd sight to look at and an ever changing person to look at. Deux isn't genetically stable and is constantly shifting forms drifting from gender to gender, it's body is constantly changing and it's very odd to see Deux again in the same form in a month. He does have favorite forms though and these have a higher probability of appearing.

The first well known form is a average girl with rather unusual features. In this form Deux sports dark purple hair along with matching color eyes. Her eyes had a swirl pattern to them making her look constantly confused. This form is always seen sporting a maid outfit with pockets full of prescription pills and syringes (for her)

The second well known form is another purple hair individual. Deux appears as adrogynous tiny figure with a black spot over his left eye similar to a panda. Usually wears a panda hat and boyish clothes.

Third Form is a turqoise boy with brown smooth skin. This figure is without a doubt male but looks incredibly feminime. Sports a eyepatch.
Hollow Hole: Unknown

Mask Fragment: Unknown

Location of Number: (If you are not an espada do not include this)

Personality: Deux is a hard person to pinpoint when it comes to his personality. He's nonsensical, whimsical, childish, serious, rude, polite. No one truly knows how he really acts the only thing people know for certain is that he loves to interview people. If you come across Deux expect an interview and expect him if you turn him down to keep appearing until one is given. What he does with this info is a mystery as he has no affliation what so ever. In fact it's questionable if he even remembers anything because if he comes across a person twice he'll express no recollection of meeting them be it a facade or not is up for debate. Either way, Deux will bring about a unique experience every time.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Biography: No one knows where Deux has come from or who he really is. He never answers questions about himself and he has no recorded info about him but he has a knack for appearing in historical images in some context. Is he a time traveler, is he a god, is the embodiment of a person's imagination? No one has these answers except for Deux and that means no one will ever know.

Reiatsu Color: Unknown

Unreleased Zanpakuto: Unknown

Special Abilities: Deux can appear anywhere and everywhere. If it exist he can show up and just as suddenly he can disappear without a trace. Deux also never dies permanently. Even the most gruesome of deaths are erased whenever Deux wishes.

Zanpakuou: Unknown

Released Form: Unknown

Zanpakuto Name: Unknown

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Unknown

Sealed State: Unknown

Release Command: Unknown

Transformation: Unknown

Release Abilities: Unknown

Release Techniques: Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 6:37 am

Name: Phaedra

Alternative Name: Fay

Title: Chiaroscuro

Residence: Japan, now. Formerly drifter

Arrancar Class: Adjuchas

Age at Death N/A, born Arrancar

Current Age: 199

Physical Age:  17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 147 lbs



She also frequently sports a poncho coat that looks like this:

Hollow Hole: Just below her neck

Mask Fragment: Two small horns that poke out of her hair.

Personality: Fay has grown up as positive and cheery as she can be considering her roots.  Branded a monster by the town she grew up in and outcast most of her young life, her rather unique situation gave her some rough formative years.  While she usually approaches situations with a casual smile, there's always anger ready to stir up just below the surface.  Discipline and a desire to keep a positive outlook has tempered her anger over time and while she may still make rash decisions, she usually carries herself with a rather cool disposition.

As part of her vigilante persona, Chiaroscuro, she primarily fights nonlethally, but if she's forced to draw her sword, most of her concerns on the matter go by the wayside.  While she doesn't ever go out of her way to kill foes in that case, she does what she has to.  She will, from time to time, tend to the wounded after a victory.  (It's undecided how much she knows about the workings of the spirit world, but it's probable she would recognize hollows as similar to herself and avoid lethal attacks on them the same as humanoids)

Likes: children, fighting, vidya, anime

Dislikes: Crime, bullies, tea

Biography: She was left on the door of a catholic orphanage in 1815, with a simple note giving her her name.  Phaedra.  However unknown to the nuns and most certainly her, she was by no means human.  An infant arrancar, she was left with an experimental tool called a "gigai seed".  A gigai that grew with her and was part of her body, she was clueless as to her non-human existence until her powers began manifesting later in her childhood.  The first time she exited her gigai, it didn't take long for the orphanage to label her a devil child.  Deciding not to stick around to see what happened, she took her leave.

She tried to settle down a few times, but her lack of control over her powers made it difficult.  She soon found another complication as she entered her later teens.  She stopped aging.  Now unable to settle in any one place for more then a few years, even if she kept her powers in check, she accepted her lot in life and began wandering.

Eventually she found her way east, following rumors and cultural conceptions of the east, in hopes they could help her cure what she thought was a curse.  While no such cure for a curse existed, training in martial arts helped give her discipline and connect with herself enough to eventually obtain control over her powers.

So now, with supernatural powers and decades of martial arts training, Fay did the only sane thing to do.  She became a vigilante, travelling about, righting wrongs and fighting crime where she could.

Reiatsu Color: White

Unreleased Zanpakuto:

Special Abilities: Light and Shadows: Phaedra possesses a rather neat ability to control light.  She can intensify it or snuff it out, or create new light sources from thin air altogether.  So she can create blinding light from nothing, raise the lighting of existing light fixtures to a hightened pitch or black out light sources altogether.  However, she cannot control ambient light, only sources.  So the light from the moon or sun is beyond her control (although more because the magnitude and distance to the source prevents it).  While it is just a specific use of this ability, she can also create flares or flashes of light from darkness.

Photonic sight: Phaedra's ability to control light extends to visibility.  She can not only see regular waves of visible light, but spectrums of light usually invisible to people.  She can see and produce infrared, X-ray and ultraviolet light, giving her vision well beyond that of others.

