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 New Character Questions!

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PostSubject: New Character Questions!   Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:26 am

Since there's a few threads, and people seem to enjoy them, here's a new batch of character questions for everyone to answer if they wish!

Quote :
1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
2. Can your OC whistle?
3. Does your OC snore?
4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
5. Is your OC good at lying?
6. Does your OC like the storms?
7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )
8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?
9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?
10. Does your OC trust others easily?
11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?
12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?
13. What is your OC's astrological sign?
14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?
15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)
16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?

Have fun!!


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「No matter when, I don’t want to forget it.
That smile is my sun.
Because the flood of love won’t stop,
I’m being filled with these feelings.
I want you to let me stay by your side.」

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Posts : 16299
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:27 am

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?

Masaru - Yes, his life is rather busy and work-filled so it's helpful to plan ahead.
Kaimu - It can be nice, though Kaimu has a tendency to ask about doing something or going places only a couple of days or so ahead of time. When it comes to birthday's though he'll plan ahead always.
Rin - Yes, with his work schedule it's good for him to plan ahead, though can do things/go places spontaneously when it comes to Aoi.
Luca – Luca's schedule can be rather varied, but he plans around it as much as possible, but when it comes to his work he has to expect that he could be called in at any moment.
Saaya - Doesn't make a huge habit of it, his life doesn't really call for planning.
Hibiki - Doesn't make a huge habit of it other than planning around his work days.
Narue - Doesn't make a huge habit of it other than planning around her work days.
Riye - Doesn't make a huge habit of it other than planning around her work days.
Muika – She's used to planning ahead after having lived in the cabin where she needed to schedule out her days at least somewhat for training, resting, and going out for food; so now despite living a comfortable life she is used to planning ahead on things if they require it.
Ikue - Yes, she has classes to plan around so she typically keeps important things planned out.

2. Can your OC whistle?

Masaru - Yes, he's decent at it.
Kaimu - Yes, he can well in different ways
Rin - Yes, he's decent at it.
Luca - Yes, he's quite skilled at whistling
Saaya - Yes, he's quite skilled at whistling
Hibiki - Yes, he can whistle well in different ways
Narue - Sort of, not the best at whistling
Riye - No, she never really learned
Muika - Yes, she can whistle well in different ways
Ikue - Yes, she's quite skilled at whistling

3. Does your OC snore?

None of them snore, even during deep, blackout sleeps.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

Masaru – When feeling down he enjoys spending time with Mia or Nozomi, they're the two that make him feel happiest and just their presences are enough.
Kaimu – When feeling down he enjoys bullying Kuroshi [his zanpakutou] at times, but mostly he loves spending time with Lakshmi, or Mia; they can make him happier than bullying Kuroshi ever could.
Rin – He enjoys spending time with Ruka or Aoi if possible, even just through texting, when upset it's rather difficult for him to clear his mind enough for work. If neither are available, he'll get a nap in. Feeling down causes some of his typical tiredness to arise, so why not take advantage of it?
Luca – Playing his instruments is a good way to help him when he's feeling down, either that, or spending talking with Selena, though he is still not the most accustomed to letting Selena know if he's outright feeling down if she's not around.
Saaya - Food keeps him going, doesn't really have a person that motivates him to that extent.
Hibiki – He's not one to let others know if he's upset, but when he is he finds it relaxing/soothing to be around Miyako.
Narue – When feeling down, Narue typically never lets others see her, and will spend time shut up in her room working on making plushies, or reading books, that or in bed holding Hato-kun in more severe circumstances.
Riye – When upset, or feeling down she'll relax in her room or living room and enjoy some television, that or read manga; when Fay's around she'll likely cuddle up to her.
Muika – When upset she'll typically seek Iyuki out and cuddle up to him, his presence itself helps relax her and make her feel better, the attention he gives her is a lovely bonus to help as well.
Ikue – Ikue enjoys curling up in her chair in one of her comfy sweaters with some hot tea when she's upset, she can read, or watch television; if it's late at night she can look up at the stars using her telescope.

5. Is your OC good at lying?

Masaru – He can, but he is a rather honest individual and prefers not to lie about too many things.
Kaimu – Yes, his entire happy nature used to be one big lie in and of itself. Now it's just become permanent, though those close to him know this; when working, he lets that happy nature drop and revert to his rather silent and work-focused true nature. His happy disposition is mostly only real in the sense when he's dealing with loved ones, as they truly do make him happy, for others it's just him being polite.
Rin – Around Aoi, absolutely not; when it comes to others though he can at least avoid some truths. He doesn't associate with many though in a personal sense , so there's hardly a reason for him to lie.
Luca – He can, though for some things he sees no point in lying about, when he keeps something back from others it's mostly because he is still somewhat unfamiliar with sharing thoughts among others.
Saaya - He's fully capable of lying with a smile on his face, but overall is an honest individual.
Hibiki – Despite his nature, he's honest; he is fully capable of creating lies though to avoid certain circumstances, as he needed to when he was still working under Bell's Viper.
Narue – Yes, she can lie rather well even if she prefers not to keep things from others. Her always-happy disposition is at least half a lie overall.
Riye – Riye is only half decent at lying, due to being considered a liar for most of her life she hates having to lie about anything.
Muika – Yes, she's perfectly capable of lying rather well, but rarely does so when it comes to those close to her, with Iyuki she'll be one-hundred percent honest, as she has already sworn to be completely honest with him about anything, even if it's small.
Ikue – No, Ikue's not the best at lying; she doesn't like having to lie to people, so she tries to be as honest as she can with people! Lying can be really mean!

6. Does your OC like the storms?

Masaru - They make going on walks or sitting outside to relax difficult, so he could do without them.
Kaimu - Doesn't mind them overall.
Rin - Doesn't mind the rain, but thunder/lightning is bothersome.
Luca - Doesn't mind them overall.
Saaya - No, he doesn't have a home and he's a traveler so when it rains he's often caught up in it. If he's in an inn and doesn't end up getting soaked he doesn't mind them, and overall can like the sound of the rain when he tries to sleep.
Hibiki - The rain he doesn't mind, it's the humidity that follows that bothers him. Bad storms are annoying though...
Narue - Doesn't like lightning, plus the sun can't be out during storms!
Riye - Storms are worrisome, bad things can happen during them...
Muika - No, if there's thunder/lightning she can become a bit uncomfortable and fidgety if she can't find a way to distract herself.
Ikue - She's afraid of storms.

7. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )

Masaru - Prefers sleeping on his side or stomach, though sometimes on his back.
Kaimu - Prefers sleeping on his side or back.
Rin - Prefers sleeping on his side or stomach, though sometimes on his back.
Luca - Prefers sleeping on his side, but sometimes on his back.
Saaya - Prefers sleeping on his side, but sometimes on his stomach. Sleeps propped up on his back though when in trees.
Hibiki - Prefers sleeping on his side or stomach.
Narue - Prefers sleeping on her back or stomach.
Riye - Prefers sleeping on her side or back.
Muika - Prefers sleeping on her side, or stomach, sometimes her back; so long as she is able to curl up.
Ikue - Prefers sleeping on her stomach, but sometimes on her side.

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?

Masaru – Only if they're close with him, such as Mia; he rather enjoys it when she plays with his hair; if a stranger attempted to touch him though he'd feel quite awkward and back away from them in their attempts.
Kaimu – He enjoys it, it can be nice and feel good, though he also enjoys how Lakshmi tugs at it at certain times.
Rin – Only if it's Aoi really, other than her he doesn't particularly care for it since anyone else that might attempt it would not be someone he knows.
Luca – Doesn't really care, but it can be nice when Selena plays with it.
Saaya - It can feel really nice!
Hibiki – Only Miyako really, anyone else needs to back off...
Narue – Yes! Hair playing is really nice!
Riye -  Yes, it's nice so she doesn't mind it.
Muika – Only if the people trying to play with her hair are really close to her, otherwise it can be a little off-putting; she loves it when Iyuki plays with her hair, and has a tendency to lean into his touch and become a bit cat-like towards the affectionate gesture.
Ikue – She enjoys it, though only if the person playing with it are friends or it's her family giving head pats!

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?

