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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Hoshino City

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PostSubject: Hoshino City   Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:07 am

Hoshino City

A bustling city that seems to be the home of many spiritually aware humans. It's a large city, with many points of interest that often catch tourist eyes such as the cafes, arcades, theaters, stores, and convention center.

Large parks are scattered throughout the city, as well as smaller break areas where the tired citizens and tourists can stop to take a break.

Within the city are various schools and universities both public and private, some of which are very well known throughout the country. Due to the amount of students coming in to attend school, there are many apartment buildings ranging from low to high class that people live in, as well as a more residential area where more traditional homes are found.

Hoshino City is located near large areas of forest, about two hours away from the ocean by train.


------ :: Notable Areas :: ------


Hoshino Aquarium

  • A rather large Aquarium known for its connections with the Hoshino University Marine Studies department, it houses many aquatic animals and is home to many special exhibits throughout the year.

Hoshino University

  • A respected and promising university for the city's educated students. It's well known for it's astronomy courses, and students far and wide often apply once finished with high school. The university gives students a chance at a promising future, and has been kept in high regards for decades. Hi Spec Ikue Iseri is a student here studying astronomy.

Osamoto Art Academy

  • A prestigious Academy known through the entire country in fine arts circles, it started as a small school meant to teach pottery and other crafts but quickly grew into a large academy over its Hundred Year lifespan covering many fine art categories such as Theater Arts, Dance and recently Film in addition to its two dimensional work, sculpture, weaving/dying and pottery courses. Students here include Hi Spec Miyako Inoue (Third year) and NPC Nyssa Rashid.

Koyonagi Park

  • Of the three large parks within Hoshino City, Koyonagi is an artist's paradise. This park is filled with beautiful plant life where flowers of a variation of colors are common. Citizens often come to enjoy the nature of the area, visiting to enjoy a break where the scenery is at its best. Art students and photographers often visit this park for inspiration.

Nakano Park

  • One of Hoshino City's larger parks. This park is closer to a more forest-like area of the city, the outskirts of the park lined with trees and forestry. It has a large area where people sit to take breaks, and relax; various stone tables and benches can be found to seat one's self at to watch the scenery and city-life go by. In one of the main areas for people to sit is a large fountain. It's a prime area for picnics and daily outings.

Kamei Park

  • A decently large park located within Hoshino City, known and named after the large lake within the area. Many citizens come here to have lunch at the lakeside or fish. Nearby is a boat rental shop where people can rent small rowboats to use in the water, overall a popular date area.

Matsuoka Mall

  • Matsuoka Mall is an exceptionally large, two-floored mall with a circular design. A large food court with a wide selection of eating establishments sits in the middle, while in each direction is an area to head off in for stores. The amount of stores seem nearly limitless, and it would be impossible to visit every one in the course of a day if one wanted to enjoy themselves.

    Larger stores tend to congregate near the walls where there is more room while the smaller, more boutique like stores tend to be closer to the food court in the smaller rooms.

Zenzaki's Books (And Spiritual Wares)

  • Using a used bookstore as a front, this place is a spiritually aware treasure trove of a store once you head into the 'back room'. Run by the eccentric and insane Zenzaki, he sells whatever you need at high prices. Handling the bookstore aspect and sometimes counter in back is Muika Okura, a Hoshino city resident Fullbringer.

Kawakami Estates

  • One of the largest buildings in the city, this huge and impressive hotel is the go to place for anyone with money to stay. Due to a mishap, the large pool is found on one of the upper floors of this tall tower while the two lowest floors house a selection of Boutiques and cafes for its rich visitors and tourists though it mostly deals in businessman really. Found in the Business section of the city, it can be hard to get a reservation at times unless you pay out the nose.

