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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 FAQ & Site Canon

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The ArchKitty


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PostSubject: FAQ & Site Canon   Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:39 am

A long overdue topic badly needed! First post is FAQ and second post is Site Canon

1) What does OC Bleach stand for?

  • OC means Original Character! So that means our site is an Original Character Bleach Roleplay. We have taken the base Bleach world and formatted and altered it to fit out own wants and desires! Canon events/characters never happened and will never happen on this site. Our world is entirely built from the bottom up as not tied to Bleach Canon in most ways (other than most obviously using the world)!

    What does that mean then?

    Well it means that races such as Bounts and Quincies work differently and have different sources than Canon rules! The whole world is separate so there a few differences for the realm itself as a whole and won't generally comply with canon rules sometimes. We pick and choose what to implement and what we want to have done on the site. Canon rules and such will never dictate or be the end all for rules on this site. If we find a better way to do it, we'll use it!

2) Why are certain groups put together even if they aren't the same? IE Bounts.

  • Bounts are generally stuck in the Living/Human realm. Due to our canon on them, they live there and thus are categorized under that section because the human world doesn't really have large major factions. Each of the species of spiritual beings are all separated and uncoordinated other than the Quincies and thus we organize them in a loose fashion for the tier list.

    Due to this, we keep the bounts somewhat organized with the humans who they live beside.

3) Why do you do your site this way?

  • The site was made as a gather of old RP buddies who wanted to write together again in a low stress/low issues environment. We all were used to Bleach and a lot of us started out on it or had mostly experience on it. In essence it was something simple and normal for us, so we kept using it. Over the years we adapted what we liked/removed what we didn't like from canon and got where are now!

    If someone was looking for a high pace, heavy huge drama and fight RP... That's not really how this site works. It'd be best to find somewhere else to RP then!

4) What is the site back story? How does it differ from Canon?

  • Unlike the manga canon, our site canon has no soul king.  While most of the history is unclear, there are ancient references to some sort of ruling being, but whatever it is has been forgotten for hundreds of millennia.  For as long as any can remember, the soul society was separate from the human world.  There are also records of a time when all of the nations resided in the soul society, but even this is considered myth by now.  Like in the regular canon, Hueco Mundo is essentially a gap between the worlds.

    Read next post for site canon

5) Is there anything special I need to do for approval for my character or to post?

  • You just need to post the profile and have one of the Admins give an Okay! Generally an Admin will give an okay if there's nothing wrong with the main profile and give a hesitant okay on power usage for now. That means that no power usage until looked over by more than one of the Admins at least, but that means you can post without using your powers!

6) Limits to character types?

  • Rogue characters in all factions have a set limit of 4 made as rogues and up to 8 over all that leave.

  • Vizard do not have a set limit as of now, but they are something an Admin will go over and decide whether they have to be Rogue or not. An out of control Vizard will generally have to be rogue, so be warned.

  • Villain Type characters are Admin approval only! A guideline on how to make them/what to do about them will be made shortly

7) How do Spiritual Beings communicate?

  • When it comes to races such as Shinigami or Arrancar, when in contact with someone that may speak another language, the two can easily communicate and understand one another even without knowing their native tongue thanks to the Spiritual Being's "magic" abilities.

8) How do they keep in touch across realms?

  • Dimensional phones! Of a sort. The Shinigami and Espada Factions both have their own versions of these devices that look similar to cell phones, though they do not come with games really. Also they can look a bit odd or have extra features added to them such as hollow tracking or other such specialty works.

    In both Espada and Shinigami factions, the Dimensional Phones are generic equipment like a gigai. A shinigami/Espada doesn't have to have either of those things but they are equipment one doesn't need to special request to have.

    These 'phones', due to their unique way of working, can send and receive calls across the realms due to the special coding and number. Without going into insane detail, one does not need a cell signal at all to contact one of these phones or have a call given to them.

    Shinigami phones work between the Living and Soul Society Realms, while Espada phones are coded for Hueco Mundo as well due to their unique garganta ability. With study, the Shinigami phones could be given such a capability...

    Living world devices like these are rare and hard to find, made special by certain groups and will vary greatly on how and where they can receive such calls.

9) Interspecies Guidelines

  • Generally, due to animosity between the factions formerly and still tension, Shinigami and Espada do not entirely intermingle though romances are not forbidden per say. It is just against policy to give away any secrets, such things being treason and punishable by extreme measures depending on the faction.