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Name: Luca

Alternative Name:

Title: Tricera

Residence: The Tricera's Domain

Arrancar Class:

Age at Death 23

Current Age: 698

Physical Age: 24

Height: 6' 0”


Appearance: Luca is a tall, thin man with medium-short black hair while his eyes are a dull yellow in color. Luca holds an air of elegance, always keeping himself well-groomed to look his best. He wear's various accessories, such as rings on his pinky fingers, and on his right thumb, a full-finger, clawed ring of sorts on his left middle finger, and black, leather, corset-like articles tied on both his right thigh over his pants, and another tied around his neck.


Hollow Hole: Over his heart

Mask Fragment: Luca's mask fragments rest on both of his cheeks, extending down to the back of his jaw.

Visual Example:

Location of Number: The right-side of his lower stomach where his hip begins.

Personality: Luca holds a rather quiet and calm personality, but to those that know him there is a subtle kindness about him. Due to not fully understanding his emotions, it can be difficult for him to show them outright.

Likes: Violins, Cellos, Violas, Moonlight, Sweet or Spicy foods, Reading, Blueberries

Dislikes: Rats, Illnesses

Biography: Luca aspired to be a musician throughout his human life, but due to the pressure of his family he was forced to put his own wishes aside and focus on his studies in medicine to follow in his father's footsteps.

He practiced music in secret, taking up string instruments such as the violin and greatly enjoyed his time whenever he had the chance to partake in his true passion. He became quite well practiced, and had the talent to become the musician he originally wanted to come, but medicine came first; his father had made that all too clear when he learned of his Luca's hobby and destroyed and burned his instrument.

Luca went on to follow in his father's footsteps, becoming his assistant until it would be time for him to take over. Upon turning twenty-three, a plague swept the country, and he unfortunately fell victim to the illness like many others and eventually died from it.

He, however, holds no memories of his human life, all having faded within time throughout his wandering in the deserts of Hueco Mundo. He still feels a strong connection to string instruments, which leads him to believe there are possible connections to him and being a musician, but it's only an assumption that he can't be entirely sure of.

[He now recalls certain fragments of memories from his human life, such as how he died, and his relationships with his parents, etc.]

Reiatsu Color: Gray-ish  Black

Unreleased Zanpakuto: Luca's zanpakutou takes the form of a katana that he keeps at his hip. The hilt is a dull teal in color, while the guard is in the design, in silver, of a lotus blossom.

Special Abilities:  Luca's blood has healing properties, which he works as a base in certain potions that are meant for healing purposes when a fellow arrancar/espada is in need of treatment.

- -

Released Form Luca's body is nearly crystallized, his blood forming into sharp, red crystal-like formations that cover his form, providing a menacing appearance. The bone-like structure of his hollowed form extends over body, beginning from the remains of his mask fragment down, the hardened blood over it providing a sharp outlining to the boned structure.

Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto and Character Theme:

Sealed State: Luca's zanpakutou takes the form of a katana that he keeps at his hip. The hilt is a dull teal in color, while the guard is in the design, in silver, of a lotus blossom.

Release Command:

Transformation: Luca turns his sword on himself, and once the release-command has been spoken he'll run his sword through his chest, the blood that comes from the action hardening over himself as he takes his released form.

Release Abilities:

  • Luca's blood forms a hard shell around him, providing protection to his body from on-coming attacks.
  • Luca can also shoot the hardened crystal-like blood at his opponents, but he must be extremely careful when using this technique, as the location of which he fired the hardened crystal is left temporarily vulnerable to attack until regeneration reforms it.
  • Luca's blood also hold healing components that he can control at will, and can offer an ally support in battle by using his own blood to quicken the healing of their wounds.


Arrancar Profiles 2n7fqc1
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2014 8:05 pm

Name: Nuu Lysenka

Alternative Name:

Title: Fraccion


Arrancar Class: Adjuchas

Age at Death 14

Current Age: 389

Physical Age: 16

Height: 5'1

Weight: 115 lbs

Appearance:  Nuu wears a stiff white vest with black lining that exposes her chest area but covers any naughty bits from view. She also wears thigh high white boots that are also black lined, as well as a short white skirt that she got on one journey to the human world.

Her physical appearance is as follows:

Hollow Hole: Middle of stomach

Mask Fragment: Crest on her forehead that's shaped like a triangle with raised spikes

Location of Number: n/a

Personality: Tsundere. Awefully tsundere. Nuu may act like she only tolerates the Septimo because he gave her a safe haven, but she infact actually loves him terribly for delivering her out of the darkness. She acts horribly tsundere to anyone she cares for or learns to care for. Now if said emotional attachments get hurt.. well then you'll see some unbridled fury.

Likes: Luca?, the sky, snuggling, healing people

Dislikes: Her emotions, annoying people, being weak, the sea

Biography:  Nuu lived most of her human life in poverty, barely scraping by with her family. It wasn't a happy life, but she was alive and that's all that mattered. Unfortunately, being alive started to become a premium around her home town as most of the poor folk began to die off because of illness and being unable to afford a doctor.

She eventually lost her mother, then brothers and sisters to illness, and predictably she herself fell ill. Her father, seeing her suffering decided to put her out of her misery by drowning her in the bathtub. She wanted to fight back, but she was too weak to so she died cursing the horrible world she was born into.

Years passed and due to her unable to accept being dead and her hatred of those still living, Nuu turned into a hollow. She was a particularly smart one, preying on people from the shadows and evading shinigami by wits alone. By this way, she climbed the ranks of hollow until she was finally able to become an Arrancar. But this was the beginning of her troubles. Other hollows began to target her as her abilities weren't really suited for battle and she found herself running and hiding often, cursing her own fate while preying on those weaker than her.

