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 Quincy Profiles

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PostSubject: Quincy Profiles   Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:53 pm

Here is the template. Feel free to ask in the profile discussion topic if you need help or if it is unclear

Character Name: ex. Bob Armpit

Schrift: The letter given To Each Sternritter. It's unique to that individual and no two Quincies may hold the same letter. It must start with the first letter of the Code Name. ex. B




Appearance: 3 style of clothings should be considered. A professional work attire, a casual outfit for every day use and a formal Wandenreich uniform that can be modified to add to the person's individuality.




Biography (optional): Job/Position: ex. Chief of Refreshments / Sternritter

Your Code Name Here (ex. The Barkeep)

Quincy Cross: (If they use one) what does it look like?

Physical Equipment: What sort of physical equipment does the character use? Do they have a magic gun, a sword? Do they use a Gintos, Sanrei Glove, Seele Schneiders? Do they have something else that should be considered here? Also feel free to be as descriptive as possible with appearance if you desire.

Spiritual Weapon: A weapon materialized by pulling forth reishi from around the Quincy sometimes utilizing the cross as a conduit of sorts. Typically this comes in two forms, a ranged weapon (usually, but not limited to, a bow) and/or a short ranged weapon (a sword or spear or whatever).

Unique Abilities: Your code name informs what the ability is but other then that there is no limit except in power appropriate to your rank. Ex. Can Create supernaturally powerful drinks

Techniques: What can you do with your abilities? Feel free to give them names. ex. The Really Bloody Mary – It can get anyone captain tier and less drunk in one drink.

Vollstandig (If you have one)

Sanrei Appearance: This is what activates the Vollstandig. Historically taking the appearance of a glove but things like belts or shoes or a mask or really whatever works just as well.

Appearance: When activated it usually takes the form of angelic-like wings on the back but beyond that it can look unique to the user.

Spiritual Weapon+: The spiritual weapon usually changes in some way or a new one appears.

Abilities: With enhanced power comes enhanced abilities. What are they?

Techniques: See above

[b]Character Name[/b]:









[b]Biography (optional)[/b]:

[b]Job/Position[/b]: ex. Chief of Refreshments / Sternritter

[center][b][u]Your Code Name Here (ex. The Barkeep)[/u][/b][/center]

[b]Quincy Cross[/b]:

[b]Physical Equipment[/b]:

[b]Spiritual Weapon[/b]:

[b]Unique Abilities[/b]:


[center][b][u]Vollstandig (If you have one)[/u][/b][/center]

[b]Sanrei Appearance[/b]:


[b]Spiritual Weapon+[/b]:



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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:29 am

Character Name: Adam Alexis DuMont IV

Schrift: A

Age: 34

Height: 5'10”

Weight: 180lbs

Appearance: His figure is pretty average and it has been said he has deep penetrating dark eyes. His hair is also a dark brown that borders on black color that goes down a little past his shoulder blades. He tends to keep it neat and tied up. He has 2 professional attire depending on his mood. He has his more casual attire which is just a pair of nice black pants and a button down shirt, usually white, black or navy blue and a tie which could be anything really. His other work attire is a more formal one, same pants are used but he wears a vest over it and a jacket. Without the jacket, Adam tends to look like post-vampiric transformed Walter although without the monocle.

The one odd thing is that even his casual clothes seem to be quite formal. Mostly he wears black jeans or khakis with a polo shirt. His Wandenreich uniform pretty much looks like Yhwach from the manga including the black cloak. The only other noticeable feature is the gold rolex looking watch on his right hand and 2 small gold crosses adorning the cuffs of his outfits

Personality: The King is a deeply pensive man who's love for quiet moments and deep thoughts tend to make him come off as cold at times. Unknown to many he is a bit of a worrier. Having come from a time of turmoil he can be a bit overly cautious. He also has a bit of an inferiority complex to past kings and tends to compare himself to them, especially to his father, who he sometimes over idealizes. The one good thing about this is that Adam is extremely self aware of his own shortcomings and tends to be quick to fix or explain anything that is problematic.

