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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Regular Soul Profiles

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The ArchKitty


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PostSubject: Regular Soul Profiles   Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:22 am

Lady Birgitte Profile, NPC:

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The ArchKitty


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PostSubject: Regular Soul Profiles   Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:55 am

Character Name: Yuzuki Morinaga

Age (how old you look, and then your actual age): 21, about 37

Birthday: December 13th

Height: 5’7

Weight: 140

Appearance: Yuzuki is a slightly above average in height woman, who has extremely long pure white hair. When she stands, there is still more than enough for her to step on or drag on the ground. Thus she must keep it up in some manner or else it causes hassles. While the most annoying feature of her, its not her most striking. A set of yellow-gold eyes stare out from under odd red tattoos that surround her eyes, another red tattoo that sits on her forehead in the shape of a circle with two lines sticking out at the top and bottom. More tattoos cover her body, red almost spikes reaching out from around the back of her neck just under her jawline, her wrists have each a swirl on them, a red sunburst surrounds her navel and the lines from that have accent lines that swirl out from it around to her back. The swirls go down both her legs. The most elaborate by far is the one that sits on her back, a huge red and gold sunburst design much more elaborate than the one surrounding her navel. It marks her as air to the Morinaga clan.

Other than her tattoos, she has a rather well endowed body. While she does get enough exercise in the form of her duties, she would never be called perfectly fit and isn't very strong at all in regular fighting. Her muscles are more from moving things or doing dances or music lessons than anything else and aren't rather up to such things. She's a noble woman, not a shinigami.

Her clothes generally consist of formal kimonos, less formal but still constraining kimonos, some more modern almost formal dresses, and other semi formal outfits without pants.

General looks (Hair is not curly at all nor is her face so...sweet)

Better idea of hair and clothes and tats


Gigai: She rarely goes out in gigai, prefering to stay in the Soul Society. When allowed into the Human world, she generally is surrounded by guards and such. So her attire is rather... close to what she wears regularly at home.

She also has a gigai that matches her 'wolf' form.


Personality: Yuzuki seems sort of imperious at times, and it would be because she rather is on the surface. She was raised to be a bit arrogant and to not think much of others. Being given all she wanted or could want from a young age does that, though they were careful to not make her entirely spoiled. Instead a carefully cultivated air of "lesser beings" was made over time. Not only arrogant, she has a rather fierce temper and lashing tongue to those to anger her.

Over the years, as she's snuck out from the home at increasingly more frequent intervals has softened this. Her ability to turn into a dog, as well as her nack for finding slips in the guards, has allowed her more freedom and while she tries to be nicer. She doesn't mean to hurt others and... if one can befriend her they can see the softer, more personable center inside.

In many manners she is totally ignorant. Bring up the history, she will be golden. Bring up issues such money management, calligraphy, musical talents... All those she is filled with knowledge on. However, bring up issues in rukon, small money issues, sex, relationship, any such things that you really aren't given a tutor on however... are things she's not so good on. She doesn't like not knowing things, however and is willing to learn. That is not to say she doesn't get extremely angry at being shown as ignorant.

Yuzuki really doesn't like being touched, especially her hair. She feels awkward and unsure if someone touches her outside of a setting where she knows the proper responses.

In 'wolf' form she is rather a sweetie. Friendly, likes to lick, will follow someone around for good food. She'll jump into mud puddles with reckless abandon. She'll curl up on someone's lap

Likes: Food, reading, working on some sort of project, escaping the house, belly rubs, mud puddles ('wolf' form)

Dislikes: Being berated or looked down upon, anger directed at her, people who dislike dogs

Biography (optional): The heir to the Morinaga Noble house, Yuzuki has had a lot to live up to. Born into the family with the ability to shift, it was taken as a sign that she would be the one to inherit after her grandfather who had been the last Morinaga born with power. She was raised to be poised and elegant, stern and unforgiving, kind and merciful, dainty and willful. All sorts of different teachings, all sorts of different trainings. All sorts of everyone trying to imprint on her her duty to the clan, duty to the seireitei, and above all duty to her grandfather. Most visits to outside the home of the Morinagas were extremely supervised and even to this day now that she has reached maturity she isn't allowed outside without an escort.

Even if she did have spiritual energy, she really would not have been allowed to become a shinigami. Instead its been focused elsewhere.

Special abilities (if any): Her only real skills of note other than typical things such as reading, writing, calligraphy and such is her ability to turn into a white wolf (The family may call it a wolf form to ease her ego, but its more a Samoyed than anything else), with odd red markings. She's hugely poofy and very very soft, and also has a cute curlingable tail. It doesn't give her any special abilities, she’s constrained by 'wolf' form (She can still talk to others though if she wants).


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PostSubject: Re: Regular Soul Profiles   Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:05 am

Character Name: Saaya

Age (how old you look, and then your actual age): 22, 392

Height: 5'10


Appearance: Saaya is a lean male with medium-short black hair, that falls in a bit of a messy cut, as he cuts it himself. His eyes appear orange in color, being a rather noticeable point in his looks. Typically, he is often seen wearing a semi-elegant looking, gray-ish blue yukata along with leather wrist-braces on each of his wrists. He carries a sword, but it is by no means a zanpakutou. Just a trinket he purchased to defend himself with on the streets.

Overall Appearance:

Personality: Saaya can occasionally come off as a bit absent-minded, and is rather easy-going overall; he's someone that's difficult to truly offend. Despite the personality he gives off, Saaya is a genuine soul and keeps his allies close in that he holds his friends in high regards. He is not necessarily easily or overly trusting though, as it comes with the life of a Rukon citizen.

He lives his life hopping from job to job to earn food or money, needing to do so to survive out in the districts. The jobs he takes on aren't necessary difficult for him, as over the decades he become quite used to his way of life, and can handle most jobs that get thrown at him.

Likes: Sweet drinks, strong drinks, spicy foods, fishing

Dislikes: Expired food, poorly prepared food, sleeping on straw

Biography (optional): Saaya was born in the Rukon Districts, though appearing frail and weak at birth he was abandoned by his family as it was believed he would not survive in the first place; thus, he grew up without an actual “name” and just answered to whatever others referred to him as, most commonly “Saaya” by other Rukon citizens.

Special abilities (if any): Can form condensed balls of reiatsu in his hand, proving he does have the potential of becoming a shinigami, but he'd never gained the proper training the become one. A very basic trick, but he can earn pocket change by performing such an easy trick depending on who he's performing for.

Can play the shamisen, learned during childhood to play to earn money (or food) to live off of.

Able to successfully nap on high branches of trees without falling.


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PostSubject: Re: Regular Soul Profiles   

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Regular Soul Profiles
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