    Relations with Humans is also not forbidden between either faction, whether friendship or more, but  other characters could look down upon such things, or even hate such alliances due to just general issues regarding that hassle. A human only lives for so long after all, others could see it as weird or creepy to date someone hundreds of years younger.

    Quincy have their hate of hollows and arrancar, but also it is just a general feeling and does not have to be followed by individual characters.

    These are just things to keep in mind the general feelings/airs about such friendships and romances however. It does not describe how one HAS to have things.


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The ArchKitty


Posts : 13391
Join date : 2013-05-15
Age : 27
Location : Flower Receptacle of Desire

PostSubject: Re: FAQ & Site Canon   Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:40 am

:: Differences from Canon ::

  • Unlike the manga canon, our site canon has no soul king.  While most of the history is unclear, there are ancient references to some sort of ruling being, but whatever it is has been forgotten for hundreds of millennia.  For as long as any can remember, the soul society was separate from the human world.  There are also records of a time when all of the nations resided in the soul society, but even this is considered myth by now. Like in the regular canon though, Hueco Mundo is essentially a gap between the worlds.

  • Due to lack of information, we've invented duties for the various divisions of the Seireitei that have not been stated in canon. Divisions with already canonically stated duties have been kept in place.

  • Quincies are not harmed by coming into contact with Hollows/Arrancar/Espada; like other races, the two races can communicate without harm if they so please.

  • Visored generally are not banned due to being useful, though they have some restrictions on them and those that can't keep their hollow under control or are taken over are the ones that are banned.

  • Human world characters are grouped because they work as a whole general faction tier wise. Otherwise they all are separate and tend to work apart from others unlike the three main factions.

  • Bringing visitors into the Soul Society is not entirely forbidden (ex. A Human), but the shinigami escorting them must have permission from the Sixth Division Captain, as well as the necessary paperwork to allow the visit.

    A player would not need to write out scenes with the player of the Sixth Captain, but be aware these things are necessary for anyone that doesn't live in the Soul Society to come there.

- The Events Thus Far -

The Grand Ball
With tensions at an all time high, the threat of war potentially looming, the Head Captain decided now was the perfect time for a party. Not just an party, a ball, meant to show goodwill and open up talks with the Corona, Leader of the Espada. Such a show was accepted hesitantly, but the two Realm Leaders met and worked out a makeshift treaty signed in blood. Neither would wage war on the other, nor allow their men to do so. Any harm done to the treaty would be met with swift reprisal from either leader.

However soon after the meeting concluded and the Ball attended to properly, a group of unknown hollows appeared and cause a minor bit of havoc. From mysterious origins, they were ones who grew in strength without feeding on other hollows and quickly introduced themselves to the other factions at the ball. It seemed though that none wished war and thus the leaders and their men quickly came to some form of understanding.

The status quo was soothed and remained constant despite odd tensions that rose up from such arrivals.

The Loss of Setsuna and Kepler
Due to reasons only the Head Captain herself knew, Setsuna went off, and away from the Soul Society for a time, and it ultimately ended in what many believe to be her death along with the death of the leader of the Dios, Kepler.

Maki Tsukino stepped up as an interim Head Captain after the news of Setsuna's death swept the Seireitei, becoming the Soul Society's temporary leader until a suitable replacement was found. Testament, a rather peculiar hollow, took over the Dios and started a new way of running things. Living World Police seemed to be his goal...

The Bubbles
Things had settled down in the realms after a few months, the Living World still reeling from the massive destruction of a large chunk of the Russian Wilderness due to the two Leader's deaths there, but still moving on. However the Living World was not to be left alone to recover or figure out the cause. A day came when across the world weird spheres appeared and scooped up others. It held them for varying periods of time, letting some out immediately and others hours later, hitting every single country and land in the world.

The spiritual realms were not unaffected, the 'Bubbles' spreading to both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society as well to claim its own victims. The only place spared seemed to be the Land of the Dios really...

With a bit of work, the Shinigami and Espada pinpointed a location as the cause and found a treasure trove of information about a weird Scientist, a rogue Shinigami long thought dead. She seemed to be the partial cause and this treasure trove was handed over after securing it to both scientific communities of the factions in equal measure.

Now though...

A few months later and the Living world has been altered by the events of the Bubbles, spiritual matters being revealed or attempted to keep hidden by equal measures. The Shinigami, Espada and Hollows not much changed other than studying the cause still, the Living world itself was restructuring as countries scramble to find those with powers and see if they can use them for good or ill.

It is now Late December, and the world still is shook up despite the normal holidays and festivities that are occurring.


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FAQ & Site Canon
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