Masaru – Fall out of a tree when introducing himself to someone.
Kaimu – Upon finding out he was a father, he froze, fell over, and then promptly laid on the floor for a few solid minutes in shock. // Attempted to “kill” his daughter's boyfriend. // Forming a relationship with the great granddaughter of the woman that wanted him dead.
Rin – Paralyzing himself accidentally by striking himself with his own weapon and ability.
Luca – Placing snacks given to him in a display case without knowing that was the wrong place to put them.
Saaya - N/A
Hibiki – Get into a “What is a Fetish” conversation with his cousin, Iyuki.
Narue – N/A
Riye -  N/A
Muika – Get into an argument at a public amusement park about her breast size with Iyuki.
Ikue – N/A

10. Does your OC trust others easily?

Masaru - Neutral, he's not distrusting, but he's not overly trusting either. He can give off the nature of easily trusting, but his duties require him not to be.
Kaimu - Overall neutral, but he leans more towards distrusting, it takes time to earn his trust despite his nature.
Rin - Neutral, he's not distrusting, but he's not overly trusting either.
Luca - Neutral, he's not distrusting, but he's not overly trusting either.
Saaya - He would like to, but overall neutral. Not distrusting, but not overly trusting either.
Hibiki - No, it takes time and dedication to earn his trust.
Narue - Yes, she has a tendency to trust others rather easily as long as you're friendly with her.
Riye - Yes, she has a tendency to be very trusting towards others if she thinks they're nice.
Muika - Absolutely not.
Ikue - Yes, she has a tendency to trust others rather easily as long as you're friendly with her.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?

Masaru - Demisexual
Kaimu - Pansexual
Rin - Heterosexual
Luca - Heterosexual
Saaya - ???
Hibiki - Heterosexual
Narue - Aromantic/Asexual
Riye - Pansexual
Muika - Demisexual
Ikue - Heterosexual

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?

Masaru - Japanese
Kaimu - Japanese
Rin - Japanse/French
Luca - Italian
Saaya - Soul Society Native
Hibiki - Japanese
Narue - Japanese
Riye - Japanese
Muika - Japanse/German
Ikue - Japanese

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?

Masaru - Aquarius
Kaimu - Gemini
Rin - Pisces
Luca - Leo
Saaya - Unknown
Hibiki - Pisces
Narue - Libra
Riye - Sagittarius
Muika - Scorpio
Ikue - Virgo

14. Who is your OC's Headcanon Voice?

Masaru - Suzumura Kenichi [seiyuu]
Kaimu - Miyano Mamoru [seiyuu]
Rin - Soraru [utaite]
Luca - nero [utaite]
Saaya - luz [utaite]
Hibiki - Kanseru [utaite]
Narue - Lon [utaite]
Riye -  Not Yet Available.
Muika - wotamin [utaite]
Ikue - Orikasa Fumiko [seiyuu]

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)

Masaru - Rich Boy [Ace Trainer Couple  With Mia], focus' on ice-type Pokemon due to his abilities as an ice-wielder himself.
Kaimu - Veteran [Gale of Darkness Class - Fun Old Man (JK)], trains mainly poison or dark types; poison can be deadly~
Rin - Rich Boy, likes elegant and regal Pokemon.
Luca – Musician, Chimecho is a Pokemon he can enjoy music with though has various psychic types as he likes them.
Saaya - Wanderer
Hibiki - Dragon Tamer, dragons are strong and can hold up well in battle. (Altaria is a dragon, damn it...so what...if it's fluffy...); he also has a Purrloin he eventually “allowed” onto his team, and by allow that means it forced itself in.
Narue – Hex Maniac, loves ghost types and spooky Pokemon! Despite her love of ghost types, she has a Pidove she loves just as much named Hato.
Riye – Breeder, her Steel-type Pokemon are like family!
Muika - Young Couple :: With Iyuki; her primary focus is towards Dark-types, though two out of three are also more cute rather than menacing like her liepard. She...She can like cute things t-too...
Ikue – Psychic, she loves Pokemon related to space and many of them happen to be psychic or fairy types. Plus they're cute! Her goal is to one day encounter the legendary Jirachi! Cyndaquil, despite not a psychic type, is also one of her cute, precious partner Pokemon that she loves just as much!

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?

[The first Pokemon on their teams are their main partner Pokemon, though the rest of their team are also rather close to their trainer just as their main partner!]

Masaru – Glaceon, Cryoganal, Froslass, Kyurem (A baby Kyurem)
Kaimu – Zoroark, Seviper,  Spiritomb, Krookodile, Ariados, Gengar
Rin – Serperior (Shiny), Leavanny, Roserade
Luca – Meowstic (Male), Noctowl, Alakazam, Xatu, Chimecho
Saaya - Unknown
Hibiki – Mightyena, Haxorus, Noivern, Altaria, Larvitar, Glameow
Narue – Banette, Sableye, Yamask, Drifloon, Misdreavus, Pidove
Riye – Skarmory, Lairon, Mawile, Klefki, Beldum, Skitty
Muika – Liepard (Shiny), Sneasel, Zorua
Ikue – Cyndaquil, Clefairy, Reuniclus, Lunatone, Girafarig, Chimecho


[hus-] Haruka (Konoha) | Clear | Kotarou | Masato | Hajime | Ikki | Sakuya | Byakuya [-bandos]

「No matter when, I don’t want to forget it.
That smile is my sun.
Because the flood of love won’t stop,
I’m being filled with these feelings.
I want you to let me stay by your side.」

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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:31 am

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?

-Aoi – .... No. I would like to say she is an adult with adult thoughts but I don't think anything not regarding Rin is planned ahead. Or like boot camps.
-Sarai – She plans and plans and plans the fuck ahead longer than I, her writer, can do so at any given time. Holy fuck.
-Yuzu – She likes to plot certain things ahead, such as important meetings and work. But otherwise, despite her personality, she loves spontaneity.
-Mia – She's a little bad at planning ahead, at least moneywise. She doesn't like other than like freaking schedules for work and such, those she likes to plot out well in advance.
-Selena – Selena has schedules and plans for her schedules and plan. They have to call ahead to change plans okay?
-Yulia – :D ...Is planning a...food?
-Alwin – CAAAT KEEEYBOOOARDS. Wait...planning? :D
-Yysara – She plots out many things, but she's not fond of it. Its habit mostly.
-Miyako – She doesn't really want to, being a teenager of rather typicality...but she knows she should. So Miyako attempts to do some sort of basic planning on her own to learn.
-Tsuyoshi - He doesn't like being tied down to things and tries not to make too many plans beyond the day to day things.
-Apo – Apo would love to schedule her punching and drinking so that she has all the time in the day to do both, but she is miserable at it.

2. Can your OC whistle?

-Aoi – Yes! All sorts, especially those piercing ones that kill your ears.
-Sarai – Only the ear killing kind. She can't hold a tune...
-Yuzu – ...A little. She won't admit she's not too good...
-Mia – Pretty well, especially the kind that involve tunes. She can do a stronger whistle but a piercing whistle would require practice.
-Selena – She really is very very good, but unless its like an attention grabbing one its hidden really well.
-Naki – Piercing whistle only.
-Yulia – Not well at all...
-Alwin – WHISTLING SOUNDS SO FUN I SHOULD DO THAT : D *Purses lips, fails*
-Yysara – ??? Huh?
-Miyako – Not very well, she purses her lips and things come out but they aren't the best whistles.
-Tsuyoshi - Pretty well! Better than he can sing.
-Apo – Whistling is a good way to pass the time! She likes to a lot and knows all sorts of weird whistles and tricks.

