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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Even more questions!

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PostSubject: Even more questions!   Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:28 pm

More questions!  More!  MOOOOOOORRREEEE!

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?
Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?
What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?
If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?
Does your OC care about money?
Is your OC  creative?
Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?
How does your OC handle disappointment?
What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?
Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?
If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?
What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?
Does/Can your OC dance?
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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:51 am

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?
Three No's across the board
Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?
Des: Joaquín "Jack" García and Joseph D. Pistone. Aka Jack Falcone and Donnie Brasco the two most successful people to infiltrate the mob while undercover for the FBI.
Levi: Abelinda is madly in love with most roman emperors; Nero, Caesar, Alexander the Great and her secret love is Hannibal.
Kanu: Genghis Khan is his all time favorite due to his use of war and chaos to bring order to the mongol steepe. His second favorite is Nobunaga..

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?
Des: Her weirdest nightmare is this odd situation where she never left her crime family.
Levi: Has a reoccuring nightmare where she turns into the symbolic ouroboros
Kanu: He becomes a priest, a good one then eventually a pope.

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?
Des: She would go back in time to the day her mom passed the family on to her and try to reject the offer.
Levi: Her last battle with "THE RIVAL" she would hesitate just a second and let herself die and be freed from the endless life.
Kanu: The future, he feels the world is slowing sinking into chaos and he wants to be there to see if it ever comes to a head.
Does your OC care about money?
Des: Slightly, she just want money to buy cute things
Levi: Nope
Kanu: Nay
Is your OC creative?
Des: She is secretly creative, she makes cute things in secret
Levi: can play a wide variety of instruments if she can keep Levi from getting distracted.
Kanu: nope
Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?
Des: would prefer train, she's scared of flying and not the biggest fan of boats
Levi: Boat, she adores the water
Kanu: Plane, gotta go fast.
How does your OC handle disappointment?
Des: With anger, the few times she's been rejected romantically she has pummeled the suitor
Levi: Levi handles it like a child with lots of crying, Abelinda is indifferent
Kanu: Destruction, undirected pure destruction.
What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?
Des: Romance
Levi: fairy tales
Kanu: Sci-fi action/adventure
Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?
Des: Submissive, she wants to be a housewife so bad
Levi: Levi is submissive due to her airheaded nature, Abelinda on the other hand is completely dominant to the point that one would consider it more akin to a bdsm type relationship
Kanu: Switches, in normal day situation he's passive and indifferent. Sex on the other hand he's the dominant force.
If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?
What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?
Des: pancakes
Levi" Hard boiled eggs and rare steak
Kanu: eggs and bacon
Does/Can your OC dance?
Des: she wishes she could dance and be lady like.
Levi: Snake body means she's a wonderful belly dancer
Kanu: nothing modern, he can do a lot of cultural dances though
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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:19 pm

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?

Zeraphin: He couldn't care less about such things.

Xarath: Whiplasher Bernadotte

Lucian: Does not know anybody.

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

Zeraphin: Grigori Rasputin

Xarath: Knows too little about history.

Lucian: Haha nope.

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?

Zeraphin: He dreams every night of his time at the university. Or his mother.

Xarath: Nothing he can really recall the next day.

Lucian: Ever since he is dead he has been unable to dream.

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?

Zeraphin: Every single place he can think of. He enjoys knowing and history. And it's so much better to experience than just reading about it.

Xarath: The Hollow attack that killed his "family".

Lucian: He does not care about such things.

Does your OC care about money?

Zeraphin: Yes, very much so. Growing up during a time where it made a huge difference if you had money or not he is somebody who clings to every little coin.

Xarath: If it buys him nice things yes. However he would never put it above people or feelings.

Lucian: He would not know why he'd need it.

Is your OC creative?

Zeraphin: No. He has tried, of course, but whatever he tries to "create" looks quite violated. Neither is he good in capturing most things with words. No art form therefore is something he is good in.

Xarath: Yes. He is especially good as a painter. He even is a famous painting among the SS [without revealing his true name].

Lucian: He is good in drawing and might actually be a good singer [depends on what you enjoy]. Poetry and writing however do not really fit him.

Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?

Zeraphin: Boat.

Xarath: He does neither trust planes nor boats [especially due to his fear of deep waters] - therefore he'd pick the train.

Lucian: A plane probably seems most natural to him - judging by his powers.

How does your OC handle disappointment?

Zeraphin: He does not feel disappointment.

Xarath: With a broken heart, lots of wailing and hiding below his bed.

Lucian: He usually pouts. A lot.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?

Zeraphin: He prefers facts over fiction.

Xarath: Romance.

Lucian: Romance, drama and crime.

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?

Zeraphin: Dominant. There are ways to make him submissive however [Not that I share this here. Find out in rp :P]

Xarath: Submissive. He wants to be treasured, cared for and.... everybody already knows.

Lucian: Submissive. He has lived for somebody else and once that was gone wandered aimlessly. He needs somebody to guide and make decisions for him.

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?

Zeraphin: *cough*He has no friends*cough* *cough* Never would he bring TWO along*cough* However for the sake of this he'd bring ONE zan girl spirits and ONE zan bunny spirit along.

Xarath: He would not know who to bring along. There is nobody he really knows and those who he knows he would not bring along because he'd doubt himself.

Lucian: Right now he would simply bring his Queen Bitch along.

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?

Zeraphin: Scotch and one of his cigarettes. Or three. Or five. Or make this a bottle of scotch and a package of his cigarettes. Either way, it's a damn good breakfast!

Xarath: Sometimes he'd eat something for lunch. Good god! He wouldn't want to get fat!

Lucian: Most likely a slice of bread.

Does/Can your OC dance?

Zeraphin: Like a stiff board. However when he is high he is known to pole dance. He actually is not bad in it...

Xarath: He can dance. But only does it when he is alone.

Lucian: He has never tried it, but is most likely not bad in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:26 am

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?
Testament: Bill Nye the Science Guy
Isaac: There was only ever one real King.
Hideki: Hideo Kojima is so cool, the trolling bastard.
Elly: ..... << It's Ryan Reynolds, okay?
Esmerelda: Eva Green... mmmmm....
Kostya: I am seeing this show once, the Delocated.  There is this man, Sergei, on the show.  I do not know actor's name, but he is true bretheren to my own heart.
Vera: Neil Gaiman
Alison: Alison maybe thinks that Mark Ruffalo is sort of dreamy in a weird way.
Regulus: Celebriwho?
Julian: One day will fulfill his destiny of outsmoothing The Clooney
Meiko: Dita Von Teese, end list.
Fay: Bruce.  Fucking. Lee.
Thane: Maybe secretly wishes he were James Dean
Nadia: It should be noted that while she doesn't ever admit to it, the last time she was caught laughing it was because of Dethklok
Souma: Suda 51 or... probably some voice actor... ;>_> I don't know them though.
Hua: ..... Spider...Man...?

