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 The seperation of Church and Snake

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PostSubject: The seperation of Church and Snake   Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:23 pm

Abelinda sat in her room staring off into nothing as she fiddled with hair. Despite how calm the snake seemed her eyes told a different story. Looking into her purple eyes revealed something much more alerting. The eyes were fluctuating between a state of being glazed over, shifty and panicky, and finally the color draining out of them momentarily. This went on for hours after her emotional outburst with Sarai.

Finally the snake seemed to snap to attention without warning. A predatory grin on her face. "It is time for the Leviathan of legend to return." Abelinda said. Then like the snake that she is her mouth seemingly dis hinged as something began forcing itself out. Slowly something white and large began crowning out of her throat before it was forced out violently with an accompanying retching sound. And there on the floor was a large egg... Abelinda threw up an egg.

"So I'm assuming you'll want to keep your name, seeing as you never gave me one all those years ago, right? Cause I must say, Levi was a pretty good name." Abelinda said as she wrapped around the large egg.

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Posts : 278
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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: The seperation of Church and Snake   Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:22 pm

Time passed, how much time that passed is up for debate as people generally allowed Levi to come find them so she went undisturbed. In the room where we last seen Levi she was curled up with a large egg. This time around she is nowhere to be seen. The only thing that even acknowledges that she was once here is the dead skin that sits in her place. The snake and her egg were mia.

A no named arrancar from Levi's army was the first one to investigate his commander's whereabout. He slowly entered the room. "Commander Levi?" His voice rung out in the room hesitantly. No response. He looked around the room nervously, everyone in under Levi thumb learned to fear the snake when she wasn't around due to her shifting moods.

there was suddenly a low rumble heard beneath the Arrancar's feet? The hollow quickly took a few steps back from the source of the sound, waiting for something to appear. But nothing, maybe he was letting his fear cloud his judgment. Deciding that his leader was most likely somehwere else on busness or such the hollow tried to leave. Oddly enough, he couldn't get his body to budge. He felt like he suck into quicksand. Then he heard teh rumbling again. He tried to force his body to move again but nothing. Now the Arrancar was becoming scared. "HELLO! ANYBODY THERE" He shouted, panic throughout his voice.

Without warning he could sense something massive coming up from the ground right beneath him. He Went to let out a scream but he felt a clawed hand quickly cover his mouth. "shhhhh, I taught you better than that to show fear" A sultry voice whispered in his hear. The hollow was relieved somewhat, this had to be Levi. The arrancar finally managed to will his body to move and he spun around to face his commander.

Instead he was staring at something that resembled levi but appeared much more sinisiter. This thing was huge and easily towered over him. His eyes widened and he trembled in place, completely taken aback by the figure.

"Awwww, you don't know me do you? It is I, Abelinda. The true Abelinda." She said as she coiled around the arrancar. "You should really respect one privacy." She teased, before flashing a toothy grin.

The arrancar internally screamed, this was a monster. This was something that rattle him to his core. "You've changed!" He screamed as he begun trying to free himself from the creature grip.

There was a loud crack as the snake in response to his struggling squeezed her powerful tail causing the arrancar's arm and ribs to crack. The arrancar fought back another scream as the pain coursed through his body.

"Awwwww, I have. Thank you for noticing. And You're even more kind for deciding to feed me." The Snake said as she leaned in closer. Without warning she bit into the hollow's neck.

A new snake has been born. Welcome to the Abelinda's return.

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The seperation of Church and Snake
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