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 Women Are Scary

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Potatoes O'Brien

Potatoes O'Brien

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PostSubject: Re: Women Are Scary   Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:36 am

“I um… I see.” Machiko stared hard at the wall in front of them as Selena got out of the elevator. I’ve made a terrible mistake. Showing Miss Archiagott around alone is going to be the end of me tonight, I can tell already. Now if only I knew why she was doing this to me … “Well we’ve… *ahem* arrived here on our living quarters, allow me to show you around.” Machiko had to keep herself moving in order to not become a statue made entirely of flustered Fullbringer before the deceptively teasing Selena.

“Ah yes, they are more like me in a way. I am of course the only Fullbringer here, but the other women in here have trained for years in order to help our Company do its duties as well. Miss Mari is one of our newer residents, but it seems like she’s taken to integrating herself with the rest rather well.” Her little wheelchair always seemed to be moving around, chatting with everyone it seemed. But at least she never seemed to be a nuisance to anyone either. Given everyone’s own pasts and conditions, everyone seemed more willing to tolerate each other than try and be angry about an innocent little girl being curious.

“Not to mention for the life of me I can’t understand why she’s taken such a fascination with the Twins, but I suppose that’s her own business.” The Hatake Company’s interrogators certainly had a… charm to them, but not one she expected a young girl to find particularly fascinating. Perhaps it’s just a new young person thing? As they rounded a corner, Machiko and Selena entered a small room with several couches and chairs scattered about, and a small billiards table in the far corner with several other women around it. Most of them seemed to be at or around Machiko’s age, with a few slightly younger ones mingling about as well.

“Ladies, this is Miss Selena Archiagott. She’s going to be donating a helpful amount of funds to us as of today, so be on your best behavior.” A few eyebrows rose amongst the group, with some of the women sitting up in their chairs to get a better look at the newcomer. One of them, a woman about Selena’s height with a prosthetic blade for her left foot made her way over towards them and looked her up and down slightly before talking.

“Not that I’m wantin’ to seem ungrateful or anything, but what’s a normal lookin’ girl like you wanting to help us for? You didn’t lose a bet or anything, did you?” A few chuckles went around the room before Machiko held up a gloved hand for brief moment of silence.

“I helped Miss Archiagott with a troublesome situation with a loathsome individual earlier tonight. She said that she wanted to show her gratitude to us.” A murmur of approval rippled through the air as the residents nodded their heads, seemingly accepting that answer for the moment.
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The ArchKitty

The ArchKitty

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PostSubject: Re: Women Are Scary   Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:24 am

"My thanks." Selena uttered, shifting her smirk into a polite smile as she saw how intensely under Machiko's skin she was getting. She followed at a small distance, making sure to give her some sort of space and also to hide her amusement at this whole situation.

"That does make sense then, having many well trained deputies. Your 'company' seems pretty well organized and prepared. Haha, I honestly get too pissy at work to appreciate happy people like her though." Admitting that softly as Machiko spoke, Selena gave a chuckle and shook her head. They had a bunch of women as well trained as Machiko? How nice~

However there was something about the girl taking an interest in... She'd heard that earlier, they were the ones who handled the man right? "The twins? Are they your specialists?"

If so meeting them too could be fun... But her attention was grabbed by the other woman and the orange haired quincy bowed and flashed a grin at her introduction. Billiards could be fun if she wasn't busy tonight... Too bad. Her grin morphed into a smirk though as she was given the look over by one of the other enforcers.

Instead of replying to the words of challenge, she just raised an eyebrow and shrugged after Machiko jumped to her defense. It seemed that was acceptable though, so she wasn't going to defend herself. "Nice to meet you all. I don't think its ungrateful to be wary of random gifts. You didn't refuse it out of hand, just worried about the strings."

Especially not with the lives these women must of had... It put her oddly at ease and she found her smirk becoming a smile.


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Potatoes O'Brien

Potatoes O'Brien

Posts : 391
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Age : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Women Are Scary   Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:06 pm

Machiko turned towards Selena as she expressed her own interest in the Twins, her eyebrows furrowing slightly as she searched the right way to explain their… unique situation. “Yes, they are our interrogation associates. They have… ways of making the most stubborn trespassers talk, or at least repent for their actions. Although in the case of the man we brought in today, it depends all on their mood how they’ll treat him.”

“What’s this about a guy you brought in?” A bald woman in the back asked as she relaxed in a slightly worn recliner. Several of the other women nodded in agreement, now curious about exactly who their fellow Company members were ‘entertaining’

The Fullbringer glanced over at Selena for a few moments as if contemplating asking for her okay to explain the situation, but the fact that it would get around to the rest of them by the end of the day anyway was enough permission for Machiko. “Miss Archiagott had an encounter with a rather loathsome individual who wanted to assault her. I was ready to step in to help, but Miss Archiagott already had a gun trained on him by the time I made my appearance. Afterwards I offered our services at taking care of the scum and making her little problem go away, to which she agreed. She also asked to see how we ran things, so I offered to show her a tour of the place” Machiko explained. A few more went out among the crowd as they listened to the night’s happenings, some of them giving out impressed whistles.

“Just freakin’ pulled a gun on him, huh? Takes some guts, Normie.” The woman with the prosthetic blade said cheekily as she scratched her neck. “I reckon you can’t be all that bad then if ol’ Iron Hand here wanted to walk you around. She’s got rather discerning taste.” A few chuckles went around among the crowd, with one of the women high-fiving the bladed foot woman.

Machiko let out a small sigh and shook her head, but said nothing else as the women began to circle around her and Selena to get a better look at their guest and new beneficiary. “Anyways, I’m Sayako, and me and the girls here are the rest of the muscle. Or as I like to call it, ‘Machikos without sticks up our butts.’” She flashed Selena a smirk of her own as she nudged the dark-skinned woman in the ribs gently. “Until she takes the stick out and beats everyone with it, that is.”
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PostSubject: Re: Women Are Scary   

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Women Are Scary
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