But.. one day that all changed. One day she met Luca, who took an interest in her abilities, leading her to follow him around like an imprinted duckling. Ever since then she devoted her life to Luca, wanting nothing more than his praise and happiness.. even though this doesn't always show through her actions.

Reiatsu Color: Pink

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A large zanbatou that seems too big for her to wield properly.

Special Abilities: Nuu can make use of Ceros and Balas


Released Form A slimmer blade but just as long as before, along with golden angel wings, bird-like feet and and a more pronounced crest that makes her look like an eagle in this state.

Zanpakuto Name: Eien no Jinsei (Eternal life)

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Healing

Sealed State: A zanbatou that looks too big for her to wield properly.

Release Command: Recover, Eien no Jinsei!

Transformation: Nuu slides her hand along the length of the blade as it turns white and covers her in a glowing white light. When the light fades, she has a more pronounced crest along with gold wings on her back.

Release Abilities: Nuu's released form is very energy intensive and she requires sustenance to be able to stay in it for longer than ten posts. Because of this, Nuu is able to heal almost any wound with a swipe of her weapon as her weapon doesn't inflict physical trauma but instead absorbs it. While she's healing a wound this way, she cannot move at all until the wound is completely absorbed and disturbing her may leave the wound partially there and require her to start all over again. Her weapon eats the wounds of others so she can stay in released form. It should be noted that Shinya learned his healing technique by observing her at work with her own.

Release Techniques: Inverted Cero: By changing the destructive force of her cero inside out, Nuu has managed to make a rather handy healing attack that she can use to target allies from afar. This is interchangeable with her regular Cero, so it can confuse an enemy.

False Angel Wings: The wings on Nuu's back in her ressurection form actually serve a purpose aside from being a cosmetic change. Each wing serves as an extra life of sorts should she be killed. As long as either remains, she can't be killed off permanently. It is rumored that even if she loses both in a battle and escapes, they might grow back. This will take a week per wing.
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 15, 2014 5:29 pm

Name: Yysara Emr

Alternative Name: Yissa

Title: Fraccion to the Tricera

Residence: Shinya's Place

Arrancar Class: Ajunchas

Age at Death: 15

Current Age: 690

Birthday: June 12th

Physical Age: 20

Height: 5'6

Weight: 145

Appearance: Yysara is a average height woman with long creamy blonde hair that goes to her waist, dark red eyes that are almost slitted like a snake and small fangs that hang over her lips. Rather volumputuous, she wears a long and how hanging kimono that slides off her shoulder regularly. However no matter what she does or how she moves it never seems to fall off. A long sheer veil covers her hair and down her body a bit, another accessory she likes.

Wearing two bracelets on her wrist in the shape of snakes, she also wears a nice set of earrings up the sides of her ears.

Her fragment sits in part in her mouth and part under her eyes. Three white lines array under each eye, while the fangs that show from her mouth are all that remains of her mask.

General looks (Warning large for now till I resize)

Uniform moreso

Hollow Hole:Between her breasts.

Mask Fragment: Her fragment sits in part in her mouth and part under her eyes. Three white lines array under each eye, while the fangs that show from her mouth are all that remains of her mask.

Personality: Yysara is an even tempered and somewhat quiet individual. She likes peace and quiet, being kept busy (but not too much) and is very demure, calling all Espada formally by titles or in the case of her Espada, Master. She can be snarky in a very subtle way, but tends to keep that hidden and will give blank faces if someone brings it up.

Most oddly, despite such a withdrawn personality, she does not seem to mind wearing things that show much skin and doesn't seem to even notice her body most of the time.

Likes: Calming walks, quiet places, playing harp.

Dislikes: Large disturbances, unusually large amounts of work,

people being loud and interrupting.

Biography: *TBA*

Reiatsu Color: A dark copper.

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A whip sword.


Special Abilities: Snakes seem to like her, she always seems to have one or two odd ones in her clothes at all times. Her energy can take the shape of it and can fall off of her in the form of snakes at times. On top of this she can communicate with them almost as if talking to another person.

Zanpakuto Name: Serpiente

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: SNAKES

Sealed State: A whip sword she keeps at her hip or hidden in her chest magically.

Release Command: Muerde *Bite it*

Released Form: Her body becomes covered in shimmering armor like scales, her fangs get longer and her jaw is able to be unhinged it seems. Her mask moves to cover more of her face, down her chin and up her cheeks. Her slightly snake like eyes become almost entirely so and she speaks with a soft rasp.

Transformation: Holding out her sword and putting her hand to her face, speaking the command spreads waves of scales as her sword unlocks all its tiny blades and they embed in her body to spread more scales on impact.

Release Abilities: Enhanced eyesight and hearing, armor scales. Dangerous reiatsu sapping bites.

Release Techniques: TBA

Arrancar Profiles 4pACnCr
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Name: Lucian Romanov
Alternative Name: x
Title: Fraccion
Residence: With the Corona
Arrancar Class: Ajunchas

Age at Death: 27
Current Age: 33
Physical Age: 30ties

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 147 lbs

Lucian is a tall, human male, standing at six feet and five inches, though only weights around one hundred and forty seven [147] lbs. It means that while he is lean muscled his body is thin, never coming even close to being big muscled or buff. It is merely his size which makes people think so. He has a palish skin tone, from spending most of his time hidden or working, with a slightly sickly touch.