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

Testament: Albert Einstein.  
Isaac: Ulysses S Grant
Hideki: Miyazaki
Elly: Shakespeare
Esmerelda: Bram Stoker.  He made that dick Vlad seem so cool!
Kostya: Rasputin was an alright guy
Vera: Chevalier D'eon.  She can relate to all the identities.
Thane: Scarface, duh.
Hua: Zhen Ji

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?
Testament: Once had a several thousand year long dream about chasing something he dropped.
Isaac: Had a nightmare once where his zanpakuto began leaking, before lighting him on fire.
Hideki: Had a bad dream once that he turned into a hollow and went around eating people, but then he became god emperor of books and had a throne made out of the library... so...
Elly: Keeps having dreams where she is living her old life with her new family.  Sort of odd, boring dreams, but always leave her feeling weird when she wakes up.
Esmerelda: Has had a terrible nightmare before where every source of light burned her and people kept turning them on until eventually, she was just a shriveled up powerless husk and then somebody locked her in a box with lights in it and buried it.
Kostya: Has had some weeeirrrd, trippy whale dreams when he was in the arctic.
Vera: Had a dream once where every persona she ever began sprouting a face somewhere on her body and all began talking at once.
Fay: Had a dream once where she suddenly began throwing up bats, uncontrollably.  The bats sprouted into a monster and then bought her ice cream and took her bowling.
Thane: Had a really freaky one in prison where there was a breakout and a bunch of confusion but guards kept coming and making sure he was stuck in his cell and prisoners were surrounding it... And then the warden showed up and it turned out the breakout was all a ruse to corner him so the entire prison could... UM... KILL HIM.  YUP.
Lagomorph: Is living his nightmare.
Nadia: Doesn't talk about her nightmares.  She has way too many real life things to pop up, but they're usually gory and usually involve her sister.
Souma: Had a weird dream where Ulysses overthrew the world government and made earth build a rocketship so the two of them could go to mars and fight Tite Kubo.
Hua: Had a weird dream once where souls had calories and she got really heavy and the soul society regulated Bounts by weight because they could tell if they were eating souls or not.

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?
Testament: It'd have to be one GOOD time machine to go as far back as he'd like to.
Isaac: Probably back to kill his brother before he did any of the shit he did.
Hideki: Hideki would take his friends on misadventures in time, pretending to be Doctor Who.
Elly: Would go see what young Birgitte is like.  Her current life scenario is so precarious, from a temporal point of view that she'd be too scared to go to any point in her life for fear of changing it.
Esmerelda: Would go back and find some way to force her past self to stay with her ex.
Kostya: Would go back and murder his third wife when he had the chance.
Vera: Would go kidnap her past self and drop her off somewhere safe.
Alison: Would go interview famous dead people
Regulus: Would go back to the beginning of time and begin training so he could have always been the strongest.
Julian: Honestly?  Probably go back in disguise, find a virgin Selena and seduce her so he could say he was her first.
Meiko: Go back in time, hardwire condition a young Saraiyu to immediately become submissive to her when a codeword is uttered... ;>_> She wants the world's strongest woman under her thumb.
Fay: Go spy on her parents that dropped her off at the orphanage and then probably beat them up. <<
Thane: The future?  Dunno, life's great!
Lagomorph: To have tea with some historic monarchs that he misses.
Nadia: She'd go back in time, kidnap herself from the military, wait for her sister to be born, kidnap her too and drop them both off at an orphanage in the US.  Then she'd go on a murder spree until the people who kidnapped her originally no longer exist.
Souma: The future to talk to himself and figure out what he's doing in life.
Hua: She'd go back in time and keep her mom from getting paralyzed so she wouldn't have to stay and help her... though she might anyway.

Does your OC care about money?
Testament: Not at all
Isaac: Only enough to get by
Hideki: Mmm, somewhat.  He likes stuff and doesn't steal.
Elly: Not really.  Arrancar DO steal
Esmerelda: Sure!  She can steal what she wants, but it's so much ritzier when you throw money everywhere!
Kostya: Yes, and he's frugal enough to have a good chunk of it.
Vera: Ummm... ;>> has an exorbitant amount of it so yes and no?
Fay: Is learning the hard way that money is important.
Thane: Yes.  That's why he's a criminal.
Lagomorph: Enjoys the finer things but doesn't value money for itself.
Nadia: Yes, but it's always in short supply.
Souma: Doesn't need a lot and he gets paid pretty damn well
Hua: Money is a consistent issue, but her family is more important.

Is your OC  creative?
Testament: A creative person might have gone insane in his shoes.
Isaac: He's creative in the field, but not in his free time.
Hideki: His powers revolve around creativity.
Elly: Is rather creative, though has a very direct sense of logic.
Esmerelda: Learned early on it was important to be creative.
Kostya: Is creative... at making people suffer..
Vera: Comes up with whole people.... also fanfictions...
Alison: Nope.  She's very hardline facts.
Regulus: Nope.  Killing is very straightforward.
Julian: Has some creative ideas but mostly doesn't improvise as well as he'd like.
Meiko: Not very.  Has some interesting ideas in the bedroom from time to time.
Fay: Must be to have come up with a vigilante name.
Thane: Has a lot of untapped creativity he is learning to use with his powers.
Nadia: Not very, though she might have some artistic talent if she ever gave it a shot.
Souma: Fairly creative, though he's better at analyzing things, than coming up with ideas.
Hua: Not particularly.  Imaginative sometimes but not very creative.

Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?
Testament: Boat
Isaac: Train
Hideki: Train
Elly: Plane
Esmerelda: Boat
Kostya: Boat
Vera: Plane
Alison: Plane
Regulus: Boat... by himself.
Julian: Train
Meiko: Plane
Fay: Train
Thane: Plane
Lagomorph: Boat
Nadia: Plane
Souma: Plane
Hua: Boat

How does your OC handle disappointment?
Testament:  By finding something new to get happy about
Isaac: By blowing something up, mostly.
Hideki: By sulking and doodling things, generally just escaping into some fiction.
Elly:  Well hello there, Ben.  Hey there, Jerry.  Time for the three of us to enjoy some netflix.
Esmerelda: She goes into her secret bedroom, curls up and cries, actually...
Kostya: Smoookes.
Vera: Her home life has become one extended handling of disappointment.  It involves a lot of curling up on couches and calling for delivery chinese food.
Alison: Doing something stupid with a boy, usually...
Regulus: Continually removing his mask every time Vera puts it on.
Julian: He texts Selena, usually being extra aloof and snarky to hide it.
Fay: Goes for a walk on the town, mostly on the rooftops.
Thane: Usually goes and commits petty crimes, or just sits somewhere having a drink.
Nadia: Drinks mostly... occasionally goes skating if she actually WANTS to cheer up.
Souma: Curls up with Ulysses on the bed.
Hua: Sits in her room listening to music and pouting.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?
Testament: Sci-Fi
Isaac: Hard Boiled Mystery novels.
Hideki: Supernatural Fantasy
Elly: Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy
Esmerelda: Horror : D
Kostya: Historical Fiction
Vera: Anything she can tumblr about...
Alison: Romance
Regulus: Action movies.
Julian: Spy thrillers
Meiko: Smutty romance books
Fay: Kung Fu epics, also happy drama anime.
Thane: Is a horror film buff.
Lagomorph: Loves a good tragedy.  They're cathartic.
Nadia: Likes comedies, though it's hard to tell because she doesn't laugh at them.
Souma: Is a big fan of Fantasy anime, though he does like romantic ones too.
Hua: Likes historical stuff.  Likes Crime dramas.

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?
Testament: Naturally leans dominant but would be whatever makes his partner happy.
Isaac: 99% dominant outside of very specific scenarios, romantically and otherwise.
Hideki: Is pretty dominant, but mostly unaware of it, because he's just so positive and upbeat.
Elly: Very submissive, both romantically and physically.
Esmerelda: Has an entire chart and is basically all over the place.
Kostya: Couldn't really be the submissive type if his life depended on it.
Vera: Submissive to a damn near kinky level
Alison: Mostly somewhat submissive, unless alcohol is involved.
Regulus: Has literally humped someone for dominance.
Julian: Thrives on emotional control in partners, though he's not beyond changing that.
Meiko: Is an actual dominatrix.
Fay: Could develop either way naturally.  Is pretty dominant with Riye.
Thane: Is a pretty extreme switch, preferring to either be in total control or total submission
Nadia: Is romantically very independent, but physically is a strict bottom.
Souma: Is romantically and physically just a very submissive person.
Hua: Is very confident and independent romantically, can go either way physically, though she DOES enjoy being tied up.

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?
Testament: Emile and Yulia.  They're the only friends who he could trust on a trip... or Ikue if one of them didn't want to go.
Isaac: Would use the tickets as an incentive to increase morale in the squad.
Hideki: Yuzuki and Miyako.  He would bring Mia, but he wouldn't have enough for Masaru.
Elly: Birgitte and Sarai.  FAMILY VACATION!
Esmerelda: Some combination of her children... Or just send the three of them without her if all of them wanted to go.
Kostya: Selena and Jack.  They're basically the only people he's close with right now.
Vera: HAHA NO FRIENDS : D .... ;__;  But really, she'd just use them as Julian and bring Selena and Luca.
Fay: Would bring Riye and scalp the other ticket.  Even if she knew about Esmer, she wouldn't want to bring her girlfriend and mother on a trip together.
Thane: If he didn't sell all of them... Naki, probably... and if she was willing, Alwin.
Nadia: Would probably be so nervous about asking Nyssa if she wanted to go, that she'd never ask and forget about the tickets altogether
Souma: Would feel awkward asking most of his friends if they want to go... Would just start passively dropping hints about it and see who asked to come along.
Hua: Mama and whoever in her clan brought her the most criminals to eat.

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?
Testament: Breakfast food, hm... Is that the one with burgers?
Isaac: Bacon and eggs
Hideki: Pancakes!
Elly: Fruit Loops.  >> without milk.. though she likes the milk, just not IN the fruit loops.
Esmerelda: Whatever's in the cupboard of the house she wakes up in.
Kostya: grills his own bacon and sausage.
Vera: Eats a bowl of frosted flakes when she wakes up for breakfast.
Alison: Has a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, cereal, two pieces of bacon, one fried egg, two sausage links, with some orange slices.  A complete breakfast : D
Regulus: MEAT
Julian: Makes a Southern Fried Omelette to kill for.
Meiko: Likes a bagel with cream cheese.
Fay: Toast.  Heavy breakfasts slow you down.
Thane: Biscuits and Gravy
Nadia: Has eaten cereal in whiskey before.  It was pretty good!
Souma: Makes pancakes with a little bacon face on top.
Hua: 2 Hard boiled eggs, quick and out the door.

Does/Can your OC dance?
Testament: No?  He might if he saw someone doing it.
Isaac: Learned to dance formally, but that's about it and even that's for missions.
Hideki: Dances like a goof.
Elly: Can only really dance if nobody's watching, though she isn't bad.
Esmerelda: Has made it a point to learn as many kinds of dance as she could in life.
Kostya: All sorts of formal dances.  Learned to disco, but that was the 70s.
Vera: Does cute little dances when she's happy enough, but doesn't know how to do anything else.
Alison: Dances like a dork when she doesn't think anybody is watching.
Regulus: LA BAILA DEL MUERTE : D also once learned how to salsa dance... *cough*
Julian: Is pretty proud of his footwork.  Could enter a dance off, but probably couldn't win it.
Meiko: Can club dance, but that's about it.
Fay: Knew ballet once though she's forgotten how mostly.  Has good rhythm though.
Thane: Went to raves when he was a teenager.  Doesn't really like to dance now.
Lagomorph: Was an EXCELLENT dancer when he had a body.
Nadia: Secretly wishes she could dance, but really truly has no rhythm... though she did strip for a little bit to put together travel funds for her and Nyssa.
Souma: His power makes most dancing a lot easier than it should be.
Hua: Learned a lot of dancing growing up from her mother.  Has belly danced to keep money coming in, in the past.
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Potatoes O'Brien

Potatoes O'Brien

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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:03 pm

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?

Obie: Haha like all humans aren’t totally spooky ahahaha no matter how famous hahahaha

Yukari: Michael Bay. Yes, for all the reasons that you’re thinking of. (The reasons are explosions)

Bart: Gordon Ramsey, but only his off-camera persona. He’s just a tad bit rude on the tele.

Machiko: Michelle Rodriguez. She plays cool tuff ladies, and that's alright by Machiko.

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

Obie: Whoever it was that first started the 4th Division. They must have been super pumped to help people to start the whole thing, so Obie really respects them.

Yukari: Alfred Nobel. She could care less about the Peace Prize, but dat dynamite tho~

Bart: Gandhi was a pretty great dude!