3. Does your OC snore?

-Yuzu – Tiny happy snores when she goes to sleep full.
-Naki – Loud ones when she passes out drinking.
-Miyako –  Baby otter snores when she's sleeping utterly deeply. Its more adorable and squeaking whenever it happens... rarely...
-Apo – She has been known to snore the roof off of a place when she has drank waaay waaay too much at times.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

-Aoi – Rin... Her work... She loves her work and thinking about Rin and getting to see him makes her more happy than someone could really imagine. If she's upset, seeing him just makes her better.
-Sarai – There are a few things, but when Sarai feels down she drinks herself into oblivion or finds someone to mess with and make her happier. That and dancing... Those things keep her from getting too bad. Elly really helps now though, she has to keep going to give Elly a good home and place.
-Yuzu – Mm, its complicated for her but she tries not to allow herself to ever be down. When she does get down, it tends to be something the whole family notices and they all pitch in to cheer her up. So her family really keeps her going.
-Mia – Her games and stories and hobbies used to... Now its a combination of those, her father and Masaru and Nozomi. Her friendships... All she has to do is look back on where she was a few months ago and just she feels she can do anything, that anything is possible! Plus Masaru's cute face really helps her smile again... Especially when its cute memories of him Red Pandaing...
-Selena – Her pets... Now Luca and Julian, thinking about seeing them or spending the time together makes her deliriously happy and able to push herself through the worst of work. Her pets mostly because they've always been there and that she adores them so much. She tries not to rely on Kostya too much at least as far as feeling down is concerned.
-Naki – Alwin. Shinies. More shinies to take...
-Yulia – Her friends! She has to be there for them, she can't stay to down!
-Alwin – He... he tries not to feel down. He does his best... That darkness eats at him though and not really much other than Naki, Riichi and Music keep him going.
-Yysara – Her snakes keep her going. They need her, she can't abandon them.
-Miyako – Her family, her work, Hibiki. She always thinks of them when she's down, when she's upset... Her art work helps her think ahead and stops her from freaking at times due to wanting to paint/draw so much more! And Hibiki... if she's down, he'll be down and worry. Above all else, she doesn't want him to have to worry over anything if she can help it. He helps her keep going whenever she feels darkness close in because she can't allow him to be bothered by her feelings.
-Tsuyoshi – Drinking. That and just interesting things in life. Small things like not having tried a local food, or local way of making  a favorite. Seeing a new place... etc.
-Apo – Punching people so hard their clothes fly off... and if that doesn't distract her, drinking. Those... are pretty much things she uses to keep going since she doesn't see her friends often.

5. Is your OC good at lying?

-Aoi – She tends to speak her mind outright, if it is thought she'll say it. However if she knows she's supposed to pretend or lie... It's sometimes impossible to tell when she is not telling the truth.
-Sarai – Oh hell yes.
-Yuzu – She...she tries... and fails... Too blunt.
-Mia – She's really honest, but she's good at omitting things. Lying outright is hard though... Especially to those she's close to.
-Selena – Oh hell yes. Very. Even to those she's close to.
-Naki – : D Lying is her whole life and everything ever.
SHOULD TRY IT. She's only 'good' at lying about her obvious like of romance. Good as in she is just so grumpy about it, its rare they'd look twice.
-Alwin – He's... decent at lying but only if he's thinking to. If he's not it just all pops out.
-Yysara – She...does not really understand it but she does lie about a few things, namely being an arrancar. She will lie and can though if ordered, even if it might annoy her.
-Miyako – She tries to be but she's pretty bad at it. omitting things in one thing, outright lying is harder. If you know her tells, she's very obviously lying.
-Tsuyoshi - His whole damn life is lying. He's pretty good at it.
-Apo – Sorta, she tries sometimes and fails... It really depends on how much she believes the lie or gets into the act first? If she can prepare herself to lie she's fine.

6. Does your OC like the storms?

-Aoi – She's wary of them, though they were useful in some ways to her previous works. They can be a bit startling but she does like to watch lightning play across the clouds.
-Sarai –  Storms are amazing they are falling water and lightning and winds and UUUGH SO PERFECT!
-Yuzu – Storms startle her baby kittens and also they make loud noises and are startling and so she's just cuddling them to soothe them and njust they happen to crawl under the blankets its okay they all just are okay and need love. Totally just for the kittens.
-Mia – Mia hates high wind ones... But she will go out in lightning storms to watch the skyfire play across the clouds. The rain doesn't bother her one bit...
-Selena – Hates them. She drowns out loud thunder and such with music and her own singing. If she's not alone she's fine though...
-Naki – Storms are no fucking big deal. What the shit. I'll just go home holy fuck.
-Yysara – Storms are damp and humid... She likes damp and humid...
-Miyako – She loves storms! If its just rain, especially lots of rain, she'll run out in them and splash around and allow herself to get soaked in warm weather. Thunder storms don't scare her either, the soothing sounds of thunder and such can put her right to sleep.
-Tsuyoshi – He doesn't like thunder, but he likes how rains clear the streets and stuff. He's not either or really about them. Just they aren't too bad as long as they aren't bad.
-Apo – ITS WET AND MY HAIR GETS ALL POOFY... She has been known to go out though in sleeping robes and stand there, staring at the ground while getting soaked though. Even she doesn't understand.

7. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )

-Aoi – She sleeps on her side or back. She likes to be all sprawled out, but Rin keeping her held keeps her from moving.
-Sarai –  Stomach when alone, curled up around a pillow.
-Yuzu –  Her back or sides.
-Mia – Mia likes sleeping on her back or on her side. It keeps her boobs from being too squished and in pain most of the time.
-Selena – Selena likes her sides and back, stomach not so much...
-Naki – Her back.
-Yulia – She sleeps floating in the air...
-Alwin – He likes his stomach.
-Yysara – She likes her back best, it's easier to cuddle all the snakes with her on bottom : D
-Miyako – She likes her back or her stomach, but side is nice too.
-Tsuyoshi – He likes his sides.
-Apo – She likes all ways, all things and all beds. Even people and rocks. She can sleep through and on just about anything, also sleep in any position.

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?

-Aoi – PLS PLAY WITH IT ITS SO NICE : D (even random people to Rin's chagrin)
-Sarai – Please admire from a distance and keep your dirty hands off. Well... you did compliment its softness. Maybe you can... touch a little more.
-Yuzu – I DO NOT LIKE FUR PETS I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I mean hair. Hair pets. *leans into hand*
-Mia – She only likes her friends and those she trusts to, but oh boy does she like them to so much. She could never get enough.
-Selena – Its soothing but not as much as other things.
-Naki – ...Fucking touch it and I'll cut your balls off.
-Alwin – Hair playing is a nice thing? Oh? Yes! Please!
-Yysara – I am not sure I like such things... Please don't.
-Miyako – Aww yisss pet my haaair Hibib... She's happy to be petted and given affection so hair playing is no different. Its not THE GREATEST THING EVER THOUGH.
-Tsuyoshi -  Do not touch me. DO not.
-Apo – She really really likes it.

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?

-Aoi – Hiding under a bed while being proposed to... And then refusing to leave...
-Sarai –  Nothing...really...
-Yuzu – Accidentally tying herself up in the library and getting stuck there while naked after transforming? Ooor attempting to sacrifice herself stupidly for Hideki from an evil monster?
-Mia – Mia has outdone herself folks. Getting too entranced with her oral fixation while tempting Masaru and causing him to fall over flat onto his back as she couldn't help ignoring all signs he was freaking losing control of his legs. YEP. THATS IT FOLKS. HER DUMBEST MOMENT. SHE"S SO FUCKING FLATTERED TOO.
-Selena – Not taking enough precautions and getting SHOT. And then promptly overreacting to Luca's admission of being an arrancar. Maybe trying to force someone to wear stupid engrish shirts...
-Naki – Making a deal with Julian... Never again...
-Yulia – Maybe visiting Division Three?
-Yysara – Nothing really so far...
-Miyako – Used too much energy making a special item out in public, assured someone she'd be safe and fell asleep on a bench in a park while drained of energy while she'd been helping someone after a hollow followed them... Yeeeah...
-Tsuyoshi – Going out without an umbrella?
-Apo – Picking one out of the mountain of stupid things... Would be so impossibly hard really.

10. Does your OC trust others easily?

-Aoi – Mmm it can seem like she does? And she'll trust pretty much anyone with inane things that she doesn't find important. But she's really reaally picky about who she trusts with important things.
-Sarai –  Not at all. Holy shit.
-Yuzu – She tries to pretend she's not... But she trusts those who are nice and helpful, despite trying to put up a not trusting front.
-Mia – Mia trusts too easily at times, but broken trust is almost impossible to restore for her. Only those closest to her could survive that.
-Selena – ...Its hard as shit for her to trust others. She needs immediate connections to do so.
-Naki – <_< She's fucking as trusting as a goddamn starving porcupine who thinks you killed its family and ate them.
-Yulia – Kind of... Serious things are a bit... harder for her to trust on, she's wary with romantic overtures and stuff and the lives of her friends... But everything else she tends to just trust others!
-Yysara – Somewhat... She can trust other's knowledge, but she won't trust others with her inner stuff at all.
-Miyako – Way too trusting ._. She's two steps above the candy van abductions okay?
-Tsuyoshi - Not at all.
-Apo – Not really, but when she does trust its really really strong? She can be a bit gullible when she trusts someone.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?