He has a slim, angular face with high cheekbones and slightly hollow cheeks. His eyes are slightly sunken in and the irises of them are a dark green. His hair is always straight and of a dark black that reaches just below his middle back.

He has slim wrists and ankles and boney hipbones. Long, slim fingers and long smooth legs. Soft, white scars line his body with a more prominent one running from forehead down to his jaw on the left side of his face.

Of course he also wears the standard white clothes. Tight, white slacks that end at the back of his feet. His upper body is usually bare, though at times he might be seen wearing a baggy white fur coat or a plain white dress shirt. Around his hips he wears a white leather belt, which holds his slacks up his too bony frame, with a silver buckle. Connected to said belt is a white cloth that wraps around his upper thighs like a skirt or apron - giving him an almost waiter-like style.


Character Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLz61g0JLxQ
Fight Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkfPNWyD5ks
Voice Claim: Brian Hugh Warner/Marilyn Manson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkZVV8RimcE

Hollow Hole: His left palm.
Mask Fragment: Along the shell of his left ear ending in a drop hanging off the lobe.
Location of Number: x

As somebody who grew up on the street he is one who bites before asking questions. If you show weakness you become the prey and if you are the prey you will be dead before the day is over. Or the night. However he likes to question things, especially himself and how he handles things and might at times seem insecure [at least to those who know him better] while to others seeming like a bastard. He is very dedicated to what he is doing and has a certain need to keep himself busy to keep from feeling useless. He is also very loyal... if it is deserved.

Beware. Sweet food might make him hyper.
He has no favorite color but rather enjoys them all.
He loves to pretend to be in control, even though he does not enjoy the feeling of control at all.

He is actually afraid of the dark.
He is not very fond of rain.
He has a deep dislike for show-offs.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

Reiatsu Color: Dirty orange

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A simple katana. The blade is polished steel and the handle has orange cloth wrapped around it. The wider part between handle and blade is made of copper and shows an image of two tigers.

Special Abilities: Does not seem to be bound down by gravity [aka - he can walk on ceilings if he so wishes] neither do objects around him.


Released Form The zanpakuto gains in length and tiny, orange balls appear around him. One each at his wrists and one each at his ankles.
Zanpakuto Name: Toragari [Tiger's hunt]
Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Gravity
Sealed State: Look above.
Release Command: Catch, Toragari

Transformation: The tigers at the handle of his zanpakuto glow up a bright orange before pouncing off the bronze metal. At the very same time his blade gains in length. The glowing tigers then attack his wrist and ankle each. One them morphs into two small, orange balls, one at each wrist, while the other does the same but each ball takes place next to his ankles.

Release Abilities: In a single word, gravity. He can change the gravity of everyone within a certain area as he wants to [a football field]. It allows him, for instance, to fly swifter, move by far faster [due to not being tied down by any law] and walk along any kind of surface. He could give the very same ability to his opponent [or ally] or he could add gravity onto their bodies, causing them to become slowly crushed or to simply slow them down. He is able to, for instance, lift gravity from his own body while adding onto his opponent at the same time. Neither does the ability have to hit everybody within the area if he does not want to do so. However, the more gravity he adds onto every single person the more energy he has to use himself, which causes him to tire out quicker. For instance, if he only slows somebody down to half their speed he runs out of energy at ten posts. Just as if he were to add weight to one limb to make it unusable. However if he were to crush bones and make it hard to breath he would tire out after five posts [bones would not be crushed in just a single post. Post after post weight would be added]. If he stops one person completely and turns them into a statute he needs enough concentrate to not be able to move either. It would be the only time his gravity would be tied to somebody else's. Of course, the number of people he controls [no matter if lifting gravity or adding it] splits the post numbers [for instance, if he were to control it of two people those ten posts become five posts and the five posts become three posts].

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Name: Bartholomew J. Mason

Alternative Name: Barty, Smile-a-Million, whatever you want to call him :D

Title: Quatro Espada

Residence: Las Noches

Arrancar Class: Adjuchas

Age at Death: 17

Current Age: 17

Physical Age: 17

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 143 lbs.


This, minus the goatee

Bart has a head full of black, curly hair and bright green eyes with an ever-present smile on his face. He has a toned, athletic body now completely free of scars thanks to his conversion into a super neat new Arrancar body, a fact that takes him a little getting used to. He carries himself with a rather aloof and very cheery manner, always ready to shake a hand of someone new and give them a great big smile. :D

He usually wears the standard Espada robes, and doesn’t try to alter his appearance in any way than how he usually looks, entirely grateful for anything that’s been given to him. Except for when he’s cooking and he totally has a sweet apron.  For casual wear, Bart usually sticks with a pair of sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt (No need to really ask for anything more, right?). He hasn’t picked out a gigai or anything yet, though.

Hollow Hole: Lower right abdomen, just right above his second rib.

Mask Fragment: A section on the right side of his head that covers his hair with a long, jackal-like ear sticking up with a pattern mimicking fur on the surface.

Location of Number: A big “4” on the center of his chest, Superman-style

Personality: Bart is an eternal(heu) optimist, always seeking to find the best in everyone and everything that he finds, never doubting that he’ll find it if he tries hard enough. Not even dying and being brought back could change that. He greets the day with the same enthusiastic glee every time without any signs of slowing down or losing his momentum. One of his most favorite things is to meet new people and befriend them as soon as he gets to know them, and is always looking out see someone he hadn’t before.