As a King, Adam rules with more of a light touch preferring a laissez faire style unless executive orders must be given out in order to preserve unity or protect the group. What he is fairly uncompromising about is business. As CEO, Adam tends to be efficient to the point of ruthlessness. To Adam, it was the Quincy's ability to adapt into modern society that had been the greatest boon to them in the current age and as a result, will not hesitate to come down hard on whoever is screwing things up.

With that said, in all other ways of life Adam is truly benevolent seeing things as more then just business. He can compartmentalize the business world with his personal one and running the Wandenreich which makes him an excellent multi-tasker and quite knowledgeable in a great many things. Taken at face value Adam is a kind man if not a bit of a worrier.  

Likes: The finer things in life, good wine and cheese, family and friends

Dislikes: Lies and Deceit (but who doesn't?)

Biography: Adam had been King for most of his life, at the age of 10 his father had been killed by dissenters within their group and Adam spent then next 15 years trying to purge them. As a result he always questioned his competency to lead but this is what in part has made him a good leader. Because he is never arrogant or takes his position for granted, he has been able to lead the Wandenreich into one of the greatest boons in generations. (Short and Sweet, I'll Expand as Time Goes On)

Job/Position: Chief Executive Officer / King

The Ascendent

Quincy Cross: 2 Gold Crosses adorn the cuffs of his outfits

Physical Equipment: Gintos, Sanrei Watch, about a dozen Seele Schneiders (SS) when wearing his uniform.

Spiritual Weapon: Along with the SSs blades, Adam typically fights utilizing an advanced form of  Ransōtengai which turns the normal spiritual threads used for binding one's body into a weapon not too different then garrot wire. Adam possess incredible control over these threads and can move them as his will demands. He mostly likes combining the threads with the SSs for combo attacks. Also like any good Quincy, Adam can summon a bow that can change in size at will to fire a myriad of powerful arrows or weaker ones.

Unique Abilities: High Speed Reishi Absorption and Control – Possessing no unique talents of his own, Adam's true abilities rely on bringing the standard Quincy abilities to the absolute pinnacle that they can be. In essence this means that he can break down Reishi and Absorb it for his own use


Dominance: Simply thus, it allows Adam to control all spiritual based attacks and bring it under his control. In practice this means things like barriers can be broken down or taken over and regeneration can be slowed down as long as the opponent is of an equal level and kido can be rendered ineffective or flat out detrimental. Obviously there are limits, too strong of  an opponent's attacks can not be controlled and any barrier created stronger then his tier will take time to bust down and by time I mean standing around for several minutes as it's pulled apart particle by particle like a very patient man with a pickax.

False Vollstandig – Adam's ability is such that he can make it appear that he has released his Vollstandig. His power doesn't increase but he gains a pair of white wings that offer a form of extra defense and offense.

Illusion Reversal – Similar to Dominance, psychic based attacks and illusions of a level equal to his own will simply fail. Made worse is that when performed, Adam can reverse the effects back on to the user and modify them slightly in order to trick the opponent. Against stronger opponents he can merely dispel the illusion (Captain+) and against really strong opponents he can't do jack against them (HC).


Sanrei Appearance: His Sanrei “Glove” takes the form of a gold pocket watch on his right hand that looks like a Rolex.

Appearance: Different then most, when Adam uses his Volstandig he does not get the usual wings. Instead an aura surrounds him and from his shoulders and upper back a whispy aura that vaguely looks like wings appear. To those who have played Demon Souls, it looks like False King Allant's aura.

Spiritual Weapon+: No significant change other then more spiritual threads and a new blade that actually looks physical. It is simple in design with gold and blue inlays within the hilt. The blade itself seemed to have been forged by a truly expert craftsman despite the fact that it is made entirely of Reishi.