-Aoi – Heterosexual. She's had to have sex with women and such due to her job but she doesn't feel anything for them.
-Sarai – Asexual, but not Aromantic. She forms romantic bonds with people. She'll... have sex if her partner wants it. Its not impossible for her. She just doesn't feel it without prompting.
-Yuzu – Demisexual, needs a romantic attachment to feel attraction. Would potentially have romance with men or women (moot as of now though...)
-Mia – Bisexual. She likes ladyfolk in romantic/sexual senses like she does menfolk. It just was easier to find her type of men than her ladies.
-Selena – Pansexual. You are attractive or got a good/interesting enough personality? She'd screw ya~
-Naki – Heterosexual. She likes... she likes men... and men accessories...
-Yulia – Pansexual? She's a hollow... she's going to find... things that humans would go uuUUH at attractive. So I guess thats the closest?
-Alwin – Yan. He's Yansexual.
-Yysara – Um maybe... Her human life had a husband but its not like she had a choice in what she was allowed so... Its possible she is something else and I don't know.
-Miyako – Bisexual. Certain types of ladies make her <3 just as much as certain types of men.
-Tsuyoshi - Demisexual. He needs a romantic attachment to get ANY sort of sexual feelings. When he does he can feel them quite a bit but is too withdrawn to act on them really due to his powers.
-Apo – Um not really sure... Males? How sure if that'd be heterosexual or not, because she would like Trans Men as well as those who are more feminine men as well?

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?

-Aoi – Irish/English (Possibly the second)
-Sarai –  Mesopotamian??? She was born in that area a long time ago.. Sorainu is a mystery though.
-Yuzu – Japanese
-Mia – Japanese
-Selena – French
-Naki – German/Romanian?
-Yulia – HOLLOW :D
-Alwin – German
-Yysara – Italian/Danish
-Miyako – Japanese/Korean
-Tsuyoshi - Japanese/Spanish
-Apo – Chinese/Austrian (The body at least, Apo is the Hollow...)

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?

-Aoi – Cusp of Gemini/Cancer (Can be either???)
-Sarai – Leo
-Yuzu – Sagittarius
-Mia – Pisces
-Selena – Taurus
-Naki – Capricorn
-Yulia – Aquarius
-Alwin – Pisces
-Yysara – Gemini
-Miyako – Libra
-Tsuyoshi - Aries
-Apo – Unknown

14. Who is your OC's Headcanon Voice?

-AoiHanatan (Utaite)
-Sarai – atsuko from angela (band)
-YuzuTomoko Kawase (Singer)
-MiaMaaya Sakamoto (Voice Actress/Singer)
-SelenaMARiA (Utaite/Singer)
-Naki – Colleen Clinkenbeard (Voice Actress)
-Yulia – Yui Itsuki (Yousei Teikoku Lead Singer)
-Alwin – Kishō Taniyama (Singer/Voice Actor)
-Yysara – Lead Singer of Cyntia
-MiyakoHimawari (Utaite)
-Tsuyoshi - Yuuichi Nakamura (Voice Actor)
-Apo – Namie Amuro (Singer)

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)

-Aoi – Battle Girl, Fighting types would fit her nicely and they'd practice loots. She probably wouldn't stray too much from that.
-Sarai – Dancer. Just someone like : D oh wow a random dancer running around... What is she doing? : D Hahaahhhahah... No.
-Yuzu – Lady. She would just be a Lady. Super prissy.
-Mia – Sootopolitan. She'd be a secret boss for everyone, just hanging around that one uber champion type guy : D And then AHAHAHAH NO SHE WAS WHO YOU NEEDED ALL ALONG. YES. *chasing cute pokemon through a field wanting to be friends for most of the journey, then at the final cave/area steps forward. : D) [Ace Trainer Couple  With Masaru]
-Selena – Gym Leader/Grand Duchess - Psychic. She would run her gym, using the psychic types for ultimate efficiency even if she doesn't have psychic powers herself. She just finds them neat and they like how orderly her mind is. Off Duty she'd be a Grand Duchess. She gets drunk and hits on the hot trainers in the Battle Chateau.
-Naki – Collector. Rare pokemon to steal rare shit, assholes.
-Yulia – Fairytale Girl. She would be like : DDDDD FAIRY I AM A FAIRY. W-Well...then...
-Alwin – Medium. He just would love ghost types and speak to them tons. TONS.
-Yysara – Scientist, she likes figuring things out and exploring tons so this would be something she would adore.
-Miyako – Furisode Girl. Dancing and Fairy type fit PERFECTLY with her.
-Tsuyoshi - Gambler, he'd have a team of no psychic pokemon and avoid them despite his powers.
-Apo – Mystic. She'd be someone who can talk to pokemon and just goes around traveling, visiting places and learning about them.

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?

-Aoi – Meinshao, Hawlucha, Talonflame, Level 99 Buneary named Rintoo. The bunny is her earliest pokemon and she adores it and refuses to evolve it. It isn't keen to either...
-Sarai – Lugia. She would have only Lugia and ride around on it. That's it guys. Did she even catch it? No one knows. No one fucking knows. I assume it involves her swimming through whirlpools, up waterfalls, underwater and then just bullying into being her buddy. Do not challenge this person using trainer eyes. DO NOT.
-Yuzu – Houndour, Absol, Pangoro. She'd have her cute pet, her elegant amazing pokemon and her bodyguard. :D
-Mia – Hydreigon, Charizard (Mega stone included), Milotic, Garchomp, Volcarona, Sylveon. They would all be pokemon she took in and adored, taking care of them and loving them absolutely. They would trust in her and also be pretty damned strong, high levels due to what she is. Most people wouldn't believe her team is hers... But she trained them all herself!
-Selena – Meowstic, Espeon, Slowking, Musharna. Selena would adore them all, preferring them over the harder hitting ones and just enjoy their more defensive types. Plus three of them are fluffy/soft. Slowking would be awesome to have around anyways.
-Naki – Chandelure, Gengar, Aegislash. She'd want hard hitters, powerful ghosts and also ones that can amuse her. Plus she'd like ones that can help her out, high defense is useful in getting away or not hit. Yesss.
-Yulia – Vivillion, Masquerain, Igglybuff, Carbink. Cute bugs and winged... But ALSO ADORABLE FAIRIES. AAAAH.
-Alwin – Drifblim, Jellicent (female), Phantump, Pumpkaboo. He loves him some adorable and also deliciously evil pokes.
-Yysara – Seviper, Arbok and Metang. She loves her snakes and would love her precious snake pokemon... But a Metang would also be really useful and helpful for her work, so she'd like one as well.
-Miyako – Gardevoir and Sylveon, both fairly high leveled but her only team. They both adore her and protect her and she snuggles them and fills them with love. The ribbon and cape are awesome for dancing too~ Looks nice. She may also eventually get a Bellossom to dance along with, or just befriend them in the wild easier.
-Tsuyoshi – Lucario, Riolu. He'd just have those two, keeping him company and happy. They'd know he's psychic really, but they'd love him too much to bother him and just pretend to make him happy.
-Apo – She never actually caught any of these, but she has a gang of Tyranitar that follow her around and call her Boss in their own language. There's a few lil Pupitars and Larvitars as well that give her adoring eyes. She tends to level most towns on accident at times due to this... Whoops.


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║"Good fortune comes to those who smile"║

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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:59 pm

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
Testament: Plan?  What?
Isaac: Proper planning is key to any activity
Hideki: He usually likes to start out with a rough idea and sort of keep it flexible.  Like speed chess.
Elly: Not planning has gotten her pretty far in life.
Esmerelda: More than she lets on, but what's the point in having concrete plans.  Everything can go tits up by tomorrow.
Kostya: Yes.  Just... slow, meticulous planning.  Or more to speak, he has plans that he thinks on nightly.
Vera: She has Meiko for that!
Alison: She usually makes her plans for the day when she wakes up
Regulus: Plans are rarely necessary.
Julian: Usually has three to four plans running in his head at once
Meiko: Her LIFE is plans.  They encompass her apartment.
Fay: Ehhh *shakes hand as if to say 'sorta'*
Thane: ....HEIST plans?
Lagomorph: Plans ahead, but rarely sees his plans executed well.
Nadia: Doesn't really like to.  She's very good at planning in a crisis state though.
Souma: He spends plenty of time planning.  Just not as far as anyone else knows.
Hua: Only when things are particularly dangerous.

