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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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The ArchKitty

The ArchKitty

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PostSubject: ARC GENERAL INFORMATION   ARC GENERAL INFORMATION I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 7:56 pm

On a particularly normal day in the lives of the residents of the known realms, Bubbles start appearing. Swallowing up Residents of the Realms, these people are stuck in them with no way out. They find themselves lost in time, stuck as Phantoms and only able to contact one specific person they seem drawn to. Only this Occupant can see them or touch them and only around them can the Phantoms interact with the world in small doses.

A hard shell that is impossible to break surrounds these poor victims.Those on the outside can catch glimpses of their 'Adventures' from time to time through the miasmic fog of the insides but are unable to do much more than study and wait to see what happens.

However there is a specific cause of the Bubbles' appearances across the realms. Can the Investigators study and follow the readings to the source of this odd phenomenon?

-Bubbles – Weird mysterious Spherical maelstroms that appeared suddenly across all the realms. Can not be broken into, Phantoms can be seen inside doing things in an Occupants Timeline.
-Phantoms – Those stuck in Bubbles who are Jumping through Timelines
Timelines – The time and place centered around one PC that the Phantom is stuck in at that point.
-Rift – When a trigger happens one of these odd cracks in space/time appear visible only to the Phantom/Occupant. The only ways to escape the Bubble…
-Occupant – Person whom the Timeline centers around.
-Investigators- People who are investigating the Bubbles in the normal Era/Time
-Triggers- The thing that ends up opening a Rift, whatever it may be.


• You can pick up to 3 (4 if two are only doing one jump each) characters to be Phantoms. You can pick how many jumps they can/will do, 1 to a max of 3

• Occupants will be added to a list in another topic, for people with Phantoms to choose from. Occupants are not effected in the current time, the phantoms are merely visiting their pasts. So you can have a Phantom be an Occupant as well, though they won't be able to visit their own past.

• Timelines will be broken up into two groups, Specific and Unspecific. Specific timelines deal with specific events in that Occupants life, while Unspecific are more a day in the life things. Make sure when you post Occupant List, you note which Occupant has what. For Example: Mia - Two Specific Events. "Child in Rukon or Lost in the Library" vs Saraiyu (As Sorainu) - One Unspecific Event, following Sorainu around.

As a note, Unspecific Events still need something to trigger the opening of a Rift, whether it be a character making a full decision on something important or some sort of change. More on this in the Occupant/Phantom information topic!

• If you have someone you want to be an Investigator, all I really need is a heads up so I know to make topics for you and know to make sure I have information about the Bubbles available for your character to examine~

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This arc would occur in September of some time in whatever year we have this set. All topics going right now... would be set BEFORE this point. So just keep that in mind?

║There's no one who can beat her║
║"Good fortune comes to those who smile"║

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The ArchKitty

The ArchKitty

Posts : 13391
Join date : 2013-05-15
Age : 28
Location : Flower Receptacle of Desire

PostSubject: Re: ARC GENERAL INFORMATION   ARC GENERAL INFORMATION I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2014 4:19 am

I made two Nested Forums for this. The Bubbles are where all the Occupant topics will be posted for ease of people's finding. The Investigations area is where all people investigating the phenomenon will be posting!

Inside of each forum I will be posting general information topics about what its like inside the bubbles for the bubble forum, and the investigation forum will be getting the general description of what the bubbles look like + anything unusual you will notice right off of the bat.

Finally, those who have the Occupants make the topics! Don't make the topic title too long, you need to be able to put at the end the phantom/player characters name so that that person knows the topic is for them to post in! What my topic would be for example: "Lost in the Library [Shinya]" Something like that.

You can make all of your occupancy topics at once if you want to, but the people doing phantoms are not required to post in them all right away! Especially since we have so many of both, if someone makes all their occupancy topics. As long as each user is posting once a day or so, its totally fine to not do some topics right away. If the Phantom is doing multiple timelines though, do not do a second timeline first! Always do the first one in your list.

║There's no one who can beat her║
║"Good fortune comes to those who smile"║

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