Abilities: Nothing worth noting, just an increase in power.


Sign of the King – By sacrificing all other techniques and abilities other then his blade, Adam can increase his power/speed/defense to 1 tier above his current one, so High Tier Captain, the trade off though is that he loses his ability to reishi absorb, becomes vulnerable to illusions and other barriers and can't enslave any other reishi based objects or things. This also includes the ability to use Gintos, the Quincy Bow or any other weapon that requires spiritual energy to control. It only lasts temporarily and when it is finished it causes Adam to pass out due to the amazing strain it takes on his body.
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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:10 am

Character Name: Selena Archiagott

Schrift: X

Age: 19

Birthday: April 24th

Height: 5'6

Weight: 117

Appearance: Selena has orange blonde hair going to her waist, slightly curled on the ends. Her bangs cover her right eye most of the time in a sideswept look. her body is fairly womanly, though with slender long legs and arms. A pair of black glasses sit on her nose in front of violet eyes, her hair normally swept back in a bun or ponytail with only her bangs to frame her face.


Her clothing for work is purely professional, sensible heels, pencil skirt, blouse and over shirt... All impeccable, as if it fears to move even slightly out of place. The only bit of finery she wears in her pentacle shaped quincy cross dangling on a chain from her wrist.

Casual Wear is generally oversized sweaters and soft stretchy pants. She likes jeans and shirts to go with it, or obscenely short skirts as well.

Her Wandenreich is one of the very very simple ones, with no special modifications other than the fact that she took off any obsolete or useless decorations.

Personality: Selena is rather strict on many things, from work ethic, to time spent. She trains diligently, and ensures others are doing the same. The click of her shoes on the floor is known to inspire terror in those who slack off. Its her job to make sure everyone is doing their jobs, and she is rather good at it. Most forget her young age in light of her glare through her glasses.

She can relax, but only once she knows where things are and once they are done. Once she has though she can relax amazingly well, liking things like alcohol and relaxing times with sexual partners. She tends to compartmentalize relax time and work time and doesn't let the two over lap generally.

In her free time she likes to make tiny, to scale parts of cities and areas out of colored crystal. And bone people. Especially quiet people.

Likes: Miniature things, gemstones, tidy places, comfy couches, pets.

Dislikes: Unclean places, slothfulness.

Biography (optional): Born into a Quincy family, she was always a rather stern child. Never having to be reminded of her heritage, she took everything seriously and was a studiously and rather smart child. When her family was assassinated during the silent war, she became even more so.

Moving through school at a quick pace as well as her quincy training, Selena became COO of the King's main corporation at a rather young age of 18, after finishing her bachelors degree. Its been a year now, and even those much older than her fear the click of her heels on the floor.

At home, a rather large and open house, she boasts an indoor pool as well as a large garden and a rather decent amount of pets.

-Boris and CC. Two large golden retriever mix siblings (Mixed with BEAR, they are huge), who both think they are still lap dogs. They greet everyone with utter happiness and a bit of stupid and CC is a shade darker than Boris.

-Ace, Fiddlesticks, Jasmine. Ace is a sleek black make cat, he tries to rule the household but fails. Fiddlesticks is a calico whose colors give her a mottled appearance, she is cuddly and likes fish sticks. Jasmine is a silvery russian blue mix, she tries to be elegant.

-Cora. A fennec fox. She has enough money, she wanted an exotic pet. Cora is rather calm, though she tends to ride around on the dog's backs and thinks she's a cat. The cats think so too, but assume she is a mentally and physically deficient one.

Job/Position: Chief of Operations / Sternritter
        Selena helps run the corporation. She knows what goes on in that and other quincy things, but for the most part keeps her hands clean of the spiritual side unless absolutely needed.