2. Can your OC whistle?
Testament: No.  What is... How do you do that.
Isaac Annoyingly well
Hideki Not really
Elly Kind of?  She can make that sort of airy whistle noise, at least.
Esmerelda: Can whistle rather sharply, which she does when summoning her colossus.
Kostya: He used to be able to.  This mouth is all wrong for it.
Vera: N..No....
Alison Not really
Regulus Better than one would think.
Julian Can sort of whistle in reactions, but not melodically.
Meiko Why would she whistle? That's odd
Fay Likes using whistles to mislead people in a fire fight.
Thane: Nope
Lagomorph: Not now, certainly not before.
Nadia: Maybe once, but she's forgotten how now.
Souma: Doesn't really like whistling, but he CAN.
Hua: No, though she's tried.

3. Does your OC snore?
Elly: Wh-what?  No.. Of course not... Well... not loudly anyway.
Thane: Softly, but definitely.
Nadia: Like a bear.
Souma: Only if he sleeps on his back.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
Testament: Going and meeting some new people : D
Isaac: Grim determination....?
Hideki: Doodling in Librom usually.  Or daydreaming.
Elly: Not that she really ever feels down, but her loved ones help a lot.
Esmerelda: Periods of gross irresponsibility.
Kostya: Violence
Vera: JUNK.  FOOD.
Alison Junk food... which makes her feel worse... It's a cycle.
Regulus: Eh?  Down...?
Julian: Selena would be shocked to know she is his first defense against the blues.
Meiko: .... quasi-anonymous sex with an, at most, acquaintance.
Fay: The happy faces of people she's helped helps.  So do video games.  And lately, of course, Riye.
Thane: Alcoholism!
Lagomorph: Lagomorph takes comfort in the rather long and storied life he's lived.  He doesn't feel like he's missing out too much in his current form.
Nadia: Shut down completely years ago.
Souma: Ulysses is his constant companion against the sads!
Hua: For all her conflict with her mother, when she's truly down, she goes and lays her head on Mama's lap like when she was a kid.

5. Is your OC good at lying?
Testament: At what?
Isaac: Much better than anyone suspects.
Hideki: Sort of, but he doesn't like to.
Elly: No.  God no.  She's terrible at it.
Esmerelda: Quite good, actually
Kostya: Unbelievably so.
Vera: In a sense.  But as herself, not really.
Alison: Decent, as there's some deception involved in her existence, but not very.
Regulus: Lying is cowardice of the mouth.
Julian: Likes to think he's Kostya-good at it.  He's not, but it's not THAT clear of a contrast.
Meiko: Not really.  Hiding her emotions maybe, but not lying.
Fay: But... But lying is what bad guys do!
Thane: He IS a criminal...
Lagomorph: He finds it distasteful.  When he wasn't such a good person he rarely found a use for it.
Nadia: Doesn't care enough to lie about most things.
Souma: Gets too nervous when lying to be effective at it.
Hua: By necessity

6. Does your OC like the storms?
Testament: They're pretty fascinating, yes.
Isaac Thinks they're cool, but doesn't like getting caught in the rain.
Hideki likes them, as long as he's somewhere safe from them.
Elly likes rainstorms, but hates wind.
Esmerelda They're great for dramatic effect : D
Kostya Eh.  They're whatever.
Alison Acts less afraid than Vera, but is about as scared of them.
Regulus Pfft.  You're fucking kidding, right?
Julian Doesn't like them, but he isn't afraid of them or anything.
Meiko Finds them more of a pain in the ass than anything, though sometimes rainstorms are soothing.
Fay: Does some of her best work in the middle of a storm.
Thane: Has been caught in a bad enough storm to be wary of them.
Lagomorph: Sort of has an innate issue with lightning...
Nadia: Gets stressed out if Nyssa is out in a storm.
Souma: HAHA.  N-no.  That'd be... silly... not afraid of storms...*wince*
Hua: Loves the rain, is scared of storms.

7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )
Testament: On his back, fingers threaded over torso.
Isaac: On his back, hands usually under his head.  He also usually keeps a knife under his pillow so that helps.
Hideki Usually on his side or stomach.  Occasionally on his back.
Elly: Side or back, preferably curled around a pillow.
Esmerelda: Either curled up on her small private bed or sprawled out in all directions wherever she slept
Kostya Usually on his sides
Vera: Sides or stomach.  
Alison: Always on her back
Regulus: Sitting, usually somewhat around his sword, stuck into the ground.
Julian: can sleep however.
Meiko can only sleep well on her back.
Fay: Has learned to sleep however, even sitting up.
Thane: Always winds up sleeping on his sides.
Nadia: However she passed out.  ;>_>
Souma: Curled up around something, be it a blanket, or Ulysses.
Hua: Either on her back or her stomach. Can't sleep on her sides.

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?
Testament: Wouldn't know
Isaac: Doesn't mind it
Hideki: It's relaxing but not intimate to him.
Elly: Weellllll... maayyyybee....
Esmerelda: Usually has to fix it when people mess with it.  Iit's someone she knows rather well, maybe.
Kostya: Doesn't really care
Vera: Finds it incredibly soothing and puts her near comatose if it's someone she's close to.  If she was close to anybody.
Alison: Noooo, you'll mess it up!  Worked SO hard on haaaiiirrr..
Regulus: Hah.
Julian: Likes it but would never admit it.
Meiko: Doesn't mind it, but mostly enjoys the admiration.
Fay: Only from someone she's super close to, but she turns into silly putty.
Thane: Is protective of letting people mess with his hair because he's sensitive to it.
Nadia: Enjoys it being pulled during certain scenarios, but otherwise doesn't care.
Souma: Thinks it's relaxing but doesn't care much more than that.
Hua: Doesn't like it unless it's someone very close to her.

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?
Testament: Launch himself into space.
Isaac: Jumping into the arctic ocean is probably up there.
Hideki: The infamous stair cart jump.
Elly: Lied about eating cake... immediately after eating cake in front of the person she was lying to.
Esmerelda: Leave a certain lover...
Kostya: He'd count his third wife as a dumb thing.
Vera: Let herself get left for dead by an ex.
Alison: Slept with a married man once.  It didn't turn out well.
Regulus: Most of his actions are inherently dumb.
Julian: Hasn't really been around long enough to do anything stupid.
Meiko: Flailed herself, so to speak, uselessly at an uninterested shinigami.
Fay: Once, drunkenly, decided to fight several hollows without realizing she was still in gigai.
Thane: Got involved in Naki's arrangement with Julian.
Lagomorph: Let himself get beaten by a little girl.
Nadia: Most days, she would consider getting up the new dumbest thing she's ever done.
Souma: Slowed time during a sneeze once.  Never again.
Hua: Would not go on boats till she was sixty because her Mama told her when she was little they couldn't cross running water to keep her from playing near rivers.

10. Does your OC trust others easily?
Testament: Too easily, if anything
Isaac: He can appear like he trusts others, but is usually still reserving some doubts
Hideki: Trusts people easily enough unless given reason not to.
Elly: Is almost recklessly trusting
Esmerelda: Barely trusts herself, much less others.
Kostya: His trust is slow to build, but pretty firm once it's there.
Vera: Has considered it a mistake every time she's trusted anybody in the past, so she's wary now.
Alison: Is far too trusting for her own well being.
Regulus: The only time someone is truly trustworthy is when they're dead.
Julian: He trusts Selena... that's... basically it.
Meiko: Is trusting of others, but mostly because she doesn't consider herself trustworthy.
Fay: Has a pretty good bullshit detector, so trusts people when they don't set it off.
Thane: His life has not allowed him that luxury, no.
Lagomorph: Sees good in most people, but knows a bad egg when he smells one (Hah.  Rabbit jokes)
Nadia: Her trust is the gooey center, surrounded by a hard shell of spite.
Souma: Has plenty of time to examine others' actions, so he tends to be fairly trusting.
Hua: Innately, yes. Though she's been raised not to be.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?
Testament: ???, could be considered pansexual, but his orientation could really be locked in to something else as he experiences things.
Isaac: Heterosexual
Hideki: 99% Heterosexual.
Elly: Birgittesexual.  Not really attracted to women at all, besides her.
Esmerelda: Pansexual.  Once she finds something attractive about someone, she doesn't mind what else they are.
Kostya: Heterosexual.  He does like him some ladies.
Vera: Pansexual.  She wouldn't admit it out loud unless she was particularly vulnerable, but she could be attracted to just about anyone who cares for her.
Alison: Bisexual.  Is attracted to any pretty guy, as well as the right type of lady.
Regulus: Heterosexual, excusing one "for dominance" sort of exception.
Julian: Bisexual.  Enjoys provoking vulnerability in others.  You can get that from either gender.
Meiko: Lesbian.  She's had sex with men but didn't particularly care for it.
Fay: Lesbian.  Could have been considered demisexual with a very strong female leaning, but Riye has sort of solidified her opinion on the matter.
Thane: Bisexual.  He's not exactly in the closet, but he does like keeping it to himself, since he tends to be more vulnerable towards men. (I.E. subs for dudes)
Lagomorph: If he even has an orientation, I'd say heterosexual.
Nadia: Heterosexual.  Technically, if a woman fit all of her preferences, she'd be happy with that too, but she's never considered it and it would be awfully hard to find a woman who fits those criteria.
Souma: ???, I know he likes women, but he hasn't really been in a situation with a male for me to gauge how he is about them.
Hua: Bisexual... Though ;>_> don't tell Mama that.