Machiko: Violette Szabo, the coolest WW2 Spy lady around.

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?

Obie: He had a nightmare that he was a bunny. Just a bunny. In a nice, spacious house with people that made cute noises at him for being a bunny. It was awful

Yukari: Well there was this one dream where she was the huge, mustached muscle man who screamed AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS ABOUT EXPLOOOOOSIOOOOOOOONS! It was weird because there was also this weird short man who had a lot of guns and spoke with an accent. Short people are weird to her.

Bart: Doesn’t dream :D Ever. :D

Machiko: Lobster. Claw. Hand. She found it really hard to eat seafood for a week after that dream...

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?

Obie: Back to the time of the Great Insect Incident of his childhood and help fight the bugs off from eating his poor veggies...

Yukari: She’d go back and watch all the original atom bomb tests back in Nevada, and only the tests. Tests are fun, dropping them on countries not so much.

Bart: Bart is never one to dwell on the past, so he’d probably go check out the future and see how many friends future him has! :D

Machiko: Go back in time when her dad made that deal with the Yakuza and kick him right in the happy sack.

Does your OC care about money?

Obie: Naaaah. All his stuff is taken care of by the fourth. The only thing he really spends his own money on is types of tea.

Yukari: All she needs is enough to cover her drinks and snacks. The division covers all her bomb materials just nicely~

Bart: Also no! :D If he ever needs anything, they always have a way of getting there in Hueco Mondo. (mostly by stealing it)

Machiko: Money is quite important to keep running after all. She's not stingy, but the times she splurges are far a few between.

Is your OC  creative?

Obie: Not entirely. Veggie gardening and tea ceremonies are pretty by-the-book, and really it’s hard to be creative when everything is spooky.

Yukari: Very. Veeeeeery. Every bomb that she makes is unique in its own, special way.

Bart: Only slightly. He usually follows recipes pretty closely, but throws in his own personal touches as well.

Machiko: Artistically? Not so much. At finding ways of keeping her job interesting and professional at the same time? Kiiiiinda

Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?

Obie: He’d choose neither. But if he’s forced, he choose to be knocked out and travel by train. Because being stuck in the middle of the air or the ocean is the Spookiest Thing.

Yukari: She’s be pretty alright traveling by boat, she could even make it have cannons if she got bored!

Bart: Having traveled by all three during his ‘being passed around by relatives phase’ Bart most enjoyed the trips on the train. Mostly because he could leave his cabin and walk around and talk to everyone else!

Machiko: She has always wanted to travel by boat... But since she mainly stays in the one city her only real other method of traveling has been by train.

How does your OC handle disappointment?

Obie: A nice warm cup of tea and a little time alone in his nice dark room with all his nice soft pillows.

Yukari: Just gathering all her bombs and taking them out to the testing zone would usually cheer her up on a bad day. Unless it’s explosive-related disappointment, then she just breaks out the secret snacks.

Bart: Disappointment? :D Bart couldn’t possibly be disappointed when there’s a bright side to everything!

Machiko: She'd take her frustration out on a sparring bag or two, or maybe spend some extra time on her bonsai tree.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?

Obie: Romances and biographical ones, whenever he finds free time that he wants to read.

Yukari: Sci-fi/Action books. Because then she wants to try and replicate some of the weapons that she reads about in them.

Bart: Any kind that introduces and explains an entirely new world that he’s never seen before. It’s like moving there, but with words!

Machiko: Thrillers, and hidden deep down in her wardrobe drawers, really trashy romance books.

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?

Obie: Submissive in… Almost every part. Almost

Yukari: She’s definitely more dominant, because if you’ve managed to tear her interest away from her work then she’s gonna want to see why.

Bart: ??? :D (In reality he’d most likely be dominant when he figured out how to make them work, on account of his “no likey being touched by strangers” thing. He just wants to make sure his partner is happy :D)

Machiko: Totally submissive. All that 'tough enforcer' persona stops right when the work clock ends.

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?

Obie: Umm… Maybe Captain Lakshmi Ma’am and Mister Assistant Kaimu? At least then he’d feel safer on whatever trip he was on.

Yukari: ISAAC. And maybe Aoi, she seems like she’d be fun on a vacation.

Bart: Just two? :D Well that’s a hard decision. Most like Sarai because super nice lady, and since he hadn’t met anyone else probably Luca too. It could be a bonding trip! :D

Machiko: Being a good employee, Machiko would totally bring her boss with her. Aaaannd... Probably someone else from their company?

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?

Obie: Toast with jam and a nice side of fresh fruit.

Yukari: Bacon and pancakes aww yeee. Just drown them in syrup.

Bart: Whatever he made that morning is his favorite for that day. He loves all of his creations equally.

Machiko: Grilled sausages and sunny-side eggs with orange juice to drink.

Does/Can your OC dance?

Obie: He can barely keep up the standard prom-style “hands on waist” dancing techniques. Anything more than that is beyond his abilities. >_>

Yukari: Dancing with someone? Not really. But she has a that party dancing by yourself thing down pat.

Bart: Oh yes. You’re looking at one half of the champion Swing Dancing team of Germany, after all! He can do several kinds of dancing, but swing dancing is his favorite! :D

Machiko: She can kinda... bob her body in tune with the music. That's about it...

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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:04 am

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?

-Aoi – Rin Aoyama : D The only one for heeeer~
-Miyako – A famous Jpop/Kpop star of some sort.
-Tsuyoshi – Oprah. Unironically.

The rest would just ??? at you. “Why the fuck would I have that?” pretty much general consensus.

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

-Aoi – ????? She would not keep up on human world figures so... I imagine there might be an Afterlife one?
-Sarai – Not really. They all did things and died, big whoop.
-Yuzu – No unless it'd be some SS historical figure too.
-Mia – Once again, an SS historical figure maybe.
-Selena – Probably some famous freaking scientist.
-Naki –  Maybe a famous serial killer? Who she ate, where she just giggles and laughs whenever the name is brought up.
-Yulia – ????????????? whats that?
-Alwin – ????? huh?
-Yysara – ??????? moreso.
-Miyako – ...No? History isn't her strongest suit. Maybe someone pretty... Or an artist. I am way too lazy to go looking through hundreds of those just for this question though.
-Tsuyoshi – That one guy that did the prophecies that turn out to only sorta be true and he doesn't really know but it sounds fishy but interesting.
-Apo – No way in hell.

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?