The Xenocryst

Quincy Cross: An ornate pentacle hanging from a chain on her wrist

Physical Equipment: One seelee schnieder, though she specializes in long range fighting. She likes guns quite a bite and has a few on her at all times for regular and non spiritual menaces, as well as a tazer and three separate sets of knives. She really likes to be prepared.

Spiritual Weapon: Her bow is a long bow, meant for range. She's not the upclose and personal kind of fighter, and tends to move around in battle quite a bit to escape close quarters combat.

Unique Abilities: CRYSTALS. She forms crystals using her skin, which can be combined with her bow to form rather painful attacks that can also deal damage on the physical plane.

Crystal Arrows
Crystal Splosions (Crystal attaches to them whether by touches or her crystal arrows and then explodes on command, sending spikes into and out of as well as explosive force)
Crystal Armor (Small areas at a time, not all over)
Crystal Eating (It enters the body and spreads)


║There's no one who can beat her║
║"Good fortune comes to those who smile"║

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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:41 am

Character Name: Jack Hartmann

Schrift: D

Age: 28

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150


Wears the same attire in both work and casual situations; A rather fancy looking black jacket, with a high collar and gold fringe around the edges in certain places like the button clasps etc, a black vest with a collared white shirt underneath it, black slacks and a pair of polished black shoes. Can you tell he likes the color black yet? Often seen smoking a cigarette.

His Wandenreich uniform is more or less a color swap of his casual/work attire, with white and silver replacing the black and gold.

Personality: Jack is a more laid back individual. He does not let much truly bother him, which to some may make him seem a bit lackadaisical and aloof. He gets his job done, but does not put in extra effort unless asked to, sometimes to the chagrin of his fellow Quincies. He enjoys a smoke every now and then to unwind in general.

Likes: A nice cold glass of Whiskey, being able to relax and do nothing

Dislikes: Lemons

Biography (optional): Born to Quincy parents, brought up in many Quincy techniques and training etc. etc. THAT'S ALL YOU GET FOR NOW.

Job/Position: Chief of Jagdarmee / Sternritter

The Deadeye

Quincy Cross: His cross, which is in the shape of a five point star of sorts, has a tiny circle in the middle where all of the points interject. Hangs from his right wrist on a small chain.

Physical Equipment: A few Seele Schneiders for melee purposes, and some Ginto tubes as well. He only carries the Schneiders in his uniform, but always carries around the Ginto tubes as they are small enough. Also wears a Sanrei Glove which is often hidden for the most part by his jacket.

Spiritual Weapon: Jack can create a basic looking Quincy bow for normal purposes, but this isn't his cross' real form. The real form of his spiritual weapon takes the appearance of an older style rifle.

Unique Abilities: The "arrows" or rather laser beam bullets if we're being honest have the special ability of being able to bounce off of any surface a few times before dissipating. This enables Jack to perform many complex shots and hit targets that very few others could hit. This is the reason why he is called "Deadeye".


Explosive Shot: Embedding volatile reishi into his "bullets", Jack can create pure explosions of energy as an after effect of the shots he created. He needs to gather said reishi first though, so he cannot exactly use it on on every attack he makes. Brutal way of finishing somebody off for sure.

Shotgun: Jack fires multiple bullets from a single shot that arc outwards in a forward radius, creating an effective close range defensive ability in case he is ever surprised by an enemy. Also good for crowd control too.

Sniper Shot: If given enough time, Jack draws in a massive amount of reishi into his rifle, empowering his next shot to be greatly powerful and able to pierce many defenses. He would easily be able to take down a strong target in a single shot, for example. The downside is, he only has one shot, and as said earlier, needs to spend a good amount of time gathering the energy to his rifle in the first place. He tends to use this as a last resort, or if he is on a reconnaissance mission and he needs to assassinate a target quickly.

