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 On Razor's Edge

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PostSubject: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:13 am

Investigate the corpses. Report your findings.

The killings at a pet shop in a city in Japan had not been a closed incident, as more reports of animal killings spread across like an unwanted plague. A minor branch of Quincy Intelligence wanted to know why animals had been wholesale slaughtered there without apparent motive, why the recordings of their cries resembled more like wails of hellspawn, and why most of their corpses mutated beyond simple recognition. Demented Hollow or Arrancar influence beyond the rift into Hueco Mundo? A Shinigami experiment gone terribly wrong? An insane Fullbringer with a lust for power? Questions begging to be answered, but never asked.

There was only one man for such a raw job where danger lurked at every corner. They needed a man whose cold, but practical apathy allowed him to do the dirty work that nobody else had the stomach or patience for: Kostya Petrov.

The investigation had arduous for a long while, but turned easy when the random animal killings had converged logically in a ex-vagrant's mind to make a path that led outside the city and into the forested areas. A seasoned tracker would sense the source was fleeing. His only orders were to investigate the corpses, however. It would be his choice if he wanted to follow the trail of death, and what to do if he found the source.

A murder of killer crows shot into the forest canopy, as a man in modern clothes rolled up at the sleeves, with a rifle attached to his back, covered in blood, ran into it. They were larger than great eagles, with crazy yellowish red eyes and sharp jagged white teeth jutting from their beaks like some sort of demented cartoon.  

Two of the original five did not emerge from the forested area. The wild man had one writhing on the bayonet of his rifle in one hand, stabbed through the chest, the other two were in pursuit. One had shot like a dart towards one of the man's legs, while the other flew in a curve to stab a beak right into the man's temple. In an insane display of instinct and maneuverability, the man jumped, clearing just enough height to immediately stomp on the diver into guts while also snatching the other in it's curved path at the neck.

The chase over, the wild man with ragged brown hair and rough face had the last living demon clenched at the neck as it squawked like a vulture. The man's face was unreadable as he abruptly crushed the bird's neck with such force that the demon's head popped off the body like a cork from a bottle.

He dropped it as soon as he heard a new sound break the silence. It sounded like human footprints, but he couldn't be sure. They were fast, trained, and wary sounding steps, of a veteran. Yamato placed the hand that had crushed the crow back onto his rifle, eyes scanning for potential danger. Except he was exhausted. It showed by the way he breathed and by his sweat mixing with the dirt and blood of the old and freshly dead. The crow he impaled still stuck on the bayonet.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:59 am

Kostya stopped in a clearing in the woods, leaning against a tree. He considered lighting up a cigarette, but the light could give away his position to... WHATEVER is out here... He quietly grumbled to himself, turning to walk down the path again, shoving his hands into his coat pockets. He pulled one out to look at his watch. "Ah, shit." He said under his breath, before starting on his path again. He paused when he suddenly heard squawking up ahead. Crows? Didn't sound like regular crows... Something felt.... off....

He manifested his spiritual weapon and slipped his knife out of his pocket before quickly using it for leverage to hoist himself up into a tree. Once there, he crept along some branches slowly to get closer before suddenly the squawking just... stopped... No.. No there'd been a sharp cut off to that last one.... Like... choked.. His eyes narrowed and he raised the spear that was his weapon. Hrm... He leaned forward on the branch before dropping down and taking a few running steps forward, creating the footstep sounds Yamato had heard. He leaped back up, clear into the trees and latched on, hoisting himself up... He quietly waited to see if anything came his way.

Finally after a while, he decided he'd rather flush something out then sneak around. He slipped four Ginto tubes from his coat and tossed them out, concentrating, he performed the Heizen Technique Creating a rectangular prismatic mass that hurtled through the trees, instantly gouging a clearing in the forest straight to the source of the noise.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:50 am

The Heizen Technique would have killed Yamato if he didn't narrowly roll out of the way; however, he was sure it would have hit if whoever threw it was aiming directly at him without cover. Yamato was more curious than scared now. It wasn't the same sort of destruction as an energy blast. This had the distinct purpose of making a sizable clearing. He turned his head from a tree that wasn't cleared by the rectangular prismatic mass, and stepped cautiously back into the clearing, rifle clenched in his hands. Yamato didn't want to appear like a threat, even though the blood stained clothes and hair negated his attempt somewhat.