-Aoi – Aoi had a dream where she had a brother and was happy in life and not some weird killing monster and she woke up from that dream in a cold sweat and refuses to speak to anyone about it.
-Sarai – Sarai is too old. There's probably hundreds and she can't pick one. Maybe the one where Elly turned into a cat somehow and she let her out into the desert and she came back pregnant with a Birgitte cat and just they talked and Sarai woke up just as she was putting ribbons on her Grandkittens. Most confused Corona ever, really. She did subtly check for signs of pregnancy for a few days though.
-Yuzu – She has the weirdest dream where all the important men she ever met in her life somehow fathered children off of her and they all were varying dogs, but she somehow had two with Hideki and they were both cats? And all the men were pleased with their dog children. Hideki especially with his cat children and she just woke up staring at the wall for a few moments after that one.
-Selena – She once had a dream where her entire family, extended/dead/random branches and all clapped while saying congratulations in broken english. Selena woke up screaming.
-Naki – She has a dream of all the souls she's ever eaten coming up to her and pointing and staring before a weird song bursts from all their lips. She has no idea what this song is but she hates it.
-Yulia – She has a horribly weird dream about a blooming flower deep in Hueco Mundo and its about the only one she ever has, but the contents differ at times. Like sometimes she's protecting it and sometimes she's trying to get to it and sometimes she's the reason is dies?
-Alwin – He had a dream where he was a prince and finally this one kingdom realized it and came to find him and made them their king and he was forced to play his keyboard for them from a white tower to power the land with love. Alwin woke up happy.
-Yysara – There was a dream once where she had a large belly and it was just full of snakes and then she birthed the snakes and woke up confused because snakes lay eggs and she is warmblooded. Why...
-Miyako – She once had a dream where she was a donut in a land of sugar rivers and candy springs and just... One day an evil villain came and tried to eat her and all the other food people. She woke up in a cold sweat and couldn't eat anything sweet for like... a day.
-Tsuyoshi – He doesn't really dream that much due to passing out drunk to get himself to sleep, but he does remember a dream about a burning building with a robot spasmatically thrusting its hips and laughing while the place burns down.
-Apo – Okay so she has this reoccurring dream where she's a giant bear, doing giant awesome bear things like eating penguins and destroying people's homes with roars and just... Its amazing and she wakes up all energized.

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?

-Aoi – Back in time to play with a younger Rin and Ruka. Or if she was ordered to she would go do shenanigans. Of all people she's sort of safe, since she will do nothing to alter timelines even if it means Rin or her would have better lives/be happier. Even if it means she has to push his car in the way of oncoming traffic herself or force her younger self to get taken by that  guild.
-Sarai – She'd destroy it. It'd be too much temptation for her to fuck around and she could potentially ruin all of existence. Meh.
-Yuzu – The future. That would be fun to see. So much fun.
-Mia – She should never be allowed to time travel for several very serious reasons. If she was given one, she would go back and attempt to alter all sorts of things... First she would go back and set Masaru's dad on fire. And then she would go back and save her grandma... And then if saving her grandma didn't change her father's fate, she would go back and save her uncle and his family too. Even if it wiped her from the timelines, even if she disappeared utterly due to this <_<
-Selena – Save her family. Fuck everything else, if she was meant to love and meet Luca and Julian and them she would but it wouldn't kill her to change it all. She wouldn't even remember them : D so no hurts.
-Naki – Save her mom. Maybe beat up her dad. Maybe both. First beat up dad AFTER conceived. Theeeen go save her mom. Priorities.
-Yulia – She would go back and find out where she came from. Save her friend that died.
-Alwin – HE WOULD GO THROUGH TIME AND PLAY WITH ALL THE FAMOUS MUSICIANS OF THE WORLD. And he'd also take along PRINCESS As his trusty faithful companion.
-Yysara – She was use it to examine different time periods and take notes on how its all changed.
-Miyako – So many famous artists... so little time... Also she'd proooobably go find Hibiki and Muika, saving them from their fates. And then using the time machine again, she would push Muika towards meeting Iyuki. She'd...feel weird doing the same for Hibibs, so she'd just find out where he was and write herself a note. I also assume her memory wouldn't get wiped until she returned to her time. And that the note would survive. She would just tell herself there is a good person there she might want to meet! She'd be fine being his friend...
-Tsuyoshi – The faaar future. He'd enjoy shenaniganing around then.

Does your OC care about money?

-Aoi – Yes, its something she worried over a bit and knows the worth of. Mostly she worries about Rin spending it on her.
-Sarai – No.
-Yuzu – Not really? She has too much at her disposal to really care about her own worries, but she has seen poverty upclose so she just... sort of ponders over it at times.
-Mia – Sort of. She cares in that she's not very good at managing it but she knows she's not and tries to be better. Before she met Masa, it was of a looot of importance for her to budget so money was paid careful attention to really.
-Selena – She has so much at her disposal that its almost impossible for her to care about it.
-Naki – Hell fucking yes.
-Yulia – ??? It does things right?
-Alwin – Um he needs it to do things in this world, like get chocolate. So yes? Sort of.
-Yysara – Not at all.
-Miyako – Ahaha a bit. She has to carefully manage how much she spends on school supplies vs treats, and still does so despite Hibiki insisting on covering all her food costs... And other costs...
-Tsuyoshi – Yeah, its really required for him to to survive. He's always worrying and caring over it in fact.
-Apo – Money means food and beds and booze. So she cares about it, but immediately spends it all.

Is your OC  creative?

-Aoi – With...her ways of killing and torturing yes...
-Sarai – A bit!
-Yuzu – A lil. Not too much.
-Mia – Cooking/sewing wise yes! Musically ...despite her singing voice, she's best at replicating songs or singing ones that are already made etc.  Not really any other way though... Drawing and stuff she's miserable at.
-Selena – Sort of.
-Naki – >_> no.
-Yulia – Very creative!
-Alwin – Very musically!
-Yysara – With how she wrangles her snakes and stuff? Sure?
-Miyako – Very very very! She is rather good at drawing and painting, whether sketches or water colors or anything like that really. She can mimic or do her own style and works hard at making sure she keeps up with it as well. It is her life's work and dream to be a famous painter some day! She's getting there.
-Tsuyoshi – Not really...
-Apo – Um... maybe? She might be able to like sing... ballads that she makes up by herself while drunk.

Would your OC prefer traveling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?

