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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Bount Information!

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The ArchKitty


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PostSubject: Bount Information!   Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:45 am


Mysterious soul eating beings who prey on the souls of the living and dead! They existed in Bleach Filler for reasons and they of course exist here too! However to work with our realm (and not make everything ever some sort of science experiment gone wrong) we decided to make them their own real life naturally occurring raaace!

What does that mean? Well there are a few things to keep in mind then. Bounts occur naturally, which means they have to exist somehow outside of having been made. So I will now explain Bounts!

A few thousand or so years ago a Hi-Spec Human and an Arrancar fell in love or lust and ended up impregnating her. Now as things are wont to happen, generally if this rare event occurs a child is one thing or another? However the Hi-spec had odd powers that were lost to time and legend and the child inside of her ended up mutating.

And that's how the bounts formed yaaay. Once old enough, they stop aging (much like how arrancar can seem to last for quite a while with barely any changes) and once they get their doll require souls to survive (though those that can get to Hueco Mundo could live there fine since it'd feed them just the same). These soul eating monsters are generally why mixing between the races is not... if not forbidden, but seemed to look down on and generally doesn't happen outside of isolated incidents.

How are Bounts that rare? And wouldn't they just eat up souls and upset the balance and all that?

Well see, Bounts are sterile, at least the men! Females can have babies, but all babies born of a female bount are a bount and males are more likely to be born than females. Thus their numbers are kept insanely low, almost always on the brink of extinction! Yaaay.

Aaand when they die, they turn into spiritual particles, all the particles and such they absorbed over their life freed as well! So they aren't really a threat to the balance unless their numbers grow and they absorb too many souls. Which is hard to do since CLOSE TO DYING ALL THE TIME.

No race generally likes them, due to a variety of factors, but bounts one on one seem to be fineish. Since they grow up isolate and away from other races, they all seem to have their own morals and feelings on things. There is no real group or gather of bounts, though most seem to know OF or about others unless they cut themselves off entirely.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Bounts generally have to eat souls to stay alive. If they don't either from living or dead, they will turn to dust.

  • Bounts Dolls form when they are in their late teens to early twenties. You're given leeway on this, they sort of get it in a sort of weird puberty thing. Once the doll forms though, they need to eat souls to stay alive! Before that they could subsist off of regular food and stuff if they wanted! Since they absorb souls they don't need to eat! Yaay.

  • A doll, since they form from an Arrancar/human hybrid, is more like an arrancars release in terms of how it works in that such as altering (slightly) their bodies or attached, though they are not entirely arrancar. They are a hybrid, so generally its some sort of item that provides a physical support or attaches to the body in some way at least partially (Or even only part of the time, but can detach?).

  • Dolls can be sentient and talk out loud for others to hear them, though some might not be! In this it all depends on the user because of how Bounts are formed on this site!

  • They generally live apart from the other races and most (if they even do so, since I doubt a lot of them care) trace their lines maternally since that is the only way to really do so with them. Male Bounts can not have children ever, so one bount could have an arrancar for a father or one could have a perfectly normal human or... anything?

And that's it for now. If anyone has questions just say something.


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Bount Information!
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