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We are an OC Bleach RP looking for people who enjoy easy-going role playing, but we do enjoy a bit of excitement here and there.
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 Inside Yamato's Mind

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Inside Yamato's Mind Empty
PostSubject: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 16, 2013 1:05 am

A thread which I'm planning to update on a regular basis, since with Yamato, I'd be okay with developing a multiple personality disorder. they will probably just be game posts and animal gifs, but we'll see. This will be Yamato's POV from now on

DRAMAtical Murder, Part 1

General Thoughts

Whoa, this place is huge, and the lights at night are so bright! 4 districts, 3 of them crammed in a small area? This is even worse than Hayato in terms of disparity. As for police/yakuza and other potential predators, I must be wary. There's no going North until I am fully equipped with reliable hunting tools.

you know what? stop the game here. I'm okay with having a job working at a junk shop (can't complain about learning new things in terms of tech) and having this buddy along for adventures. might as well make it a game where I borrow other AllMates at night and have my fun with them.

I can even forgive it for trying to fry my brain with math as it found a route for me, because navigator dog that can speak and is pretty tough so it doesn't get crushed like a regular animal is awesome. As for the Coil, not a fan. I already have my mortal coil as weakness enough. I don't need random encounter fights in a video game.

Nen?! How in the hell did you get inside my video game? I do hope you get stabbed one day by a jealous man, womanizer.

The correct term is 'lone wolf'. Leave now and I won't have to bash your head in with a random metal pipe.

This. is. awesome! I'm so taking this for inspiration for a new attack.

LESSER KAMI, I will destroy you if you ever send people to fight my way...

(Jurobei hijacks this thought) my main man, right here.

Wrong. What's important is survival, whether it is to till the earth or hunt for food. You look like you haven't worked a day in your life, and skill can only take a man so far in battle. If somebody doesn't do it for me, I will break you.

This is my first choice?! Grrr.. Okay, I'm signing out for now. Too bad there isn't an option to snap my teeth at the woman before she even comes close to touching my hair

Shaking her off will be my first choice. From there, my adventure will continue...
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PostSubject: Re: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 18, 2013 12:17 am

and so I shake her off like an angry dog and the random girl gets all pissy at me. then Nen spits this out.
yeah, we're still not friends 'Koujaku'


then when delivering a package I get abducted into another dimension to fight some random guy in a bunny mask with bunny minions. I would have found the whole situation comical if it weren't for the fact that I had to follow rules I didn't know and for some reason the game only allows my dog to fight. WTF I would pay to fight these bunny pansies half-naked and unarmed. Much more attractive than fighting the animal demons I have to fight in real life.

dogs can't do this. wtf. dogs are meant for petting, and cuddling, and sometimes accidentally sending them to heaven because of their fragile necks

then he was damaged. again why pets shouldn't fight.

related even though it's later because it's so cute i'm going to die.

this scene confused me. i've never heard of anyone having an orgasm over music before.
... ... needs more banjo

later Nen just decides to make himself at fking home with a homecooked meal, touching my hair after I just took a shower, and teasing about the way I acted when I was younger with him. I was stupid then Nen, really stupid. Wiser now. GTFO womanizer.

then tomorrow very inexplicably meeting up with Clear.
seriously, what am I supposed to think about a guy that fell from the sky, wears a gasmask, and can pull an umbrella out of his ass? i say magician here, but you can replace it with 'demon', 'abomination', etc. no idea who he is.


then this guy breaks into my house and wants a fight from me, then I realize it's the same bunny guy. If there was an option to break his neck, I would have taken it immediately, because that's what I would do for survival. "Fight" means giving the guy a chance, and he'd probably want the setting to be digital so it'd be with my dog only. F THAT. So I just call him a brat and somehow he overpowers me (wtf self, be stronger)

and then Clear and Nen come down to save me... ... ... I'm angry that the demonspawn is now my stalker but more made at Nen for 'coming to my rescue'. I don't need rescuing. Though, I did laugh inside when he said 'he ould brute force if necessary'. Yeah sure Nen, in those loose clothes. Anyone could grab ya and one solid hook you would be done. then skipping the scene with donuts. (wtf, again) just GTFO, EVERYONE


and then the next day bunny boy comes to shop, acts like a pedophile to the brat girl and then kisses me. First Nen touching my hair and now a guy kisses me. MY BODY IS NOT OPEN SEASON! and then he has the audacity to ask if I want to join his team, I guess both be gay and to play in Rhyme for him like his bitch

Let's review
1) sends me on a fake errand so he can abduct me and send me to virtual world
2) the game itself absolutely hate because it's animal fighting instead of actual fighting in the real world where actual fighting skill is involved
3) breaks into my house
4) kisses me and thinks that somehow this would seduce me into making a sudden decision to join in a death game where I'm at a disadvantage, and license him to use me however he feels.

for that arrogance, most of all, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT, LEAVE ME ALONE!!


to be continued..
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PostSubject: Re: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2013 10:21 pm

decided fewer screencaps cause it's a nuisance to post them all.

here's general review of my reactions instead as play by play as possible.

Noiz is annoying as fk, and won't leave me alone despite my immediate rejection.
Then Koujaku comes in and they debate over which game is better: Rib or Rhyme.
Then they discuss beating each other to a pulp. Fine with me. Just leave me out of it.
Then I'm giving the option to choose between calling out to Koujaku or Noiz... NEITHER. In the end, I choose Koujaku because at least Koujaku knows when to take a hint.
Koujaku 'apologizes' about getting in the fight in the first place: go home and be a ladies man.
Then after the fight he apologizes again and, owns up to being stupid then (? ? ?) ... ... ... that's okay Nen. I guess I can forgive you.
The Yakuza come; Koujaku calls them out as scum. f yeah

My grandmother gets abducted. yadda yadda Mink's lair. f Mink and f his minions. I really don't want to listen what he has to say or ask for his help. He almost had me RAPED. In reality, I would have killed them all barehanded even if they had guns, but I digress.
After all that bs there, I get a lot of messages from Koujaku. needy much? cute, but needy.
yadda yadda Clear is a wizard dog half-breed with incredible hearing yadda yadda THE GANGS ALL HERE IN MY HOUSE

This is the best moment imo in the entire game. The character I'm playing finally gets mad
Not when he's getting teased by girls and his 'friend' isn't doing shit about it
Not when he's coerced / forced to play shitty combat simulations
Not when he's getting sexually harassed or raped, by people who would have no qualms with killing you.

This is when he gets mad. At least he does.

yadda yadda mission yadda yadda WHAT THE F*CK what a twist!

yadda yadda repressed memories playing Rhyme (can I forget), Grandma actually a scientist (science is of the devil) and I'm a demon that can manipulate minds, an ability that can be stronger with physical contact... yeah, I see where this is going. SEX.

yadda yadda Mink sees me only as I tool. Cops try to arrest me. Somehow end up alone with Mink again (ffffuuuu) and go to Platinum Prison. Being greeted by sexual harassment panda is not a good sign. My instincts tell me that regardless of how this place looks, it's still going to be hell.

and it is. Mink takes me to a club where people get high on light (wtf) and then takes full advantage of my weakness. I hope I can kill him later on in this game. If not, imagination is fine. and at least Ren is still at my side.
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PostSubject: Re: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 23, 2013 4:34 pm

Inside Yamato's Mind DVETBIM
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PostSubject: Re: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 6:00 am

*Yamato cries forever and ever until the end of time*
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PostSubject: Re: Inside Yamato's Mind   Inside Yamato's Mind I_icon_minitime

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Inside Yamato's Mind
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