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?
Testament: N/A?  His Cara at least resembles Japanese
Isaac: Jewish/Irish
Hideki: Japanese
Elly: English
Esmerelda: Romanian
Kostya: Russian as hell
Vera: White?  Hard to say for an orphan
Fay: Japanese/Romanian
Thane: Brazilian with a dash of japanese
Lagomorph: Harlequin/New Zealand mix
Nadia: Arabian
Souma: Japanese
Hua: Chinese

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?
Vera: Considered Ares
Nadia: Was a virgo, is now a Leo

14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?
Isaac: Paul Dobson
Vera: Tara Strong (I always heard it similar to her Raven voice, but a little older and less 'mysterious'.
Lagomorph: Benedict Cumberbatch

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)

Thane: Team Rocket?

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?

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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:53 pm

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
Setsuna: Being ill prepared will most certainly lead to an ill met fate.
Norma: Fucken aye. Can't always run around balls to the wall.
Ai: For the most part yes, but a little spontaneity is always nice.
Daiji: W-w-well, I l-like to do my b-best.
Sunny:Just depends on what I'm planning for.
Lada:Yes, but only because Selena makes me.
Temperance: Most certainly, but from time to time riding by the seat of ones pants can be...fun.
2. Can your OC whistle?

Setsuna:Ladies do not whistle.
Norma:I don't even have my own fuckin teeth. Fuck you!
Ai:Oh dear, have you not met my mother?
Daiji:Um...kinda, but not very well.
Sunny:I love to whistle!
Lada:Sure, but I don't really do it.
Temperance:Of course I can. What fool doesn't know how to whistle.
3. Does your OC snore?
Norma is the only one who snores.
4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
Setsuna:Duty, duty is what keeps me going. Do I look like I have time to be sad? Ask someone else these trivial questions.
Norma:I fuckin have a drink. You're right dumb, ya know that?
Ai:Well, I do needle point and talk to Yasu. I don't know how I'd function without him.
Zarden:I don't have time for sadness.
Daiji:When I am sad....I....I...I read something, anything.
Sunny:When I get sad, I just have to talk to someone. Anyone who will sit and listen.
Lada:I play video games. It helps escape the pain.
Temperance:I just deal with it.
5. Is your OC good at lying?
Setsuna:Good? Darling, I made it an art form.
Norma:Fuck lyin, I'd rather tell you the truth an let ye get on with yourself.
Ai:I can, but I'd rather not.
Zarden:It is a skill, everyone should equip themselves with.
Daiji:I'm...afr-fraid not.
Sunny:I am a terrible liar. So I make it a point to not even try.
Lada:Sadly, no.
Temperance:Liars are the same as thieves in my book, and I am no thief.
6. Does your OC like the storms?
Only Lada and Daiji are bothered by storms. The others are all indifferent. Lada doesn't like the potential to fry her electronics, and Daiji is a pussy.
7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )
Setsuna:I sleep on my back. Naturally to keep the pillow lines off my face.
Norma:I sleep in a recliner. I hurt to friggin bad to lay in a bed.
Ai: I sleep on my back. Mother always said it helped a lady look youthful.
Zarden:I sleep on my side. Are we done?
Daiji:I-I-I prefer to sleep on my stomach.
Sunny:I find my left side to be most comfortable.
Lada: I can sleep anyway. Doesn't really matter to me.
Temperance: I don't sleep a whole lot, but when I do it's on my side.
8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?
Setsuna:Don't touch my hair.
Norma:Keep your grubby hands out of my hair.
Ai:I'd rather you didn't.
Daiji:Uh...uh...uh *runs away*
Sunny:Yes yes yes!
Lada:Whatever floats your boat.
Temperance:I don't mind it, if your hands are clean.
9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?
Setsuna:I once threw a child out of a third story window, but really I should have received more praise for that. The mongrel had it coming.
Norma:Answering any of these fuckin questions.
Ai: Well, once I poured bleach in the wrong tub of clothes. Ruined all of mother's uniforms.
Zarden:I don't do, dumb things.
Daiji:Do I have to say? Really? I popped a boner the first time I met Kaimu. Please don't tell Captain Mura!
Sunny:Nothing yet.
Lada:Nothing yet.
Temperance:Nothing yet.

10. Does your OC trust others easily?
Lada is the only one who is super trusting. The others are all pretty skeptical.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?
Setsuna:SS native, whatever that is.
Norma:Irish, but is also a SS native.
Ai:SS Native
Zarden:SS Native
Sunny:New Zealander
Temperance:Non-specified European

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?
Zarden: Aquarius

14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?
Setsuna:Julie Andrews
Norma:Ethel Merman
Ai:Aya Hisakawa
Zarden:Kenichiro Matsuda
Daiji:Atsushi Kisaichi
Sunny:Kamiya Hiroshi

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)
Setsuna:Grand Duchess, with a mix of psychic and ghost types.
Norma:Veteran, with ghost type pokemon.
Ai:Old Couple with Yasu, and Ai would have fairy pokemon while Yasu had ground.
Zarden:Dragon Tamer, dragon type pokes duh.
Daiji:Youngster, with normal type pokes.
Sunny:Grand Duke, with grass type pokemon.
Lada:Lass with electric type.
Temperance:Lady with ground type pokemon.

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?
Setsuna:Giratina, Mismagius, Sableye, Espeon, Reuniclus, and Meowstic(F)
Norma:Gengar, Spiritomb, Gourgeist, Litwick, Drifblim, and Shedinja
Ai:Whimsicott, Togetic, Azumarill, Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, and Aromatisse
Zarden: Dragonite, Kingdra, Garchomp, Haxorus, Dragalge, and Noivern
Daiji: Eevee, Audino, Blissy, Persian, Lillipup, and Teddiursa
Sunny:Shaymin, Bellossom, Meganium, Tropius, Abomasnow, and Sawsbuck
Lada:Pichu, Flaaffy, Elekid, Pachirisu, Joltik, and Dedenne
Temperance:Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Donphan, Gastrodon, Excadrill, and Marowak


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1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?

Obie: He’s not really one for planning, his day-to-day life has a nice routine to it that he’d like to stick with as much as he possibly can.

Yukari: Most of the time, proper science takes some planning after all! But when it’s not for work she doesn’t really plan anything. It’s all too boring, *siiiiiiigh*.

Bart: Naaaaaaah! Just go with what goes off the top of your head! What could go wrong? :D

Machiko: Oh yes, completely. You don't become a competent enforcer just flying off the seat of your pants, after all.

2. Can your OC whistle?

Obie: He’s much more of a humming person than a whistling one. Mainly while making tea or working in his garden.

Yukari: Really likes to whistle while she works. Which might seem a bit unnerving because she’s always surrounded by bombs and bomb accessories.

Bart: He can, and he usually does that or hum while he cooks!

Machiko: She has the ability to, but usually doesn't. She just doesn't really see any point it doing it, really.

3. Does your OC snore?

Obie: Not really. (It would give away where he was to any sneaky spooky people sshhhh)

Yukari: Occasionally she’ll snore snort in her sleep, but it’s not very regular.