360noscopeHawkeye: Drawing reishi to his cross, Jack creates a customized scope for his rifle, the ranges set at the distance he so requires at the time of his shots. Very useful for combining with the above technique

Vollständig (If you have one)

Sanrei Appearance: The usual Sanrei glove. Its quite nice looking though, colored in an immaculate white with golden edges. Goes well with his Sternritter outfit for sure.

Appearance: When activated, Jack gains an glowing white aura of sorts, signifying his increased spiritual power. His appearance otherwise does not change much, save for a fancy looking scarf which goes down to just above his waist in length, and an eye-patch which has an intricate design of a predatory bird in the middle of it. Both are the same sort of design as the glove, pure white with gold complimenting. His wings are more angelic in appearance, as opposed to the more generic looking sort of reishi wings. Really, its a nice sight to behold.

Spiritual Weapon+: In Vollständig, Jack now has the ability to form his rifle into any sort of ranged weapon/weapons, such as a machine gun or a pistol, or even a giant anti-tank rifle. You name something that can fire projectiles, he could form it.


- Eye of the Eagle: The only real ability unique to Jack's Vollständig. Upon use, the symbol on his eyepatch will glow a blinding white and allow the Quincy to observe what will happen five seconds into the future from the moment he activated it. This ability allows him to keep his range at almost all times, giving a ranged fighter like him a great boon in his battles. However, just because he can see what will happen doesn't mean it is written in stone. A more powerful character will be able to bypass this ability by being fast enough, for example, or a character based around the idea of speed and so on. Its usage is generally to ensure his shots do not miss their targets at any range or to dodge attacks, more or less. There is a short cooldown upon each use.

Techniques: Nothing really of note, aside from more powerful versions of the above techniques.

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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:24 am

Character Name: Kostya Petrov

Schrift: O

Age: 38

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 186


Personality: Kostya is an enigmatic man to say the least.  To say little is known of his life would be untrue.  A more accurate statement would be that there always seems to be more to learn.  He likes it that way.  He approaches situations with something of a practical apathy, preferring to make everything as small of a deal as possible.  Although he speaks fluent english and could by all rights have probably perfected it and dropped his accent by now, he feels that he is perfectly understandable and refuses to make any effort to change.  While some might find his line of work for the Wadenreich surprising, those who've ever seen him hostile find his role in the organization essentially obvious.

Likes: smoking, the sea, dogs, music

Dislikes: Birds, Rebellion, Hollows

Biography (optional): Kostya was a vagrant some 14 odd years ago when he first wandered into town unaligned with either side of the Quincy Civil War.  When he was brought before Adam's men after displaying startling martial prowess, hearing their story convinced him to fight on their side.  Since then, he's remained loyal to the movement, performing its dirty work and being 'all-around general scoundrel type.'

Job/Position: Chief Enforcer / Sternritter

The Orca

Quincy Cross: A small plain cross burned into the palm of his hand.  Several scorch marks are visible around it and on his fingers.

Physical Equipment: A rather sturdy looking hunting dagger, a handgun, and a view Ginto bottles.  Surprisingly no Seele Schneiders.

Spiritual Weapon: A sleek harpoon with a bladed end.  Usable as a melee weapon, as well as easily thrown.  In addition, by standing in a firing stance and holding the harpoon like an arrow, Kostya can form a massive greatbow to fire the harpoon as if it were an arrow, although this functions closer to a ballista then a bow.

Unique Abilities: By touching any wound on an opponent or, more practically, by drawing any amount of blood from an opponent with his spiritual weapon, Kostya can form a thin white-blue spirit chain leading from the target to his Quincy Cross.  This chain varies in strength and function in two ways.  The chain can either be used to absorb Reiatsu or to send it as a damaging pulse.  If the chain is being used to absorb Reiatsu, it is made from the opponent's own energy and is proportionally stronger (generally requiring concentrated or overwhelming force appropriate to the person's ability to break).  When used this way, it drains the opponents stamina constantly, while using it to restore Kostya's, as well as heal him.  Meanwhile, if it is being used to send Reiatsu, it is made from Kostya's and is equal to his level.  When used this way, pulses of energy are sent down the chain, with each one hitting the opponent's whole body with the force of one of Kostya's harpoons (though obviously not its physical piercing power)


