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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Quincy History and Company Information

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PostSubject: Quincy History and Company Information   Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:07 am

This will be an ongoing topic that will be updated as Quincy history is revealed. PLEASE READ, IT WILL PROBABLY BE IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHARACTER

A Brief History of Blood circa 50 years ago

By this time in Quincy History, the company was flourishing and gaining an aggressive amount of power in both legitimate businesses and in cornering the black market. A growing movement within their ranks was starting to gain new ground that believed it was time to dismantle the Wandenreich and go public. It was headed by one of the Grandmasters and the two groups bickered endlessly. For a time things remained peaceful but tense.

Eventually the king was forced to address the movement. In an executive order he proclaimed that the Wandereich would remain in secret for the foreseeable future. That the risks of exposure would be far to great and their power far to weak to be able to prevent a manic witch hunt against the Quincy. The Grandmaster did not approve but for a time consented. Years past and a few dissenters eventually did try to go public. The King found out and had them captured. Many thought that this was unfair but the King held firm. Using this as an excuse, one of the grandmasters conspired with others in order to execute the current king, his family and the other grandmaster.

This plan did not go as well as they were hoping. Despite having the element of surprise the king proved to be a difficult foe to deal with. In a final act of charity, the king sacrificed himself so his son and the other grandmaster would get away. With the Great Conspiracy unraveled before their very eyes the consenting grandmaster declared himself as the only fit King and started a civil war.

The war lasted 9 years. 9 gruelingly years where so many sternritters and their families were afraid to even fall asleep at night. It was not an overt war with large battles, although there were a few. It was a shadow war where most targets were picked off by assassinations. The crowned prince was hidden away for 7 of them while the grandmaster ruled in his stead fighting the war.

Ill-will was breed quickly amongst the deserters. Killing the King proved to be wildly unpopular and not as many rushed to their cause as they had hoped. It seemed inevitable that eventually they would be defeated. When Adam turned 17 he entered the war proper against the orders of the grandmaster. It was a major point of contention among them but Adam was young and brash.

2 years later the final major battle took place at an old warehouse which was thought to be one of many bases for the dissenters. Adam along with a few others attacked the base and to their dismay they found it fully stocked with a large number of forces. It was probably only the element of surprise that swung the battle in their favor but at the end of it, the opposing force had all been obliterated including the false king. Adam had been grievously injured and the grandmaster was dead in an effort to save his king.

It took a year for Adam to recover which was when he finally ascended to the throne properly. His first order of business was to promote new grandmasters in order to help him rule as he regained his strength and went about running the company and his kingdom. 12 years later things had settled down and the final conspirator was found and killed thus ending the war in its entirety.
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Quincy History and Company Information
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