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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Damn weird dream...

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PostSubject: Damn weird dream...   Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:48 am

I had a freaky weird dream last night, as soon as I got to work I started typing it up before I forgot it. I definately have forgotten some of the end part, I don't know if anyone is able to make some sense out of that, but it kinda freaked me out. I wanted to share it. So here it is:

It started as what seemed to be a normal evening. I was invited for dinner with some family members to a local restaurant that we all like. Things went well, I was parked on a side street, along with my mom. After we got done with our meal, I was slightly displeased that my portion was so meager, but I did not hold any regards. I was walking down with my mother to our cars, when she suddenly saw a girl through a window of an appartment building. She ended up putting both of her hands through and window and pulled that girl out of there. She was talking to her, telling that she was new in the area and that she was not aware of what it went here. The girl one confused. After some chatting, where the girl started being worried, my mom proceded into... raping her. Don’t ask me where she found the D, but she sure had it. As she was raping her, in the window where she dragged her out, two man showed up, and before we knew it, on of the man shoot the other one. The dead body was hanging over the window, which did not help that girl now she was completely in shocked and scared to death. After my mom got done with her, well I ended up raping her as well... During that time, my mom was talking to her, explaining her that we saved her life by dragging her out of that murder, else she would have most likely got killed as well. She would not hear it... She was obviously not happy about the situation. Shortly after I was done to, we just returned to our cars and left for home. I was a little embarassed because she would be able to see what kind of car I had and where I was going with it, but I did not think much of it.

As I reached out for my house, I get down of the car and look back in the direction of the street where this all occured, she was there, looking in my direction. I suddenly started to feel very uncomfortable. So I go in and slightly close the door. Knowing that my coat I had on was most noticeable thing on me, I decided to put it away and hide it.

Shortly thereafter, a co-worker should up at my house, and we start just chatting about nothing really interesting, as we were talking he started to have this really uncomfortable look on his face. As I ask him what’s going on, he pulled down his pants (he’s about 350 lbs btw) and started doing this massive diareah, directly in my bathroom sink... My toilet lid was closed down, and right as he was going, suddenly he also started vomiting vigurously until my toilet was absolutely covered. Although I was somewhat grossed by it, I simply offered some help, as I can imagine how awful he felt. Made him able to sit on the toilet and gave him a bucket for the vomit. Before long it was all over and it was like nothing happened.

We went outside and started to look at a couple things at the cars, doing some basic guy talk with a beer. It was then, that the girl that was previously raped came back to us, and started asking questions about.... well me. I was not sure, if she was toying with me or if she really did not recognize me. She was asking several questions, that I was answering some of them, and my co worker was doing the rest, but my embarassement level has peaked, I only smell trouble from pushing them further... But she was so cute, god damn it!!!

And then I woke up, could not move it any further... But I was feeling quite weird this morning as I got up.
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PostSubject: Re: Damn weird dream...   Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:22 pm

Sigmund Freud would be having a field day with this. On the other hand, I think it's because you were just eating something before bed. Sometimes I get random dreams just because of my sugar level.
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Damn weird dream...
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