Bart’s own happiness is directly tied into that of his friend’s, so he’ll stop at nothing to make sure that his own friends are smiling. He’s very dedicated to it after all. Very dedicated. But this also means that he’s rarely seen without someone else with him to spend the time. Whether it’s cooking for them, shopping with them, dancing, whatever, Bart’s there to have a great time with the people that are precious to him. He might seem a little  naive with all the constant-smiling and trusting and whatnot, but he only wishes the best for everyone.

But it also belies a part about him that he doesn’t wish to think about too hard. Bart’s really terrified of the thought of being alone, which is why he tries to surround himself with people as much as he can. He’s also not a really big fan of the dark either. At all. And to top it all off he’s a pacifist as well. But just because he doesn’t like to fight doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to. Bart had a rough life (not that he’d tell you that) So he’s well aware of how to protect himself and his friends.

Likes: Cooking, dancing, meeting new people, free-running, jazz/swing music.

Dislikes: The dark, conflict, being alone, people hurting his friends.

Biography: Bart was born in England to neglectful parents and was passed on to increasingly more neglectful relatives as he grew older, all save for his Uncle Amos in Scotland who treated him like his own son and even taught him how to cook. But Amos died a year into watching the boy, so the cycle continued. Never one to look on the bad side of things, Bart saw every new home as an opportunity to meet new friends, even if his naivety and good nature saw him also getting taken advantage of and beaten regularly. But he soon grew used to it and carried on smiling and cooking without a care in the world.

Eventually he was sent to live with some more relatives in Japan, who actually rented out an apartment for him to live in far away from their own house, as they didn’t want anything to do with the boy at all. But Bart never knew their reasoning for their seemingly constant absence, and simply chalked it up to his very busy relatives working hard everyday to provide for the three of them. He never actually saw his relatives during his stay there, but he was always ready for the day he’d finally be able to say hello and thank them for all their hospitality!

He also enrolled in the local high school, where he made a large number of fast friends with his chipper outlook and penchant for cooking them whatever they wanted. He also developed his first crush on a pair of girls that were very close friends of his, but due to his overwhelming inexperience in those sorts of matters, never really acted upon them. Also partly because of the “accident” that cost him his life.

But it turns out that dying can do all sorts of good things for a boy sometimes. Now free from a cycle of family that refused to even acknowledge him, Bart now faces a brand new un-life full of new opportunities and people to meet! (And the fact that his new powers are pretty super cool too.)

Reiatsu Color: Emerald Green

Unreleased Zanpakuto: Takes the form of a large, circular shield that easily detaches and re-attaches to his arm at will, and that can be thrown and controlled in the air with his wind powers

Special Abilities: Bart is fast. The fastest out of all the Espada. He was always a fast kid when he was living, but his new Arrancar powers help that even more. His new ground speed at full sprint brings him to around Mach 1. He also has quite powerful wind control as well that allows him to blow things away or increase his already super speed, but he mainly just uses them to let him or other things hover in the air. His pain tolerance is quite high, as he’s used to just shrugging most abuse off and keep smiling on.


Released Form: Bart’s body becomes completely streamlined, his body covered in a smooth, slender grey armor that greatly reduces wind resistance. He also becomes much lighter, allowing his wind powers to carry him further and faster with less energy spent. The armor itself has a pattern of red and blue markings, and his face is covered up in helmet with a long, toothy snout with a large grin and a pair of long, pointed jackal ears. His shield moves to his back where it forms a sort small tail that helps with turns at great speed and increases his maneuverability.

Zanpakuto Name: Espíritu Libre (Free Spirit)

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Desert Jackal

Sealed State: Takes the form of a large, circular shield that easily detaches and re-attaches to his arm at will, and that can be thrown and controlled in the air with his wind powers

Release Command: Vuele gratis! (Fly Free!)

Transformation: A sphere of green wind energy surrounds Bart before bursting outwards in a sudden gust that isn’t strong enough to blow anything away, but is still felt. The wind itself doesn’t make a sound either, and what remains is the same aloofly standing Bart, albeit now suited in his more speed-happy form.

Release Abilities: Bart is now one with the winds now. Thanks to his now lighter form, he can travel through the skies without any resistance, increasing his already great speed to craaaaaazy levels, allowing him to easily reach speeds of up to Mach 4 without much effort. And while this means he no longer can physically hit people as hard due to his lessened weight, it’s not like he minds. His style is more based around being able to find and protect his friends moreso than anything else.

His power over wind increases as well, allowing him to make powerful walls of wind that can deflect mid-level or lower Kidou or Ceros without too much problem. He also has increased hearing since sound must pass through the air to register, which he uses to easily know if his fellow Espada are in danger and need help. However this only works on one plane at a time. (IE: Can’t hear Human World problems in Las Noches)

Release Techniques:

Super Sonido: While most Arrancar can already move quickly using Sonido, Bart’s is way out there. He can travel long distances in an incredibly short time, a telltale blur being the only indication of where he was or where is going.

Mach 20 Mason: The next level of his speed. If Bart wants to be somewhere, he’s there. With just a thought and barely an indicator that he’s moved, Bart can suddenly show up in an area, (barring any large doors or enormous walls, of course) And with enough concentration he can even move fast enough to create afterimages of himself, giving the appearance of multiple Barts at once.

Jackle Cackle: Bart lets out a bright, infectious laugh that can help dispel most illusions or help snap someone out of any shock or mental distress they’re having. It can also be used so that others can find him if needed, and if focused can also be used as a slight sonic attack.