Leash: Upon tethering one enemy with his chain ability, Kostya can go on to tether a second.  Instead of tethering both to him, the enemies will now be tethered to each other.  They will both have the ability to either send or drain reiatsu, however they will not be able to deactivate the chain (I.E. they must both be either draining or sending reiatsu), and generally there is some confusion before the enemies realize they can control that.  The chain functions as it does for Kostya: They can send reiatsu to send damaging waves of energy at the other tethered victim, or they can use it to drain their energy.  Cooperation is difficult, if not dangerous.  Both attempting to send will result in the energy reverberating back at them stronger, providing a blast many times stronger then the one they sent.  For many weaker (read: CF) opponents, this alone can prove enough to render them unconscious.  Meanwhile, if both attempt to drain, it is much less dangerous, but no more effective.  While neither is drained of their spirit energy, the chain is immediately shortened until the two tether points meet.  Only sending energy can re-lengthen the chain.  Once the two points meet, the contact points are bound directly with no chain and the only way to unattach the two is to physically cut them apart from one another at the contact point.  

Vollstandig (If you have one)

Sanrei Appearance:


Spiritual Weapon+:


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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:52 am

Character Name: Reiner Stadtfield

Schrift: C

Age: 24

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 168 lbs.


Personality: Graceful and calm, Reiner is the perfect physician. He is a very quiet man, smile always adorning his handsome face. While some might find him aloof, and sometimes he might act that way, he is quite attentive to detail. There are two things that get him talking, children, and fashion.

Likes: Kids, Fashion, Tidyness, His Job

Dislikes: Coffee

Biography (optional): Will do laterrrrr

Job/Position: Chief Officer of Research and Development/ Sternritter

The Chemist

Quincy Cross: A plain stainless steel cross that he wears on a necklace.

Physical Equipment: Multiple Ginto tubes, some of which have syringes affixed to the bottom of them. A component bag filled with materials used for some on the fly alchemy. Various medications of liquid and pill variety.

Spiritual Weapon: Reiner's Spiritual weapon is a traditional bow, although he rarely uses it.

Unique Abilities: Photographic memory, which he uses to catalog various plants that he uses for his alchemical creations. He can use his spirit energy to alter and enhance the effects of these concoctions, but they only stay enhanced for a 48 hours. Long enough to prepare, not long enough to mass produce.

Techniques: Quick Mix: Rather apt at his trade as the chemist, Reiner can generally make different concoctions on the fly from his component bag and empty vials, syringes, Gintos, etc.

Vollstandig (If you have one)

Sanrei Appearance:


Spiritual Weapon+:


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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:32 am

Character Name: Souma Kimura

Age: 21

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 178


Personality: Souma is very polite but ever so slightly aloof. Quiet, sensitive, but rather kind, Souma is always paying close attention to who he is talking to. Of course, he's always paying close attention to MOST things, but that is neither here nor there. Which isn't to say that he's the most collected person. Frequently late and usually disorganized, he gets by on his kind demeanor and talent at his job. It isn't that he has any lack of respect for his work, he just gets somewhat easily distracted sometimes. He's also rather shy, which he expresses with silence, contributing to his aloof image.

Likes: Coffee, mysteries (especially whodunnits), candy

Dislikes: Action/fighting games, being the center of attention

Biography (optional):

Job/Position: Forensic Examiner/Analyst/whichever >>

Quincy Cross: A pendant cross on the end of a chain attached to a pocket watch that he always keeps on him.

Physical Equipment: A 9mm service pistol, as well as a single Seele Schneider he keeps in his glove compartment, and a ginto tube he usually keeps in his candy pocket.