Yamato waved the rifle in the air with the dead mutated crow attached to it, like a flag of surrender, or to indicate for the one that threw, whatever that was to clear the path, to see for himself the threat was over. "It's okay!" he declared aloud. "The demons are dead!"

It was definitely a risk, but Yamato understood that whoever was there was a real threat and that any fight between them would have no point so it was better to vouch for peace first. Unless such person was a shinigami. In that case the shinigami would have set fire to the forest using repeated energy blasts and not stop after just one attack. Again the prism wasn't really an attack, but a clearing method as far as Yamato was concerned. Here's to hoping.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:54 am

Kostya sat still in the tree, with a clear view of the man now. Younger man. Sort of rough around the edges... Was that bayonet? Hah. Going old school. He exhaled slowly. Whatever was stuck to that bayonet didn't look like a regular crow... and he'd said demons... Feh.. Demons... The guy didn't seem to have any clue what he was doing... but.. he tilted his head. He was also a fullbringer by the sense of things. He 'hrrm'd under his breath. He could be connected to this. Or the hollows could be hunting them... Then again, those things didn't have masks... Curious...

He pulled his hand back, remaining completely silent. He would like to just approach pleasantly but it would be unwise to do so without some control over the situation. He manifested his spiritual weapon at about the same time that he threw it forward, shooting through the air silently, aimed for his leg. He didn't care if it pierced the leg. It only needed to scratch it for him to form a chain from the wound to his palm.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:19 pm

Yamato continued to stand in the clearing, the silence unnerving. He couldn't see or hear the new presence anymore. His declaration echoed outward, buffeted by a breeze. He was still, his senses fully focused. Yamato could ever hear the sound of his fingers tapping against his rifle.

He did not have enough time to move out of the way as the thrown harpoon shot through the air silently, making a nice clean cut, gashing through some muscles of his upper right leg. Yamato winced in pain and fell to his knees, yelling a sharp cry of pain. His attacker clearly aimed for the leg, rousing Yamato's suspicion even more to the intent. If the attacker had aimed for the chest, it would have been a killing blow. Maybe the new presence was toying with him. Regardless, dying by the skill of a superior hunter would be a worthy death. He didn't even see the weapon... and now he couldn't run.

It was then he saw the chain attached to the open wound. Was this the beginning of an enslavement attempt? He could see the chain go off into the trees, but based on how quickly the first harpoon flew, didn't think he could dodge subsequent attacks like these.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:23 pm

Kostya frowned. He hoped, for the Fullbringer's sake, that he was innocent in all this. He would like for the sliced leg to be the worst thing he had to suffer today. He slipped on a stream of Reaitsu, Hirenkyakuing his way into the clearing in a flash, appearing before Yamato some distance away. The chain attached to Yamato's leg went straight to Kostya's palm and seemed to retract as he got closer, keeping it relatively tight.

"My apologies for the wound." He said, his tone of voice harsh. "I have questions for you. Depending on how they're answered, I will be happy to make up for it later." He took a few slow steps forward. "These... things... that it looks like you've been killing... Where did they come from. Do not try to tell me a Fullbringer was harmlessly wandering the woods armed with an old rifle killing monsters."
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:28 am

Do not try to tell me a Fullbringer was harmlessly wandering the woods armed with an old rifle killing monsters.

It was really what Yamato believed, because despite being the source of the mutations, he still didn't know that. He thought himself a hero, on a quest to reclaim his honor by overcoming the obstacles that the one he called Kami threw at him, in order to be forgiven of his sins, be free of his animal related curse, and be surrounded by people and animals that loved him.

The apology the stranger gave seemed insincere, but Yamato knew he couldn't afford to be that way in return. He also wanted to answer well, but his despair over being forced to kill his best friend a few weeks ago forced a regression in the way he talked, because of a renewed belief he was never going to form meaningful relationships with people again.

"They not like that before they come. Animals once, then become demons." He was weary, hungry, and frustrated, and didn't like the man's question. He needed to form better sentences to make a better impression. However, he was visibly struggling even talking again in the first place. The chain embedded in his leg tightened as the man walked closer to him; the leg muscle burned as it tried to resist the pull. One wrong answer could mean his execution, and he dared not say anything beyond the scope of the man's questions because he was at his mercy, not as an equal.
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PostSubject: Re: On Razor's Edge   

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On Razor's Edge
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