Dissipate: The highest level of Bart’s wind powers. When using enough Reiatsu, Bart can turn his body into air itself, allowing him to escape from grapples, being trapped in rooms with airvents, etc. It’s not a form he can maintain for long, but when doing so he can’t be touched and can also use it to enter the body of an assailant and reform, causing a… bit of a problem for the poor individual he does it to. Not that Bart would have any need for such a drastic measure, though >_>
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PostSubject: Re: Arrancar Profiles   Arrancar Profiles I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 3:19 pm

Name: Abelinda

Alternative Name:

Title: Quinto


Arrancar Class: Vasto Lorde

Age at Death: 19

Current Age: 0 (Rebirthed)

Physical Age: 25

Height: 8' when "standing" 15' from tail to head

Weight: upper body is 195. With tail weight a stagger ton.

Appearance: The new evolved form of Abelinda is a monstrous looking naga that more closely resembles her once warmongering bestial form she had as a hollow in her youth. Her upper body is that of a muscle bound, dark tanned amazonian but the similarities to a human quickly stop. Instead of 2 arms she now sports 4 with her second set sitting slightly lower. Each hand sporting razor claws. Her face seems like a normal woman's save for the purple reptilian eyes with a mouth containing razor sharp teeth. She has dark purple hair that ends in two long and wild twin tails.

Her Lower body is a huge change. She still has her old snake like body but more suited for battle. Along the back of her body there large spikes that get smaller as they reach the tip of her tail.

Hollow Hole: Located just below her throat that is concealed by a necklace consisting of skulls.

Mask Fragment: Consists of 4 large draconic horns. With two starting near the hairline that extend to the back of her head. The other 2 are located above the ear and curve like ram horns back down around her ears and forward.

Location of Number: Ribht below the belly button

Personality: With her new form and the removal of Levi, her personality has shifted to her hollow days. She is loud, sadistic, and violent. She is quick tempered and is not above crushing things that annoy her. She is standoffish with any one foreign to her. Despite this she still has a soft spot, she shows an unwavering loyalty to Sarai and acts more like a teenage girl looking up to her volleyball captain. Everyone else must maneuver past her prickly exterior to land in her good graces.

Likes: Sarai, Levi, eating

Dislikes: Shinigamis, quincy, anything not an espda


Reiatsu Color: Purple

Unreleased Zanpakuto: A fearsome looking blood red podao that is either being healed within the stomach of Abelinda or clutched tightly in her tail.

Special Abilities:
Bottomless Stomach: Once being a large towering hollow Levi still has the same blackhole-eque stomach which allows her to store an almost infinite amount of resources. She generally stores water in her body.


Released Form: Abel release form is no different from her normal form save for the glowing aura around her

Zanpakuto Name:Dalamadur

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Serpent

Release Command: Devour them whole


Release Abilities:
Venomous toxin: True to her snake like form, Abel body begins producing toxin that she can expel from her body in multiple ways. She also has multiple toxins.

Underground Queen: Abel in this form can easily bury and travel underground to ambush her enemies

Snake's Embrace: Her main attack underground is to use her long and powerful tail to burst from the ground and snare her opponents in place.

Release Techniques:
Venom: Abel has 3 different toxins that can slowly stack over time in her opponent causing different status effects.

Toxin P: This is her paralyzing agent, repeated exposure to this toxin slows her opponent before too much exposure causes the opponent to freeze in place for 2 seconds. Abelinda aura glows a bright yellow when this toxin is active

Toxin F: This toxin causes nervous system damage and is similar to a twisted combination of Pepper spray and bullet ant venom. Exposure to this toxin if inhaled causes irritation to the lungs cause one's breathing to become labored. Exposure to the eye's causes sight issues. Any bites directly into the victim causes a burning effect that slowly spreads through the body. Abelinda glows a dark crimson when this toxin is effect

Toxin H: A unique toxin that is used for more sadistic reason. This toxin causes hallucinations that range from minor inconveniences to full on mental breakdowns depending on the target's mental stability. Abelinda aura shifts wildly between purple and black when this aura is in effect.

Abelinda employs a handful of methods to spreading her toxins

Bite: A simple bite will inject her venom. 2 stacks
Mist: Abelidna blows a cloud of toxin onto the battle field in a 5 feet radius. Applies .5 stacks
Snake bite: This is Abelinda most used method and involves her shooting a concentrated blast that resembles a dagger through the air from her hands. Applies 1 stack.

Each stack last for 3 post and after that decay by 1 for every post.

Toxin P: 1-5 stacks progressively slows. 6 stacks will freeze. After that stacks will reset back to 2.
Toxin F: All stacks progressively increase the severity. Doesn't reset
Toxin H: Same as F.
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Name: Yuzuki Shimizu

Alternative Name:

Title:  Septimo, A number of self-imposed melodramatic names


Arrancar Class:  Vasto Lorde

Age at Death 15

Current Age: 144

Physical Age: 22

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 120 lb.

Appearance: Very often, Yuzuki looks like she stepped straight out of an anime. She has bright purple eyes and deep purple hair to match, the latter styled—often asymmetrically—and despite the hell that she’s put her hair through, it’s still silky to the touch. Rapid regeneration certainly does have its perks! She brims with life and exudes energy, even when giving a simple smile.

She’s often seen sporting a novelty headband with two protrusions that form the halves for a short blade’s sheath, which incidentally covers her hollow hole. Yuzuki does keep her zanpakuto here because she thinks the idea of it is absolutely ridiculous, so clearly, it must be done.

Lithe and built for speed, Yuzuki sports muscle tone and powerful legs, but no apparent animal features.