Bart: Nope! Hard to do that when you're sleeping with your eyes open and your back to the wall. :D

Machiko: Very very softly when she's feeling really comfortable, which is a bit common now that she's older.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

Obie: If Obie ever gets to really feeling sad, he’d probably go through a whole tea ceremony for himself and make it really nice and comforting to reassure him. He wouldn’t want to try to garden while sad because the veggies deserve better than that.

Yukari: One of Yukari’s greatest joys is her job, so she’d most likely just try to jump into some big project that would take all her attention to accomplish.

Bart: Feeling down? What's that? Bart always happy all the time to have all his friends around!

Machiko: Knowing that she still has her Yakuza family there for her if she needs them.

5. Is your OC good at lying?

Obie: Obie’s too afraid to lie to anyone, especially higher ranked or older people, so he’s never really tried.

Yukari: She’s about an average liar, she just hasn’t really had any real excuses to do it.

Bart: He's excellent at it. Not to mention he used to do it all the time when he was alive. But mostly to himself.

Machiko: Not really, she's a proper business lady, so she tries to tell the truth all the time every time. Unless ordered to.

6. Does your OC like the storms?

Obie: Rain is really important for the growth of vegetables, after all! But you add any lightning, wind or thunder to it and hahahaha nope he’s out. Hide back in the pillow fort until its over.

Yukari: It really depends: If she’s trying to test out explosives and it’s keeping her from going outside, huge bummer and it sucks. But if she’s off work and moping about in her room or in town, it makes a nice distraction.

Bart: There's a bright side to all kinds of weather, so Bart doesn't mind them at all. But even so, sunny weather is always his favorite!

Machiko: A really nice rainfall definitely helps her relax, but a thunderstorm not so much.

7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )

Obie: Usually stays flat on his back surrounded by his many pillows. He’s a pretty deep sleeper too, so he doesn’t move around too much.

Yukari: Starts out sleeping on her back, but almost always ends up curled in a ball at the foot of her bed. Kinda makes making the bed a bit annoying >_>

Bart: Eyes open, back to the wall, smile wide :D

Machiko: Usually sleeps on her side, hugging one of her pillows

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?

Obie: Not really! Normally it’d be a super creepy thing for someone to do to him, especially if they play with his top-knot, and would really only be less creepy if he really really knows you well.

Yukari: As long as it’s not during work, she’s alright with it, mostly. She takes time to braid her hair like that, she doesn’t mind a few people admiring it every once in a while.

Bart: NO TOUCH! PLEASE! Nothing personal of course.

Machiko: Yes. She does much.

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?

Obie: He once mixed the seed packets up for one harvest and made an entire garden full of pumpkins. There were supposed to be potatoes and other stuff, but nope. Nothin’ but pumpkins.

Yukari: The whole “messing with unstable explosives with your bare hands and then it exploding in said hands and killing the nerve endings in your fingers and blackening the tips oops” incident. Not her brightest moment, but also a learning experience!

Bart: Getting lost in the Swiss Alps when told by his cousins to get some firewood. In his defense, they kinda wanted him to get lost, though...

Machiko: In retrospect? Trying to pickpocket a Yakuza boss as a kid. But it got her where she is now, so maybe not that dumb...

10. Does your OC trust others easily?

Obie: After the initial MAJOR PANIC of his first meeting with… nearly everyone, he’s usually trusting of people. Unless they’re especially spooky.

Yukari: She’s pretty trusting of people, but if you help her with her research in any way shape or form you’re gonna be her best friend forevers. Whether you want it or not.

Bart: Of course! Why wouldn't he? New friends are always great to have. :D

Machiko: Trust is something that needs to be earned. Slowly. While you're being watched a lot.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?

Obie: Heterosexual.

Yukari: Bisexual, leaning mostly male. But you have to be preeeeeety great to draw her attention away from work. Or just really interesting and catch her off-duty.

Bart: Smile-sexual. (but really probably Hetero if he ever figured out how to relationship)

Machiko: Lesbian

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?

Obie: Pure Shinigami (does that count?)

Yukari: Middle Eastern/Japanese mix.

Bart: British Caucasian

Machiko: African/Japanese mix. Shows more African on her, though.

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?

Obie: Libra.


Bart: Pisces!

Machiko: Gemini

14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?

Obie: Todd Haberkorn

Yukari: Laura Bailey

Bart: Kouki Uchiyama

Machiko: Grey DeLisle

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)

Obie: Gardener. All the way. Just all gardens all the time.

Yukari: She’d probably be an Engineer or Frontier Brain. A Scientist as a last possible choice >_>

Bart: Chef! :D

Machiko: Probably a [Evil Team Name Here] Admin.

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?

Obie: Dugtrio, Excadrill, Bellossom, Cheerium, Whiscash, and maybe even a Shaymin.

Yukari: Electrode, Weezing, Typhlosion, Exploud, Pyroar, Forretress. JUST ALL EXPLOSIONS ALL THE TIME

Bart: Chansey, Blissey, Blissey, Chansey, Chansey, Stoutland.

Machiko: Bisharp, Houndoom, Lucario, Hitmonlee, Probopass, and a Mawhile

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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:23 pm

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
Lakshmi: Plans are the basis of her daily life, she has to plan quite a bit though she doesn't particularly dislike or like it. It just is something required.
Iyuki: He adores planning, it is one thing he is rather fond of. Structure and order make happy lives!

2. Can your OC whistle?
Lakshmi: She can whistle loudly and attention getting wise, but not very well musically. She hasn't mastered the trick to whistling while breathing in yet.
Iyuki: He can whistle softly and can do the one with your fingers in your mouth, as well as musically... However they are not the greatest at times.

3. Does your OC snore?
Neither snore.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
Lakshmi: Kaimu, thinking of or being near him keeps her going when she's down. Before Kaimu it was drinking and attempting to find someone to distract her by sleeping with her.
Iyuki: Muika does and his plans for the future. When he is upset, he thinks of those and of Muika or uses her as a snuggling replacement.

5. Is your OC good at lying?
Lakshmi: Rather good, especially with those that don't know her. Kaimu is getting better at reading her when she is though...
Iyuki: He is rather miserably... He practices but it is never really any good.

6. Does your OC like the storms?
Lakshmi: She loves them, the wind and the lightning and the thunder... She'll go out barefoot and barely dressed if allowed to feel those elements on her skin. If she didn't have a chain-healing Zanpakuto, she would have a storm based one.
Iyuki: He isn't fond of them, but they are not too scary. Mostly can cause annoyance in getting to and from work or when power goes out.

7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )
Lakshmi: She can sleep in any position and likes to. Mostly she sleeps curled up or how her lover wants her though. Kaimu is allowed to move her as he sees fit to get comfortable since years of working in the medical Division has caused her to even be able to sleep in uncomfortable chairs.
Iyuki: He prefers on his stomach or side. Preferably squished in Muika's chest.

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?
Lakshmi: She likes it when Kaimu does, but she is not fond of others touching it. Lovers only really...
Iyuki: He adores it, though mostly Muika because it can set him off in a manner than he wouldn't want others to do to him.

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?
Lakshmi: Forget her own spell's side effect/warning sign of its failure and end up pregnant. Either that or sleeping with a rogue shinigami she'd never met before and end up utterly entranced with him despite her own grandmother's wish for his death or imprisonment.
Iyuki: Rifle through a woman's underwear drawer... After breaking into her cabin... Or have an argument over boobs in a public amusement park.

10. Does your OC trust others easily?
Lakshmi: She tries to and tends to, but at the same time years and experience force her to stop being so trusting or to always look at it from how someone might gain from her trust. Lakshmi can drop trust at those times...
Iyuki: He is very trusting.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?
Lakshmi: Pansexual
Iyuki: Heterosexual

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?
Lakshmi: Half Indian, Half Japanese
Iyuki: Japanese

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?
Lakshmi: Virgo
Iyuki: Scorpio

14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?
Lakshmi: Youhna (Musician)
Iyuki: Tatsurou  (Lead Singer of MUCC)

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)
Lakshmi: Doctor. She would forever be a doctor, going out and healing those who need it out in the field... She'd be both a pokemon and human doctor and would at times travel with Kaimu around. Lakshmi would definitely prefer to leave the battling up to him.
Iyuki: Young Couple Trainer with Muika. He would definitely be unable to go out alone and would only fight alongside her really.

