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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 [Zeraphin] Walk on until you are numb

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PostSubject: [Zeraphin] Walk on until you are numb   Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:01 am

- Zeraphin backstory -

I doubt anybody will read this and I certainly can understand why. His backstory does not have any influence on anything happening in the present/any other character.
This is just me writing to get it "onto paper". I am just being self-centered here.

Just don't expect much. This is going to be some very badly written shit.
Don't waste your time guys.


And the world is tinted red.

The 17th century was certainly not the best time to be born – especially when the Thirty Years' War was still raging over all of Europe. Though neither death nor life could be stopped.

It was at the Southern part of the Kingdom of Austria, just where the border of Carinthia kissed Italy, where this story starts.

328 feet on the Karnische Alpen, 16 feet away from Hohe Warte was a small needle-tree forest. Pointed needles that were diamond shaped in cross section, attached to the twig with wooden pegs and whorled around the branch. Spruces. It was a spruce forest roughly 29 square-feet in size, fetched out in front of a stone cliff that reached 16 feet in height. At the Southern edge of the forest a small, wooden cottage was located, seemingly overlooking Carinthia. To the left of the cottage, a little stream was running slowly towards the Austrian province, as if it was fleeing from Italy.

It was late evening on a freezing November day, snow was falling on the already covered ground – like it was just too usual for this time of the year. The silhouettes of two men could hardly be made out in the darkness that had settled over the mountain, though it was obvious what their goal was.
The cottage.
Slowly the two men, one much taller than the other – though both above average, forced their way through he snow, which easily met their chests. It was certainly no weather to be outside, but today was different – the taller man, Alfred, had to fetch a doctor.
The baby was coming.

At times like these it was annoying that they had to live so far away from the small mountain village, though his wife's exotic looks were just too much trouble when trying to live in that village. Red hair... still nobody accepted redheads. Alfred hurried his steps even more, the three layers of cloth and fur luckily sheltering from the biting cold. And the excitement... it was pushing him forward, pulling the doctor behind him to make them go even faster. They had to make it on time, they just had to.

Finally he could make out the light shining through the frozen windows of their small cottage. Candles have been set up and lit in front of them before he had made himself on his way – to make their home light up even brighter. Alfred tightened his grip on the other male's sleeve more and fastened his steps, forcing his way through the heavy snow with his tall body and determination – making it look easy.

Then they finally reached the two front stairs leading onto their porch, both things hidden by the snow, though by now Alfred knew where to place his feet and without slipping once they made it safely in front of the rough looking, wooden door. Once reached Alfred immediately pushed it open, his brown orbs instantly glancing over at the far right corner of their cottage, where the single bed of his wife was located. Before he could take in the sight of her sweaty body he already felt a poke in his side. Instinctively he made room for the doctor, who stepped into the cottage and immediately let his heavy, brown fur-coat slide onto the floor – Alfred following the gesture and letting his own slip onto the floor – the sudden heat would otherwise make them faint. His brown eyes followed the smaller man's back, who made his way over to the small counter, filling a pot with water which he then placed over the stove. It needed to be warm. All the way the doctor did not send the woman on the bed a single glance. Of course not. Alfred huffed before stepping over to his wife with wide steps, with his size of 7'6” it took him only three to cross the room completely. Once he was next to her small bed he kneed down, glancing at her face as she gave him a meek smile and grabbed her hand softly between his large ones.

“I am here, my Love.” he said, his voice rough and deep. The woman's smile grew a little wider, before it disappeared behind a wince again. Even now, she was nothing but beautiful to his eyes. Her flaming red hair was glowing even more in the firelight, which tinted the whole room a soft orange. Her eyes, usually so pale, were striking... she was determined to fight for their child.

“It is going to be alright.” he murmured and held her hand just a little tighter as she gave him a nod, movement could finally be heard behind them again. The doctor had fetched the pot with the luke-warm water off the stove and was coming towards them. A soft cloth draped over his right arm.

“Get out of the way, Alfred. You are useless here.” the doctor said harshly, his green eyes set onto the woman laying in so much pain. Immediately the tall man complied and hurried backwards, until his back connected with the wall. There he set in silence, knees pulled up to his chest and eyes fixed onto his wife, who was once more wincing in pain.
She was doing great.

“Anna.” he called her softly after the other man had laid down the cloth on the bed and placed the pot onto the floor, pulling her legs widely apart. “Anna.” Alfred called her again and finally she turned her head away from the doctor and settled her eyes onto her husband.

“It hurts.” she breathed out, a slight sob in her voice.
“I know.” he murmured before he swallowed heavily. He could not stand seeing her in so much pain.
The woman merely chuckled though, closing her dove-like eyes for a tiny moment to shake her head. “No you don't.” she corrected him amused before her eyebrows knitted together at yet another surge of pain.
Like always his wife had a point. He knew the pain his job brought with it, cutting wood was certainly not an easy task, and he knew the pain of burning himself... but giving birth?

“It is going to be alright.” he whispered again, though this time he did not know who he was trying to convince.

Two hours. He had sat there for two hours, his bottom had turned numb after the first one already, before his wife gave a final shriek and then... then nothing could be heard beside her panting. Slowly Alfred sat up straighter, his curious eyes fixed onto the doctor who held a tiny being against his chest, giving the thing a light slap on the back before... wailing. A baby was wailing. Alfred swallowed heavily watching the other man wrap it into the cloths before he finally acknowledged the husband in the room again.

“Congratulation.” the man said. “It is a girl.”

Alfred felt how a sob built up in the back of his throat and his eyes became teary. Then he quickly leaned his body forwards and crawled up to his wife's side, brushing over her sweaty forehead.

“Did you hear that, Anna? You presented us with a girl. A wonderful girl.”
Again she smiled up at him, though her eyes looked so tired – the light was gone from them. “Yes.” she said, her voice just above a whisper.
“What are we going to call her?”
Her smile became larger as she nodded. “Yes.” she confirmed.
Alfred too, nodded, a silly smile spread over his lips. “Michaela it is then.”

Then he finally turned to the small bundle still located in the doctor's arms. “Her name is Michaela.” he told the man, forgetting that he had most likely heard them already. Though in this moment he could not act any different. He was so full of joy. “She is going to be a wonderful girl.”

“No.” the doctor answered, the man's old face holding a sneer.
Confused Alfred blinked. “Wh...why not? How can you say that? How dare you.” he said harshly, only calming once he felt his wife's gentle hand on his left lower arm.
“Alfred.” she said softly.
The doctor said nothing though, but pushed the tiny bundle into Alfred's arms which had opened immediately.

That was, when he saw it.

Red hair. His daughter too, had that cursed red hair.
Alfred's eyes closed tiredly, his expression showing utter defeat as he held the girl close to him.

Oh Lord, why were you testing us like that?
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[Zeraphin] Walk on until you are numb
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