Yuzuki’s got a decently large wardrobe surprisingly in-tune with trends in the human world. Usually, she goes for the outright casual, showing up places in T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, even with sandstorms being a pretty huge thing in Hueco Mundo. If she feels like it, though, she can show up in all manner of clothing, or sometimes even Halloween costume. If she absolutely can’t help it, she’ll wear the Espada uniform.

Drawn by me!:

Gigai: Similar to her in height and build, Yuzuki’s gigaibot swaps out her extravagant purple hair with straight black hair that extend to about shoulder-length. She dresses in varying degrees of modernity, extremely variant on whatever her disposition is at any one time, which is kind of par for the course with her.

Hollow Hole: Vertical and slit-like, Yuzuki’s hollow hole goes through her head through the side behind the temple, but in front of the ears. It begins high on the head and terminates around eye level above the cheek-bones.

Mask Fragment: The mask fragments surround her hollow hole, tracing out elegant vine patterns in ossified fiber. Ordinarily covered by her hair, but accentuated when she has her novelty sheath in place. In addition, she has a hair clip made from her mask.

Location of Number: Left shoulder.

Personality: She’s the perpetual motion machine that engineers dream of. In life, in death, and after-life all, Yuzuki has the gas pedal welded to the floor with no sign of relent any time soon. She goes around her day finding amusement in the simple and every day as well as the remarkable and tries to spread joy wherever she goes!

Yuzuki’s also convinced that existence doesn’t have any intrinsic worth! She’s a strong advocator that life’s only as meaningful as a person prescribes to it, and when it comes to the after-life, there’s seriously no difference, except that the after-life can last way longer. She can take a lot in stride and has an incredible knack for mental resilience.

When it comes to authority, she’s practically fearless and surprisingly familiar, only acting deferential upon explicit request, egregious annoyance, or threat of injury. She acts out of her convictions, and honestly doesn’t have too much stock in what’s “right” or “wrong” as imposed by law, viewing them mostly as formalities. But hey, she’ll go along with them if they fall within her interests.

Of course, there has to be a catch with everything nice, right?

In many cases, Yuzuki’s joy and merry-making are genuine, but her energy belies how deliberate and analytical she can be; her smile hides an iron will. Yuzuki can measure out her outward affect by the liter, teaspoon, milligram, whatever, and has a frightening level of control over her emotions. If she is angry, it is because she permits herself to be angry. If she appears fearful, it is only by allowance. Because of this, she has an incredibly powerful sense of self that’s incredibly hard to shake.

In the general case, she’s fairly good at understanding and reading others, and if she doesn’t get a person, she tries to find ways to be empathetic. She’s graceful at a loss, sportsmanlike at a win, always able and eager to learn from her mistakes so that she can improve who she is, pegging her somewhere at a paradoxical intersection of self-content and continually hungry. More than anything, she’s motivated to make the world better for the future. That is, provided that she’s in the mood.

Likes: All things funny and enjoyable. Spontaneity and optimism. Other things vary.

Dislikes: Depends on the day and alignment of the stars.

Biography:  Yuzuki was born with the same name into a wood-working family that totally rocked it at making all things furniture and sculpture. Growing up in a small rural town at the foot of a mountain range, Yuzuki had always wanted to travel. She loved the mountains, but she hungered to see the rivers, the plains, the cities that traveling merchants had spoken so highly of.

Her death came without warning, premonition, or much ceremony when she was one day bitten by a poisonous snake. Yuzuki remembers her live and death fairly vividly, and now, it’s totally something to laugh about, but back then, it was a tragedy. When she became aware that she was a soul, the rest of her family had already made their peace and moved on, but she was kept on the Earth, alone, with nowhere really to belong anymore.

It pained her and she grieved for a period of time, but then the realization struck: she was free to wander. It gave her new meaning, new attachment, and helped her to make peace with both her own death and her family’s. Travelling along the seldom-traveled paths, though, she grew impatient with how long it took on foot, and so she began running, as she did in the mountains.

She knew she could run faster and faster and faster and faster, quicker than she could ever hope to go when she was still alive. By the time she made it to civilization, she was overjoyed. After all, she was absolutely famished and there was so much new food to try. It was only after she had glutted on a village that she realized she was no longer human, and that point, everything seemed terribly pointless.

There was a kind of lingering emptiness that eating couldn’t solve, something on a fundamental level. It was when Shinigami came in hot pursuit of her that she escaped to Hueco Mundo and went on a grisly gastronomical pilgrimage, always in control of herself. She found something profoundly pointless in the way that Hollows hunted each other. It was kind of fun and kind of exciting? But she had regained a lot of her memory back and believed in respecting life, at least to a degree.

All the same, there was really nothing more to do, so she passed her time working her way up the ladder; it was generally more interesting when she was taking on people stronger than her. She became an arrancar at some point, but hey, no point bringing up too much old news, right?

Reiatsu Color: Iridescent. Generally takes place with highly saturated colors, as seen in mother-of-pearl.

Special Abilities: Any being attempting to peer into Yuzuki's mind will find that it’s quite… different. Shapes and colors where there should be coherent thoughts, boxes and flavors and music and screaming where structure should be. She can trace back intent from attacks like this, and in many cases, can pinpoint it down to a person.

Yuzuki also has a remarkable aptitude for adapting to new environments, both physical and social. When it comes to the former, a mix of high tolerance for a number of biochemical nasties, general pain, and temperature extremes means she can be comfortable living in a lot of situations. She is fairly aware of when something is wrong with her and can diagnose herself relatively quickly.