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?
Lakshmi: Blissey, Ninetails, Lapras. She would have a healing pokemon and two others that were her partners. Elegant and useful companions, she would adore her entire team as they would definitely help her out quite a bit.
Iyuki: One level 100 Shiny Audino. It would heal and help Muika's team while also being as sweet as her trainer.
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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:06 am

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?
Des: on certain matters she'll plan ahead but a lot of times she's impulsive
Levi: Prefers to live in the moment
Kanu: Plans quite a bit ahead
2. Can your OC whistle?
Des and Levi yes. Kanu can't due to his canine face
3. Does your OC snore?
Kanu is the only one who snores.
4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?
Des: A future husband
Levi: When Abelinda is feeling down she turns to Levi to make her feel better
Kanu: Whores
5. Is your OC good at lying?
Des: No
Levi: Levi herself is atrocious at it, Abelinda is a master at it
Kanu: Doesn't believe in lying
6. Does your OC like the storms?
des: No, it makes her long to be cuddled
Levi: Yes, reminds her of her younger days
Kanu: Indifferent
7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )
Des: on her back, old habit from always having to be prepared at a oment noticed
Levi: In a coil
Kanu: On his back sprawled out. Such a gentleman
8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?
Des: Yes
Levi: Levi does, abelinda doesn't, she despise affection
Kanu: Does having it pulled count as playing <____<
9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?
Des: Bought a museum to catch a bount <_<
Levi: Lost a DS when she accidentally dropped it into her mouth
10. Does your OC trust others easily?
Des: Not initially
Levi: Yes
Kanu: sometimes
11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?
Des: Bi-curious. 95% male and 5% female.
Levi: Levi is still unknown she has the mind of a child just before puberty for the most part. Abelinda is pansexual, she'd fuck anyone if she felt the urge
Kanu: same as Abelinda
12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?
Des: South American
Levi: aboriginal
Kanu: European at one point
13. What is your OC's astrological sign?
Des: Saug
Levi: Scorpio
Kanu: scorpio
14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?
Des: Uhhhh, Lana from Archr probably
Levi: Levi would sound like a valley girl, Abelinda sounds more like Aubrey Plaza
Kanu: Ursa
15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)
<___< I can't remember the classes so pass
16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?
Des: Fighters
Abelinda: Dragon
Kanu: Dark
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PostSubject: Re: New Character Questions!   Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:46 pm

1. Does your OC like to plan ahead?

Zeraphin: Yes. Zeraphin is actually all about planning. From what clothes to wear, to how to approach, to how to fight. Every single word, action and movement is carefully planned beforehand. His whole life actually is all about planning.

Xarath: Not so much. If it is part of his duty as the 7th Division captain he will do it, otherwise he could not care less and usually just see where the day takes him.

Lucian: He will have a plan if somebody else has a plan. If Sarai tells him to do something he will do it. But otherwise he just cares too little to plan anything whatsoever.

2. Can your OC whistle?

Zeraphin: No. Absolutely not. He has tried to learn it however [hello? He wants to KNOW everything], but failed.

Xarath: Yes. He also often whistles when being alone and getting dressed. Usually songs he enjoys.

Lucian: Yes. Though besides a playful whistle, as rare as that happens, he does not make use of this ability.

3. Does your OC snore?

Zeraphin: No. Any kind of noise would actually wake him up. He'd notice immediately if he were to snore, wake up and then, in turn, would not be snoring.

Xarath: A lady does not snore!!! Ok, maybe, sometimes. But he has to be very deeply asleep and maybe even drunk.

Lucian: He would snore if he were to sleep on his back. However the chance of him doing that is close to zero. So don't expect him to.

4. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

Zeraphin: He is unable to feel happiness or sadness. Neither can he feel up - glad, cheerful, playful, etc - nor down - depressed, tired, stressed. As he cannot feel down he also needs nobody to keep him going.

Xarath: Rolling underneath his bed to drown in self-pity until he seems it fit enough to emerge again and start anew. And shopping. Lot's of shopping...

Lucian: He has nobody or anything that could keep him going. As a human it would have been his kids, now that he knows nothing about them he just keeps on going because it is simply something to do. If he is down he is very depressed however and usually needs quite some time to push himself back out of it.

5. Is your OC good at lying?

Zeraphin: Maybe? It has never been tested. Zeraphin cannot be arsed to lie and therefore never, ever even bothers to do it. That is the main issue people have with him - his blunt honesty.

Xarath: Haha that depends. If he himself believes that lie he is voicing that sure, he is very, very good in it. However if he knows he is lying it is not hard for people to notice so - he starts to stutter.

Lucian: He has no problem with lying and if needed will do so. If he is any good in it or not depends on the lie and/or situation.

6. Does your OC like the storms?

Zeraphin: He is interested the science behind it - otherwise he could not care less about the weather.

Xarath: He loves curling up underneath a blanket and listening to a storm. He does not need to be out there in it however. Though if it happens it just happens.

Lucian: He is not fond of rain at all. Therefore it might make him grumpy and if he has to head out in one he'll bitch. A lot.

7. What position does your OC sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )

Zeraphin: On his back, with his arms resting at his sides and being stiff like a board. At least until he falls fully asleep. Then he slowly turns onto his side, often the left one. However he is not one to toss and turn.

Xarath: Curled up underneath a pile of blankets - the smaller his body becomes the better.

Lucian: He prefers sleeping underneath furniture - be it a bed, a table, a stool - whatever it is. However if he sleeps on the bed he is a very restless sleeper. Then he is sprawled out and more often then not falls off the bed during the night and just continues to sleep on the floor - very often on his belly.

8.Does your OC like it when people play with their hair?

Zeraphin: He would not know. So far nobody has liked him enough, not even his parents, to actually dare and touch him in kindness.

Xarath: Yes. Especially when brushing and styling it. Hairdresses are his secret weakness.

Lucian: It has him purr like a kitten.

9. What's the dumbest thing your OC has ever done?

Zeraphin: He is Zeraphin. He does not do dumb things. Ever. [Of course, other characters might disagree...]

Xarath: Judging Masaru because he reminded him of himself [without him actually knowing]. He was[/still is] unable to look at his reflection - looking at Masaru had him lash out. It is nothing he is very proud of even now.

Lucian: He has done a whole series of dumb things, however none really stands out.

10. Does your OC trust others easily?

Zeraphin: He never, ever trusts anybody at all. Therefore he neither cares about picking a side nor is loyal himself.

Xarath: It depends. He trusts people to do their work. He trusts them on the battlefield. He does not trust them with his own private affairs however and more often than not hides away in fear people will judge.

Lucian: No.

11. What is your OC's sexual orientation?

Zeraphin: Asexual. He is not drawn to females due to his mother. He is not drawn to males because he is not unfair enough to only judge every female simply because of one. He does not understand the concept of love. Be it simple friendship, love parents have for their child or lovers have. He has never been taught or had the fortune to experience it. However he is curious enough to ask others, who experience it, how they feel about it.

Xarath: Gay. Fabulously gay.

Lucian: Gay, bordering on asexual. He finds himself staring at males longer than females but not even he himself knows if it is due to being drawn to males or because of the bodily power they pocess.

12. What is your OC's ethenticity/race?

Zeraphin: Austrian.

Xarath: SS Native.

Lucian: American/British mix.

13. What is your OC's astrological sign?

Zeraphin: Scorpio

Xarath: Does not know his birthday [*cough*Gemini*cough*]

Lucian: Does not know his birthday [*cough*Capricorn*cough*]

14. Who's your OC's Headcanon Voice?

Zeraphin: Dero from the German band Oomph! He could speak Japanese fluently [and a few other languages too], however always keeps a heavy German accent when he speaks.

Xarath: Miyano Mamoru

Lucian: Brian Hugh Warner//Marilyn Manson

15. What class of Pokemon trainer would your OC be? (ex. Lass, Veteran, Rich Boy)

Zeraphin: Ruin Maniac

Xarath: Painter

Lucian: Lumiose Gang Member

16. What team of Pokemon would your OC have?
* ignoring the trainer class there <<'

Zeraphin: Fynx; Arcanine; Haunter; Alakazam; Spheal; Whimsicott

Xarath: Serperior; Arbok; Houndoom; Delcatty; Roselia; Zoroark

Lucian: Charizard; Scyther; Aipom; Zangoose; Luxray; Gliscor

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New Character Questions!
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