-Aoi – Probably train. Flying is okay and boat? NOPE BOAT BAD.
-Sarai – BOAT.
-Yuzu – Boat. There's really not too many chances in the seireitei for that and it sounds more fun than being stuck in a freaking plane with nowhere to go do things.
-Mia – Train! She'd love it, being able to see all those sights and go around in it and see lots of things. Plus try new foods!
-Selena – Plane. She can nap on those and ignore everyone else.
-Naki – She likes trains. Traaains.
-Yulia – Plane! Its flying in a different way, of course she'd want it.
-Alwin – Boats are movey and not nice. Neither are planes... They go high up and you can't move around... So Train?
-Yysara – She would like either boat or train. Both would be easier on her snakes so those, she'd just flip a coin to figure out which at any given time.
-Miyako – Train! She's used to them and they require less prepwork than planes or boats.
-Tsuyoshi – Plane would be fun, he's never gone on one so he'd want to try at least once before chosing a favorite.
-Apo – She'd LOOOVE plane. Just WOW I AM FLYING : D I wonder if this is how the people I punch feel...

How does your OC handle disappointment?

-Aoi – Aoi beats up her squad members.
-Sarai – Used to be exploding people. Now its just VOLCANO FUN TIMES. And dancing.
-Yuzu – Cuddling her kittens while in doge form, or going and finding clean sheets to drag through mud. The whiter the better.
-Mia – Playing hours upon hours of r-18 otome games. Or baking while crying.
-Selena – Tries harder next time... But it depends. Emotional disappointment sends her into turmoil since she is very powerful with her emotions.
-Naki – She eats more people or attempts to get drunk and force Riichi to sleep in her bed so she isn't alone. Without saying that's why she wants it.
-Yulia – She throws tantrums and mopes around.
-Alwin – He sobs silently, crocodile tears and all if its Naki. If its anyone else/anything else he throws fits and cries.
-Yysara – She closes it off, nods and continues with life.
-Miyako – Crying and reading her romance novels alone. And stuffing her bottomless pit of a stomach with as much food as she can find. Or dancing and singing. Or painting her disappointment. She has many ways of doing so.
-Tsuyoshi – Drinks himself into a stupor and passes out.
-Apo – Gets really drunk, punches people, kicks people. Sings bawdy ballads. Fuck whatever disappointed her.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?

-Aoi – She likes... ones with lots of death and sex. I am not sure if thats a genre, but she reads and watches across all of them if they have that.
-Sarai – Historical Dramas. Like either alternative history ones or like ones that weren't true but they took the time period and people and used them for something. Has to have looots of places in them, historically famous ones though.
-Yuzu – She really likes informational fiction. Kinds that have well detailed worlds/economies/magic systems etc. If it gives tons of details of that sort, she loves it.
-Mia – Mia likes romance a lot, but only in her games. Books wise she prefers fantasy and movies wise she likes animated.
-Selena – Easy to consume and not care about. Or long running series/shows. Something that gives her enough to bite into and continue. Otherwise she's fine with most things.
-Naki – Detective stories. Hardboiled type. Or like the crappy dimestore drama ones. She loves the Cat Who Did Something book series. Space detective stories are the best but those are rare.
-Yulia – FAIRYTALES : D All sorts. Reimaginings, normal ones, animated etc. DEFINITELY NOT ROMANTIC ONES THOUGH.
-Yysara – She likes... well anything snake themed. If it has snakes in it and its not bad she likes it. If the snakes die though, other than heroically sacrificing themselves sorts of way she gets pissy though.
-Miyako – Trashy Romance for books! Its easy to read and fun to just make fun of at the same time. Otherwise she likes comedies as far as movies and stuff go.
-Tsuyoshi – Really really bad old sci fi movies and books. Those horrible ones that just you watch and its WTF. Those.
-Apo – She likes any stories as long as she hasn't heard it before.

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?

-Aoi – Kind of a forced Dominant. She prefers to be submissive, but she has Rin who is really bunnylike. He gets all nervous and freezes up a lot, so she has to take initiative!
-Sarai – Submissive. She is boss almost ALL the time. Its nice to let someone else be boss and if she loves and trusts you, then she's fine with allowing that.
-Yuzu – Submissive, but wants to be dominant... Or thinks she does. >_>
-Mia – HAHAHA MIA IS A TOTAL TOP. Looking at her you wouldn't think it, but she's rather bossy really. In a sweet, caring way. Also she likes having control in certain...certain situations...
-Selena – Completely switchable, she likes being able to go between both extremes and just be in between at times as well. If she can't do both, its not acceptable for her since she could never settle to being one or the other entirely.
-Naki – Submissive as fuck in relationships (If you can call them that >_>)
-Yulia – Mixed? She'd be both in a relationship.
-Alwin – Dominant : D Pls don't ask too much.
-Yysara – Submissive. She's just...submissive in everything. Except her snakes, those she moms.
-Miyako – Submissive! She's happy when her partner is happy. Even when she's being dominant and choosing stuff, she's being submissive because its only when someone else wants that that she would try.
-Tsuyoshi - ??????
-Apo – Mixed. She's submissive at the start but can be dominant once she comes to care for someone.

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?

-Aoi – Rin and Rintoo. Anyone else wouldn't want to go. Lets face it, if Aoi is going on a trip with Rin no one else wants to be there. NO ONE.
-Sarai – She would want to take Elly, but Elly would want to take her girlfriend and then Elly and her girlfriend would bang and Sarai wants none of that. So she'd probably invite Shinya or Luca or Smile Cook. Or hell, she'd just give the free trip to Elly and her girlfriend and let them enjoy it.
-Yuzu – Hideki and Mia. Hideki could enjoy himself and Mia could technically in some ways count as a chaperon. And Mia would know what to do and how to act, so she could run to her for advice.
-Mia – Masa and Nozomi. She'd want to take her papa, but he'd be too sad without Lakshmi along... She'd want to take her Captain but HE'D be too sad without Yuzuki along. Besides Nozomi deserves time with them!
-Selena – She'd attempt to take Julian and Luca, but if that failed she'd probably give the tickets away or take Kostya and Luca since that's less likely to throw sparks all over.
-Naki – Probably Riichi and Alwin. She owes Riichi a lot and Alwin would like to get out of the house so...
-Yulia – mAYBE Testament and Souma. Or Emile. Or...Someone like that!
-Alwin – PRINCESS AND OTHER PERSON. Not Naki, cause then Naki would know he was out. Not Riichi either...
-Yysara – She would take Shinya and anyone Shinya wanted. Or honestly just give it to him to use.
-Miyako – Miyako would take Hibiki and would want to take Muika but really it might annoy her... So she might either take one of her other friends or just go alone with him.
-Tsuyoshi – Ikue and maybe one of Ikue's friends. As long as they weren't too bothersome he wouldn't care.
-Apo – She would take two people who wanted to go. : D WHO'S WITH HER FOR ADVEEEENTUUUURE!?

