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 Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History

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PostSubject: Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History   Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:58 pm

So I've been working on this for awhile actually but now that I have a computer for the next several hours I thought I'd make the most of it to explain the Wandenreich's system of government.

As I implied at the start of the faction it is a Constitutional Monarchy but it is probably more aptly defined as an Oligarchical Republic with an Absolute Monarch at the head. Either way here is the nitty gritty

There are 2 primary legislating bodies both English parliamentary style. 1 House of Nobles and 1 House of Commons. Each family is assigned a lot (for example 1 through 10) and votes for their representative in one of the two houses. Each house has, in theory, equal power but in practice the House of Commons wields much more just by sheer population density.

So say one of the primary houses wishes to enact a law, lets say they want to institutionalize Rice Ball Monday. They all vote and 70% majority is needed for it to get passed along. From that point the law heads to the Cabinet of Ministers aka the Sternritters where by they decide if the law should go through. So lets say for the sake of argument that all Sternritters have had major concussions and ok the Rice Ball Monday law.

From that point it heads to the Monarch who has the power of veto. Fortunately in this case the Monarch in question isn't insane and vetos the rather bizarre new law. From that point it heads to the opposing house (ex. If the house of commons proposed it then it heads to the house of nobles for reappraisal and vice versa) where if the opposing house does finally ok the new law then it gets sent again to the Cabinet of Ministers for one final look before heading back to the Monarch but this time around if the law has been gone through twice, the only time the Monarch is suppose to veto it is if it pertains to the security of the Wandenreich as a whole.

In this instance it doesn't so the King (albeit reluctantly) would sign it into law and start to enact it.

So to simplify

House of Commons/Nobles >>>> Cabinet of Ministers >>>>> Monarch Approval

King's Power

Technically the King does not have law creating authority but rather the ultimate veto. The king can propose to the lower houses but ultimately its up to the various Sternritters to keep things from clogging up his schedule too much. Buuuuuuuut the King has 2 very powerful tools that still define him as an absolute monarch

#1: Power of Ultimate Veto - As said before, the King may veto anything as long as it pertains to the security of the Wandenreich but since "the security" is left intentionally vague it can mean a wide birth of things. For example after the Civil War many laws were created to weaken or destroy the traitorous side but Adam vetoed them all in order reestablish harmony and homogenized the two sides quicker.

#2: Power of Supreme Edicts - The second one is essentially creating a "temporary" rule where by the King can act the quickest and cut through red tape in times of a crisis. Once again suppose to be used in times when the Wandenreich is threatened. During the Civil War, such edicts were common place on both sides. Post Civil War, Adam's only edict was to putting a halt to the retribution the winning side was enforcing upon the losing one.

So in practice the people's chosen representative rule with the Sternritters acting as ultimate gate keepers. It isn't very often the Monarch in question uses a veto but it does happen from time to time. Aaaaaaand Scene
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PostSubject: Re: Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History   Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:56 pm

Ok so the other thing I was working on was a Macro history. I provided a micro history for the Wandenreich of the last 50 years but this one will be a vague outline for Quincy History. Keep in mind this is essentially an historical record and prone to some levels of historical bias.

How The Quincys Came to Be

Nobody Knows. I know it seems like a cop out but a little bit of mystery can be fun in and of itself. With that said, here are the "historical" rumors that many historians stand behind but each one is just as valid as the other since like I said... nobody knows.

Option #1 - Descendants of the Soul King: This one claims that the original Quincy King was a child of the Soul King himself and was abandoned on earth. Some say he was a Messiah figure and others would claim more of an anti-force.

Option #2 - Super Fullbringer: This one states that the original Quincy King was an uber full bringer who was just absurdly powerful. Strong enough to kickstart an entire race of people

Option #3 - New Race: This one states that the Quincy King was a new kind of human

Option #4 - Lab Accident/Random Chance: This one falls under one category but essentially states the original Quincy King was a normal guy who happened upon something that turned him into what he became

Either way though, this we know. There was a definitive starting point. We have very little information on where but common knowledge suggests Africa like many ancient people.

The Quincy King and Early Empire

So at the dawn of civilization there was a Quincy King and he was great and good and he created from normal humans the Quincy people and he saw that it was good and the people saw him as good and it was good. The original Quincy King was and probably always will be the strongest Quincy, his power was beyond comparison the historical records claim and if half the feats they claim are true, then he probably was. He also had a huge lifespan, it was very obvious early on that he was not a normal human. His reign, as it were, lasted a 1000 years but did not grow at fierce rate due to the tight control he maintained over the populace. He feared that expansion would ultimately lead to their destruction.

His successors were all pretty great in their own right but their reign was smaller and smaller each time. Its hard to pinpoint the exact number of Monarchs but most signs point to 4 or 5 Great Monarchs before the initial empire fell. Why did it fall though? A combination of things really. Eventually the Quincys did expand in order to not exhaust their resources in their limited area and this brought them in conflict with other people who were fearful of them do to the Quincys powers but they were far more numerous.

Perhaps it was the Quincy King's seemingly prophetic abilities or maybe it was just a self fulfilling prophecy but the lack of early expansion kept the number of Quincys to a minimum and made them easier prey for more bold groups. The end result was a massive, but slow diaspora as Quincys began to leave the region

Early Wandenreich/Tribal Days

So the vast majority ended up settling far north out of Africa and into Central Europe. One of these groups called themselves the Wandenreich made name for themselves with their belief in trade and secrecy among other tribes. In time though the Wandenreich grew in size devouring neighboring tribes into themselves and using political marriages to increase their size as well. This essentially takes us up until the time of the crusades. At this point the Wandenreich can be considered the Quincy Group.

Relocation and Solidification

So around the "discovery" of the new world the Wandenreich had already become a financial power house using mostly the same methods they use today... bank manipulation and distribution of funds. So around the time of earlier colonial days the Wandenreich focused on becoming the premier trading power within the new world moving their headquarters from within the German States to Eastern Canada. Then after that a whole lot of nothing. That isn't to say nothing interesting happens but essentially at this point history the Wandenreich is business as usual. Conflicts arise and fall including a couple of notable wars including one civil war where Adam's family, the Dumonts' end up on the throne at the end of.

Recent History

Eventually the Quincy headquarters moved into Western Canada where their people seemed to be collecting for one reason or another. The current Wandenreich City is less then 120 years old but was considered ideal since the leadership can control the inner workings more directly. Policy wise, little has changed in over 1000 years although kings have come and gone and the form of government has switched to accommodate the feelings of the era
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The ArchKitty


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PostSubject: Re: Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History   Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:37 pm

We're going over this stuff in chat to be able to give you a coherent response on things! Sorry for taking so long, its been really really busy for Shanks and I've been really sick so its been close to impossible to get things done. Ruku can't do all the work!


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PostSubject: Re: Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History   Fri Mar 20, 2015 5:35 pm

Its all good!
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PostSubject: Re: Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History   

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Information/Proposal for Wandenreich Governmental Structure and Macro History
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