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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Espada Job Descriptions

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The ArchKitty

The ArchKitty

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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:54 am

WELP SINCE WE HAVE A CHANGE UP, you Emile need to do new write up >_>
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:15 am

Since coming to Las Noches, Anna has begun experimenting with her abilities on other objects, and has begun to use her magic to create devices to better the lives of the espada. Using her rune etching ability, she can create plenty of technological marvels, powered by mysticism. Things include inscribing a rune to open a permanent garganta, runes to strengthen objects, and other more utilitarian things. The only downside to this magic over regular tech, is her runes require a spell word, so if you can't speak, no magic for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:16 pm

As the leader of the Exequias, Xavos vigilantly and efficiently seeks out rebellion and treason within the realms of Las Noches and snuffs it out by the sword. Using his centuries of combat experience, the Espada is accustomed to taking down all sorts of would-be traitors in all different sizes. The Corona's rule is absolute, and it is his job to ensure that. Xavos is also tasked with being the first to deal with intruders, be it violently or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Thu May 08, 2014 6:11 pm

Human World Relations:

Shinya, being in charge of human world relations mainly is there to keep strong arrancar in check and to keep them from causing undue trouble in the human world. But also he studies and reports on human culture and the changes in it, as well as overseeing the safe passage of hollows to Hueco Mundo when shinigami aren't around to slay them. Shinya also ensures that a measure of goodwill is put out towards the Shinigami and that they aren't attacked without reason.
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Potatoes O'Brien

Potatoes O'Brien

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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:21 pm

Head of Arrancar Culinary Arts:

Due to their unique spiritual anatomy, Arrancar don’t actually require what humans call “food” in order to survive from day to day. The spiritual energy of Los Noches more than sustains them enough to have to worry about bringing in food from the mortal realm for other than small snacks or basic food for any non-Arrancar guests that are brought to it.

But not anymore! The once human (now Espada) Bartholomew J. Mason had a passion for cooking in his life, and has brought it on over to the afterlife with him. Saddened by the apathetic nature that real food has taken for his fellow Arrancar, Bart has brought it on himself to cook dishes of every sort that he can think of to show them all just how fantastic food can be! :D From cooking lessons to preparing grand feasts just for the hell of it, Bart is dead (heuheu) set on spicing up the taste buds of the residents of Los Noches so that they can enjoy it as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:17 am

The Hueco Mundo Beautification Society!
(with Yuzuki Shimizu serving as founder and current head!)

Hi! Thanks for picking up this flyer.

Who would have thought that the Arrancar afterlife would give rise to such a wealth of existential fodder? The endless sands and shifting landscapes, the eternal nights and haunting barrens... In this cold world of little life and little order, how can we imagine Sisyphus to be happy? How can we not lose the self to the haunting emptiness of a flotsam world wedged between worlds?

Wonder no longer, lovely Hollows, precious Arrancar, and dear visitors of Hueco Mundo, for the Hueco Mundo Beautification Society is here with answers! Even in this faux-Nietsche midnight, there is beauty and wonderment abound in the vast, volatile expanses of our curious world! Oh, but what's this? "What about the giant piles of indiscernible sand dunes? What about all that scrubby lowland?" Well, if there is boredom to be had, we will make our own fun!

The Beautification Society functions in two broadly-divided objectives: categorize/preserve the native beauty of Hueco Mundo, and to add to it! Towards the first end, the Beautification Society maintains a massive underground greenhouse/wildlife conservatory, tucked away neatly in reach of a healthy aquifer system and a small set of natural springs. Soil for it is either produced or sneaked away from the human world, and within its temperature-controlled confines live a multitude of flora and fauna stemming from Hueco Mundo! There are even a few species that made it over from the human world, especially species and cultivars too tasty to pass up!

Within the conservatory are also travel logs and maps made by the dedicated cartographers and travelers of the Society! While comprehensive maps aren't too great by dint of Hueco Mundo's transient nature, the surveys done by Yuzuki's (that is to say, my) fraccion means there are that many more garganta targets for research and sight-seeing!

The second aim of the Beautification Society—infrastructure creation—takes place just about anywhere, anywhen, but it is based above-ground, directed directly up of the conservatory! An artisan's city lies above, a mishmash of stonework and woodwork and brickwork all, as the builders and designers under Yuzuki practice their civil engineering. Left to their own devices, the architecture arm of the society works on practical problems or artsy sculpture projects. However, they can totally put up some installation art and a building or ten upon commission!

So if you're a creative sort, professional artisan or idle hobbyist, someone into botany, or just someone who thinks all of this is darned cool, consider dropping by to say hi! We're always excited at the prospect of collaboration or just a friendly chat. Stay frosty, my lovelies!

Yuzuki Shimizu
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PostSubject: Re: Espada Job Descriptions   

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Espada Job Descriptions
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