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?

-Aoi – Rin.
-Sarai – Fried things.
-Yuzu – Miso with extra tofu and seaweed and grilled snapper.
-Mia – Tamagoyaki and picked vegetables. Pork bowls if she's allowed.
-Selena – Parmesan alfredo.
-Naki – ...Pancakes.
-Yulia – Tea cookies??? Pretty much all she's tried food wise so it'd have to do.
-Alwin – French toast sticks. He tried them once and they are amazing!
-Yysara – She doesn't really eat breakfast so... I guess nothing.
-Miyako – All food is her favorite breakfast food.
-Tsuyoshi – Bagels with pepperoni and strawberry cream cheese. Don't judge him.
-Apo - Liquor

Does/Can your OC dance?
-Aoi – Yes. Very very well, if she can see someone else do it first. She's pretty good at pole dancing...
-Sarai – Oh hell yes. QUEEN OF DANCING. She knows almost as many ways to dance as she does ways to kill : D
-Yuzu – She knows a few proper dances, but she's too stiff and unsure most of the time to really be able to express herself properly.
-Mia – Um she doesn't know how... But she wants to learn! She'd be fine at like slower paced dances, or ones with rigid structures to follow. Not any improvising types really.
-Selena – She knows enough to get by in situations but she's not going to win awards.
-Naki – No. She does not and can not dance.
-Yulia – She can flutter around REALLY HAPPILY.  But otherwise no.
-Alwin – DANCING IS SO MUCH FUN. Alwin would be surprisingly good at it. Like he would be really good if he was given a good tutor : D
-Yysara – She can sort of sway with music, but she's not very good at it. She could do sinuous dances if trained.
-Miyako – Miyako is damned good at dancing and quick to pick up new styles. She loves most types of dancing, so far only two types making her cringe and not want to. Fast paced and quick movement ones are her best ones though! She doesn't really have any dancing partners though so its hard for her to practice in certain types.
-Tsuyoshi – He can try... but he mostly succeeds at Shepherding.
-Apo – Uh... Well she can dance around a pole >_> or strip dance but that's about it. Mostly cause sometimes she can get some nice supplemental pay for that.


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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:28 am

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?
Lakshmi: She would go visit all the family she never got to meet... Potentially go back to see Kaimu and her friends as children... Then she would go off exploring to meet all the great scientists of history. Also pet some dinosaurs. Did they really have scales or were they feathered or did they look as if they were large floofy birds? This mystery must be solved!

Does your OC care about money?
Lakshmi: No. She is rich and has had the privilege not to have to worry.
Iyuki: A bit. He lived without his family for a while, so watching money was important.

Is your OC creative?
Lakshmi: Somewhat in work related ways. She does not really have time to allow it other outlets, though she might be somewhat good at certain creative activities if she tried.
Iyuki: He is very creative with pastries and other such things. Culinary wise he is rather amazing.

Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?
Lakshmi: Boat. She likes being on the water like that.
Iyuki: Train, he rather likes being able to pay attention to the scenery and the added travel time doesn't bother him one bit.

How does your OC handle disappointment?
Lakshmi: Formerly: Throws herself into work and drinks/slept around when she had time. Now she tends to vent to Kaimu and take hot baths.
Iyuki: He just places himself in a planklike manner on the bed and lays there until his attempts to suffocate either work or he is rolled over by Muika.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?
Lakshmi: Noir Murder Mysteries as far as television things go. Book wise? She likes racy titles with...well lots of porn in it. Well written or not.
Iyuki: Romance.

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?
Lakshmi: Both. She couldn't stand being either one entirely in any relationship, she is very fluid in that aspect.
Iyuki: He can come across as the more submissive one in some cases, such as things like fighting or such... However he is definitely more dominant overall.

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?
Lakshmi: Kaimu and Alex. While it would be awkward to have Alex along, she does know he needs to experience life more. She would definitely wish him to be able to see such things and obviously she would bring her lover too.
Iyuki: Muika and Miyako. Hibiki could stand to be left alone for a while as Muika would like to have one of her few friends along as well. And plus no fighting between them!

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?
Lakshmi: Curry and Ice cream. They are breakfast foods. To her.
Iyuki: Cake. Also a breakfast food.

Does/Can your OC dance?
Lakshmi: Formally and some others. She does not generally dance though so is a bit out of practice.
Iyuki: Mostly formal dances, he is not well versed in much else however.
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PostSubject: Re: Even more questions!   Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:03 pm

Does your OC have a favorite Celebrity?

Masaru - ???
Kaimu - ???
Rin - Doesn't really enough attention to favor a celebrity.
Luca - ???
Saaya - ???
Hibiki - ???
Narue - ???
Riye - Probably a famous Seiyuu
Muika - ???
Ikue - ???

Does your OC have a favorite historical figure?

Masaru - ???
Kaimu - ???
Rin - ???
Luca - ???
Saaya - ???
Hibiki - ???
Narue - ???
Riye - ???
Muika - ???
Ikue - ???

What was your OC's weirdest dream/nightmare that they remember?

Masaru - Once had a nightmare (? ...) about acting like an idiot (thanks to Ikari's explanations of how he acts when drunk) in front of Mia and was horrified. How could ever act in such a way!? This is exactly why he attempts his drinking in private...
Kaimu - When he was still a rogue he once had a dream (thanks to hunger) about Odango Heaven.
Rin - Has once had a dream where he was an actual rabbit... All these rabbit comments are getting to him.
Luca - Has never had any weird dreams, his dreams are hardly memorable.
Saaya - Doesn't really remember most of his dreams
Hibiki - Has yet to have any "weird" dreams, until his life settled down he mostly had nightmares that were more horrible than anything...now mostly just has blackout sleeps.
Narue - Suprisingly doesn't get many "weird" dreams, they're either happy dreams or nightmares.
Riye - Doesn't really remember most dreams, none that are too weird anyway.
Muika - Has yet to have any "weird" dreams, until her life settled down she mostly had nightmares that were more horrible than anything...now mostly just has blackout sleeps.
Ikue - Once had a dream with weird poofball fluffy things that squeaked when you squeezed them. There were thousands, and she still does not know what to make of this dream.

If your OC had a time machine, where would they go?