Her ceros have the property of disrupting reishi even if it doesn’t cause any physical damage and leaving physical distortion rather than burn marks, making them considerably useful for getting out of bindings and grand escapes.

Released Form: The mask fragments grow to ring her head, forming an ornate tiara. Her hair and blade turn the color of her reishi, shifting with it as it goes through various shades. Her sword takes on the length of a wakizashi. An white-and-silver bandana forms around her neck, tied at the back with a wing-like bow and patterned like a monarch butterfly’s wing. She gains a set of compound-eyed goggles tinted a reflective blue-purple, which she usually opts for wearing on her forehead.

Luminous, patterned wings form from the bandana, occupying a large wingspan, which can be withdrawn fully into the bandana. Yuzuki can grow two additional arms, but she mostly does this to freak people out. She can form reishi naginatas for her free hands.

Release Abilities: Yuzuki can cause things to break down or come together: having precedence over order and disorder. Her chaotic powers focus on eroding away physical things, reiatsu and matter, while her powers over establishing order focus on making reishi flow more stable and predictable.

As a side effect, she becomes incredibly resilient and durable, able to adapt herself to fit harsh conditions and a wide range of toxic, entropy-inducing phenomena. Anyone who can read minds will find utter unpredictability where ordered thoughts ought to go, in a the-void-stares-back way. She can toggle most aspects of her powers on and off. She can metabolize a lot of heavy metals and poisons, and they influence the toxicity of her blood, at least so long as it's in her system.

Zanpakuto Name: Mariposa monarca (Monarch Butterfly)

Zanpakuto and Character Theme: Butterflies, butterfly effect, order/disorder.

Sealed State: A gold-tasseled, hilted tanto. The hilt is bound in white and gold, and it is capped off with the same material as its hand-guard: a substance resembling mother-of-pearl. Yuzuki has a proper white sheath, but she totally prefers her novelty headband sheath of approximately the same dimension and design. The sheath is tipped in gold.

Hilt Design:

Release Command: Disfruta de ti mismo! (Enjoy yourself!)


Release Techniques:
Butterfly Effect—(WIP)Fundamentally, Mariposa monarca has the capability of manipulating how much disorder is around, strengthening or weakening others based on which end of the spectrum the Monarch decides on. Butterfly Effect embodies the chaotic end of the spectrum. While active, Yuzuki has an aura of entropy, which interferes around with the behavior of reishi and physical particles.

Without external interference, things around Yuzuki tend more and more towards disorder, losing precision and breaking apart. Things become structurally weaker as they grow more disorderly and more difficult to heal. Physical objects begin to warp under the effect of her power.

This chaotic effect is opposed by reiatsu that establishes order, as with the reiatsu produced by living beings. As such, shinigami stronger than Yuzuki will be largely unharmed, albeit finding their kido less efficient or accurate. On that same powerful hollows will find their ceros and balas fuzzier and somewhat weaker. However, individuals weaker than Yuzuki might find it difficult to do things with reishi, with things sputtering out in clouds, or not at all. When matched against foes of equal caliber, it's a toss-up based on how fundamental control or volume of reishi they have.

Weaker people within the sphere of Yuzuki's influence will find more physiological effects to the aura: crude motor control, center of gravity slightly off-balance, difficulty thinking… the effects are proportional to how powerful an individual is relative to Yuzuki. Voices may carry differently: tinny, with pitch bends or altered speed, with differing volume. Electronic/ mental/ reishi communication tends to take a pretty drastic hit by virtue of require “order” for communication.

In general, it disrupts reishi flow and control; is much more difficult to shape reishi, as shapes will come out “fuzzy” and beams can end up getting refracted by the air to curl into strange angles, timings may be thrown off. The effect of the randomness is directly proportional to how large-scale the thing in question is.

Royal Decree— The antipode to Butterfly Effecy, Royal Decree allows Yuzuki to increase order in an area. People within her sphere of influence are passively buffed in their ability to control reishi in delicate and complex ways, heal quicker and easier, and in general act more precisely. In general, people under the effect of Royal Decree have increased alertness and reaction time, as well as the ability to weather a lot more physical punishment than they would ordinarily. Unlike the stagnation caused by Revolution, Royal Decree isn’t a progressive process; what you see is what you get. With this power, herself impervious to the changes in entropy unless she so wills it.

Viceroy Butterflies—Yuzuki creates reishi butterflies that manipulate reishi order/disorder in very precise, devastating ways, allowing her to cause corrosion, breakdown, and throw off reishi flow. These also grant her the ability to designate people to be immune to the effects of Butterfly Effect or Royal Decree (naturally called her “viceroys”).

Lepidos—The reishi that Yuzuki generates can act as a concentrated version of Butterfly Effect and Royal Decree. As a result, her ceros, zanpakuto, and immediate area are highly corrosive physically and towards reiatsu: causing things to lose their innate order and dissolve. She uses this to destabilize reiatsu-dependent powers and partially disable them. Her ceros can be fired as a cloud of scales rather than a coherent beam and she can coalesce scaly “armor” and constructs of high-order scales, lending it the name.

Metamorphosis— By rapidly altering entropy in a general area, Yuzuki can warp things and shape them to her will. Takes effort and energy proportional to the scope of whatever project she attempts to “sculpt” and can be resisted by powerful opposing reiatsu.

If unprepared, Yuzuki will be able to sculpt an individual, but after the change, there is a "snap-back" period. Strong reiatsu overwhelming hers will be able to cancel out the effects of the sculpt. This is a property that Metamorphosis holds that Lepidos does not. This leads to an efficient, if painful, means of healing.
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