Royale Serviteur

  • A nice cafe with a twist, where Maids and Butlers in a fanservice way serve you and call you Master/Mistress/Any Title you prefer. Originally just a Maid cafe, it gradually began adding Butlers to its selection of servers and has become rather popular recently with all sorts due to this. The Cousin Fullbringers Iyuki Osamoto and Hibiki Ikehara (Aito) work there as butlers, alongside Hi-Spec Miyako Inoue.

Aibyouka Wonderland

  • A Cat Cafe located within Hoshino City. It houses various breeds of cats that customers can come in to visit and play with while enjoying a break from everyday life. Here one can order small pastry snacks and sweets as well as drinks to enjoy while the cats are playing. Working here is Fullbringer Riye Niou.

Nishioka Town

  • A small town to the west of Hoshino City, a home-y, residential town for people that don't prefer bustling city-life. Many traditional-looking homes, as well as apartment buildings can be found here. From Hoshino City, Nishioka Town can take up to an hour and a half by train to reach.

Kure Town

  • A largeish town nestled around a hill covered cove on the edge of the ocean, this place is a large fishing and tourist community, two hours by train from Hoshino. With two distinct sections of old residential homes on the hills themselves, where many can not use cars due to the steepness and small size of the streets, the more business like district where schools and such tend to be is closer to the ocean away from the long sets of steps that dart the maze-like residents homes. Further out from the old town seem to be newer homes and areas with apartments, but it hasn't changed too much even in recent times.

Sheng Family Antiques

  • A small antiques store situated above a disreputable clinic, it serves as the business and home for the Bount family, Hua Xun and Chen Xun.  Whether the antiques you buy are real or not can be something of a gamble, but the hospitality is top notch.  You can also get your fortune told while perusing their wares in the upstairs home of the Xuns.  

Yoshiru's Castle

  • An upscale Manga establishment that boasts large floor space, pleasant interior design (complete with a second floor overlooking the registers).  However, more than that it boasts carefully selected employees who perform their jobs in complete cosplay as various characters.  Among many popular cosplay choices, in recent times their (admittedly, at times, surly) Noel Vermillion player, Phaedra (Only name given) has proved a fan favorite.


------ :: General Notes :: ------


Due to its size, Hoshino City has also attracted many unsavory groups. Yakuza are not a huge problem within the city, but there are several groups that have settled in the area and are not entirely rare at times. Illegal underground Casinos are not uncommon, though hard to get into if you don't know the right people.

Of the various yakuza groups mentioned, the Hatake Group is one of the more notable ones. Run by one Kasumi Hatake, this Yakuza clan operates in its own relatively small section in Hoshino City, centered mainly in the business district. What makes this group unique however is its makeup of members: That being a collective of women with physical handicaps, both large and small. The Hatake group is also a dedicated battered women’s shelter and foster home of sorts, offering membership as a way to repay their kindness.

The group offers the standard protection fees to local business to keep violence down as much as they can, but will not neglect to respond with force at any impunity thrown their way. They also of course engage in the other usual Yakuza trappings: underground casinos, smuggling, intimidation, etc. The head enforcer for the group is the Fullbringer Machiko, who is indebted to the group for offering her a second chance at life from living on the streets.

The large Nagareboshi Airport lies on the outskirts of the city, but is well used and another reason that such groups were attracted to this place.

The Business area of the city is often crowded with busy workers that work jobs at large companies, and is also the location of the Kawakami Estates, as well as many fancy stores and boutiques. It if also a place often populated by tourists, as it is said to be common to come across famous celebrities such as famous author, and fullbringer, Rin Aoyama who tends to frequent the area due to his editors location, as well as famous model, Takuya Osamoto.

The Slums are a section of the city that seems to have fallen into disrepair and has many partially collapsed or abandoned buildings and sections. Not many are sure why this has happened to the formerly industrial lands, but all city plans to fix or alter it never seem to go through. It is a sour note on an otherwise bustling city and not many people who live in the nicer parts even like to acknowledge this section. All sorts of people congregate here though, and all sorts of illegal activities can be found if one is looking for it.


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Hoshino City
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