Masaru - Wouldn't risk messing with a time machine, there would be things he'd like to change but realizes it's best not to alter the past.
Kaimu - There are tons of things he'd like to change, such as saving his brother, hell maybe even trying to keep his mother from dying like she did, or even try to hint to himself about Mia so he could be a better father for her, but also doesn't want his present to change... A time machine would leave him in a conflicted mess.
Rin - Wouldn't risk messing with a time machine, there's things he'd like to prevent...but knows it's best to not alter the past.
Luca - Wouldn't risk messing with a time machine.
Saaya - Go to the future! He would use it to explore.
Hibiki - No interest, even if there are things he'd like to change.
Narue - Shouldn't be allowed a time machine, would somehow try to stop Riichi's "Death" which could harm the timeline.
Riye - There are things she wished could be different, but a time machine couldn't really change anything about them. A time machine can't save her mother.
Muika - Wouldn't want to risk changing her present, even if there are things she wished never happened in her past.
Ikue - Would use it to explore!

Does your OC care about money?

Masaru - It's important, so even though he's quite rich he's careful with it. It's important to keep track of one's finances!
Kaimu - Doesn't really put too much mind to it, so long as he has enough to live off of he's perfectly fine!
Rin - Can be a bit too generous with it, but has plenty; he's sure to keep track of it though, but not obsessively. He rarely spends it on himself too much so as not to spoil himself too much.
Luca - He has everything he could really want, and food is not a requirement, so it's not really a big deal to him.
Saaya - Yes, but not obsessively so; it's only important because it buys him a place to stay the night or food.
Hibiki - He cares in the sense it helps him get through life.
Narue - Doesn't really put too much mind to it, so long as she has enough to live off of she's perfectly fine!
Riye - It's important, but only because it helps her get through life, and enjoy her interests.
Muika - She cares in the sense it helps her get through life.
Ikue - Knows it's important, but isn't obssessive about it.

Is your OC creative?

Masaru - Somewhat
Kaimu - When it comes to
Rin - Yes, he's an author so creativity is required.
Luca - With his music and medicinal study?
Saaya - Yes!
Hibiki - ...
Narue - Yes!
Riye - Somewhat
Muika - ...
Ikue - A little bit.

Would your OC prefer travelling by plane, boat or train if forced to choose one?

Masaru - Boat, it leaves way for more freedom, and isn't cramped like a train may be.
Kaimu - Boat! He loves the ocean!
Rin - Train, if he had to choose.
Luca - Train, if he had to choose.
Saaya - Boat, relaxing and watching the water is nice.
Hibiki - Train, he likes the water but wouldn't want to be stuck out in it unless it were a swimmable distance.
Narue - Planes! Flyinggg!
Riye - Trains, just because she's used to them overall.
Muika - Trains, she's just more accustomed to them than anything else.
Ikue - Train, she's just more used to it.

How does your OC handle disappointment?

Masaru - Go on like nothing's bother him even if something is, then when he gets found out by Mia (most likely) seek comfort from her.
Kaimu - Weeeeeeh. (Weh at Lakshmi and seek hair playing.)
Rin - Takes a break to rest off disappointment.
Luca - He would become a quiet floof owl, likely made sad bubbles upon submerging himself in the baths if it's serious enough.
Saaya - Find a nice place to sit down and eat a nice meal to eat his problems away~
Hibiki - Sleep it off
Narue - Hold onto Hato-kun
Riye - Curl up on the couch and watch some television.
Muika - Sit curled up in bed if Iyuki isn't home, if he is home then he'd get cat towered.
Ikue - Curl up in bed under her blankets dress in her sweaters at home.

What is your OC's favorite genre of fiction?

Masaru - Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery
Kaimu - He'd likely have fun with any type.
Rin - Romance, Drama, Mystery
Luca - Has not read many fictional stories, but would enjoy a well done fantasy, mystery or romance setting.
Saaya - ???
Hibiki - ... (Won't admit he has some of Aoyama's books.)
Narue - Fantasy, Mystery
Riye - Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Action
Muika - R-Romance...(shh).
Ikue - Drama, or Romance! Fantasy settings are also really fun!

Is your OC more dominant or submissive in relationships?

Masaru - Most would think he's dominant due to his status, but is rather submissive...especially with Mia.
Kaimu - He can be both!
Rin - Would like to be able to gather the nerve to be dominant for Aoi, but is rather submissive when it comes to intimacy.
Luca - Overall submissive, but can attempt being dominant.
Saaya - Doesn't appear like it, but in intimate situations he's the more dominant one.
Hibiki - Overall dominant, doesn't really like appearing submissive.
Narue - E...Eh?
Riye - Overall submissive in both life and intimacy.
Muika - When it comes to fighting and such she's rather dominant, but when it comes to intimacy she's the submissive one.
Ikue - Submissive

If your OC got a free trip and could bring two friends, who would they be?

Masaru - Mia and Nozomi, they all live together but it'd be fun to have something similar to a nice family trip.
Kaimu - Lakshmi and Mia! He would get super pouty, but Mia could drag along Shirakawa if she wanted...
Rin - Aoi and Ruka, even though Ruka would likely go off on her own after spending some time with them... She knows Rin and Aoi on a trip together is a dangerous combo.
Luca - Selena, though unsure of whomelse he would bring...
Saaya - Eh?
Hibiki - Miyako. Why does he gotta bring someone else?
Narue - Anyone that wanted to go with her!
Riye - Fay, of course, and if Fay had anyone she wanted to bring then that would be the second person!
Muika - Iyuki, of course, and Miyako; Iyuki would likely drag along Hibiki so it's not like Miyako will have a chance to miss him.
Ikue - She would love to bring Tsuyoshi, and maybe Testament and Alwin too but she knows that may be weird so it would all have to be separate trips!

What is your OCs favorite breakfast food?

Masaru - Likes all types of food, but curry rice is favorite above all and if he felt there would be no fun poked at him he would have it.
Kaimu - Doesn't have a specific favorite.
Rin - Doesn't have a specific favorite, but fine with his overall food favorites or a traditional or western style breakfast.
Luca - Doesn't have a specific favorite.
Saaya - Okonomiyaki, good food for any time of the day!
Hibiki - Does his favorite foods overall count? Other than that, he's fine with a traditional or western-style breakfast.
Narue - Fine with anything!
Riye - Omurice!
Muika - Happy with whatever Iyuki makes
Ikue - Loves having her overall favorite foods even if they're not breakfast foods.

Does/Can your OC dance?

Masaru - Yes, but only formal dancing.
Kaimu - Yes, but not the most practiced; only learned for formal events back when he was in the academy and was necessary.
Rin - Yes, but only formal dancing.
Luca - Yes, but only formal dancing
Saaya - Yes, but only the types to expect from a traditional entertainer.
Hibiki - No, not practiced.
Narue - Not the most practiced, but can.
Riye - No, not practiced.
Muika - No, not practiced.
Ikue - Yes, but gets embarrassed at people seeing her.


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