Spiritual Weapon: A rather unique shortbow, made to be held sideways, with multiple drawstrings. Its purpose is to have multiple arrows drawn at once. Souma's power is the only thing that makes this awkward contraption useful as a weapon.

Unique Abilities: Souma can control his perception of time. He can cause things around him to slow down, even to an absolute crawl or near standstill. He himself does not have superspeed or any above average physical attributes. However, this power means that Souma can observe anything he sees at length, no matter how briefly he sees it, or spend any amount of time thinking on a problem or subject in the blink of an eye. It made school, among other things, a breeze and helps him in his job greatly. While he cannot move at above average speeds with this power, it does mean that while using it, he can react to things at incredible speed, although if he can physically respond to the stimulus is another matter entirely.

He can also speed up his perception of time, effectively fast forwarding past them from his perspective, but he rarely, if EVER does this.
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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:37 am

Character Name: Lada Dušek

Schrift: S





Personality: Lada is a pleasant woman who enjoys the company of others. She is a sweet woman, who does her best to be helpful. She is a hard worker, doing her best to get her job done and keep the quincy machine running at it's best. Lada is a wiz with computers and programming and the such. She enjoys playing video games and eating junk food while in her pajamas. It's really her favorite thing to do.

Likes: video games, doritos, hanging out with friends, and reading manga. Lada really enjoys the company of her fellow quincies. She likes inviting them over to play video games, and have sleepovers.

Dislikes: Being stuck without some form of technology, mean spirited people, and slacking off.

Biography (optional):

Job/Position: ex. Chief of Refreshments / Sternritter: Chief of Information Security. Lada's job is to make sure the company can't be hacked and have their information stolen.


Quincy Cross: A cross set into a snowflake charm that Lada wears on a bracelet at all times.

Physical Equipment: SS blades

Spiritual Weapon:

Unique Abilities: Lada can look at a piece of technology, and analyse how it works. She doesn't have to take it apart, and examine it's circuits. All she needs is a glance of the overall thing.


Flurry: Lada shoots multiple arrows back to back. Where ever the arrows hit, freezes.

Dry Ice: Lada shoots an arrow of solid ice. It's so cold that when it hits someone, it burns them cauterizing their flesh.


[hus]Howl, Ikakku, Yumichika, Koujaku, Sycamore, Levi, Frederick, Lon'qu, Laurent,[bandos]

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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Profiles   Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:01 pm

Character Name: Charlotte Cole

Schrift: A

Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Weight: Sore wa, Himitsu desu!


Above is her casual wear, her outfit for work is usually a pinstripe vest, her choice of a blouse with tie, a matching skirt with sheer black pantyhose and a pair of black heels. Her sternritter uniform is pretty standard as she doesn't like wearing it; it's not fashionable enough by her words.

Personality: A little stuck up at times, but her heart is in the right place. Charlotte expects the best outta people and when she doesn't get it, she gets upset, and when she gets upset.. bullets start flying, depending on who you are. She can be kind and caring, but it really depends on the person over what you'll get outta her. She likes to dote on people when she gets the chance, be it friends or lovers.. it's kinda a hobby, really. Charlotte as Regent is very no nonsense, meaning she doesn't stand for too much tomfoolery unless its obvious that they're in no danger.

Likes: Caffeine in all forms, Fashion, designer clothes, spending time with friends, searching for potential lovers, puzzles

Dislikes: Dirt, uber cheap dates, decaffeinated anything, being alone, people who come on too strong

Biography (optional):

Job/Position: Secretary / Queen
-Charlotte is secretary to Selena, taking care of things on both the professional side and spiritual side of things where Selena can't be bothered to deal with them. She also serves as Regent while the king is away, taking care of all Quincy spiritual matters.

The Anomaly

Quincy Cross: A gold cross clipped to her belt

Physical Equipment: Puzzle Bag Mk-I is her main weapon for both physical and spiritual combat. By quickly solving the various puzzles her bag was built out of, she can switch her weapon between various combat modes. The ammo, unless stated otherwise only affect those with spiritual powers. So if you're normal, the bullets will pass through you harmlessly.

