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 Rune Factory! One woman's tale to conquer Mysticism

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PostSubject: Rune Factory! One woman's tale to conquer Mysticism   Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:40 pm

Alright, so this is basically just a work in progress list of Anna's Runes. Any Espada is free to bug her for their powers, but don't over do it, She's a busy woman.

Portal Rune: This rune leaves a permanent garganta as long as it is affixed to a wall or similiar surface. Usually carved into a piece of stone, it has relatively simple command words. "Open" will attach it to the wall, and three seconds later a garganta will open. "Close" only spoken by the person who set the rune, will close the portal, and the stone will fall from the wall.

Friendship Rune: These runes, which can be carved into anything, form a telepathic link with two people. This is a rather powerful rune, but a tricky one. First, both people must be touching the runic objects together and speak the command word at the same time, although if someone is touching the rune and wishes to speak, the other rune will glow and heat up slightly. Second, they must both be touching the object to speak with the person. Third, if there is a lot of reiatsu interference (ala mid combat) the link will be unstable. Anna puts her runes directly on her skin so she can always communicate with her comrades.

Explosive Rune: Rather simple, the rune can be applied to any object, and when the command word is spoken, three seconds later the rune explodes with fire and force. The command word is usually changed upon each creation to keep any unplanned explosions from happening.

Glammer Rune: This simple rune casts an illusion on an object or person. Be it making a person look different or a object invisible or make a illusion out of nothing. Some stipulation to it though is when used on a person the rune must be reapplied every two hours do to reiatsu interference.

Recall Rune: When placed on two separate objects, the person can call on either when holding one. Multiple Items can be linked to one item, so you can have a "Base" Recall item so to speak. Anna's base recall is her own body for this as well. Living things can not be recalled.

Rune of Healing: Pretty self explanatory. The rune augments the hollow's regeneration to return if the lost it when they became arrancar, or increase exponentially if they kept it. Anna makes these in a convenient disc shape and puts them in dispensers. The rune dissolves on use into the skin and is wasted if the Arrancar is not harmed.

Rune of Stasis: Deep Freeze! When put applied to a willing applicant, the subject becomes benignly catatonic. Benefits of such would be to completely hide a person as their reiatsu is undetectable. They have minimal life signs and don't need sustenance when under the spell. To break the spell, one must merely removed the rune.

Rune of Captivation: When inscribed on any object it makes a person compelled to try and obtain it. It makes the object alluring to anyone, distracting stronger willed people, and debilitating those of weak will with desire.

Rune of Justice: When applied to person's head, this rune activates and become irremovable by anyone other than Anna. Anna sets parameters that the person must follow, and if they are broken, the rune causes searing, debilitating pain. The rune is intricate and takes a lot of focus, so Anna can only use this out of combat.

Rune of Suggestion: This rune places a though in the person's head. The person who fails to resist it does the act suggested as directly as possible and then the rune is immediately dismissed. The rune's chances of success are determined by the power difference of the individuals and how out of character the suggestion might be.

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PostSubject: Re: Rune Factory! One woman's tale to conquer Mysticism   Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:47 pm






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Rune Factory! One woman's tale to conquer Mysticism
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