The modes are as follows:
-Twin machineguns
-Grenade launcher
-Grenade Hammer
-Gatling Gun (Her preferred mode)
-Purse Mode (Which works as a blunt weapon)
-One secret mode which she hasn't solved yet

Spiritual Weapon: Charlotte does have a bow, but she doesn't like using it as it's pretty fricken huge. It's more of a ballista than a bow, but it can punch through anyone and anything of her level and make someone a level higher think twice about taking a shot from her.

Unique Abilities:
-(A)Charlotte has the ability to create hyperspace portals that lead to a dead zone, a space between the worlds. She can store stuff into it and take stuff out, but the true power of the portals she makes is to create advantages. For example, She can randomly fire into one portal and open it elsewhere for a tricky shot, or to pull her sternritters out of harm's way, Or even to store backup weaponry. Regardless of how she uses it, her portals are a tricky power to get around.

-(A)Gate of Heaven: By transferring some of her power into an empty bullet shell and shooting it at one of her Sternritter, she can temporarily invoke a stronger vollstandig out of the Sternritter. Should they not have vollstandig, it'll grant it to them temporarily. The effects last about 5-6 posts but it's usually enough to get the job done. This can only be used on one person at a time and drains her power, making her as weak as a Lieutenant+ and subsceptable to attacks.

-(A)Gate of Hell: This move is actually quite simple and complex all at the same time as it's mainly 'thinking with portals'. By shoving the business end of one of her guns through one portal, she can open up up to four other portals where the gun's end will be sticking out of to fire from.

Vollstandig (If you have one)

Sanrei Appearance: Black half gloves with a Quincy cross etched into the palm of each.

Appearance: When active, Charlotte's wings are six white angel wings with gold lining.

Spiritual Weapon+: For this, Charlotte combines both her weapons into one powerful one, meaning that her Puzzle Bag and her Quincy Bow are fused to form one interesting weapon she calls the X-Gunner (Cross Gunner). All her weapon forms now use ginto tubes as ammo, meaning that spells can be cast after the bullets are shot, making her weapons that much more dangerous.

Abilities: Mainly able to make much more portals than normal and in a wider area around her. She is also able to use her wings in some of her attacks for varied effects. Wings sacrificed this way don't come back immediately and require a day's rest to bring back one at a time.

-Hell and Heaven: By combining her two techniques, Charlotte is able to grant power to more than one Sternritter. For example, she can grant power to three sternritter, but in result her own power will drop by three tiers. She can keep doing this until she's as strong as a normal human and just as killable. Hence why she'll usually hide herself in her portal's space until her power returns to her. This time the power will last up to ten posts, unless the user does some big attack that drains them, then it'll be less than that, like around three to five posts.

-White wind: By sacrificing one of her wings and firing a ginto tube into the air, Charlotte can deal out some minor healing to her companions. Meaning bleeding will stop, small wounds would close, and some poisons will be nullified but not much more than that.

-X-Buster: By sacrificing two of her wings Charlotte can combine that with a grenade shell that, for all intents and purposes, is a large ginto tube and perform a truly amazing explosive shot that'll not damage anything in particular. What it does do is knock an enemy out of their trump card, be it bankai, ressureccion, or whatever and seals it for five posts. Against stronger targets, such as Captain+, the limit is two posts and Head Captain targets it only works for one post.. if that.

-Gate of Hope: By sacrificing all remaining wings, Charlotte can invoke a resurrection of her Sternritters should they fall in battle. This has a hefty toll on her body as it drains her of all energy and turns her hair white for a time. She also falls into a coma for a few days until her energy recovers. This can be expedited by transferring energy to her body to bring it back to the minimal amount of energy needed for her to awaken.
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